Supreme Conquering System - Chapter 4758 The real devil of Kanichi who has come again

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Even if the 'True Immortals of the Five Realms' break through the realm of the Immortal Kings and integrate the heavens and the world, there are only two choices between the Disaster Underworld Emperor and the Demon Sovereign of the Nine Netherworlds. True immortals' town to kill.

There is no other possibility!

In this case, if Daoist Taibai opens his mouth to invite the Disaster Emperor and the Nine Nether Demon Emperor to deal with the 'Five Realms True Immortal', the two will definitely not refuse.

The truth that the lips are dead and the teeth are cold, it is impossible for the disaster emperor and the nine secluded demon emperors to understand.

Once the three immortal masters of Jingtai are defeated, fall or surrender to the 'Five Realms True Immortals', it will be their turn next, and they will not be able to escape.

As long as the disaster emperor and the nine secluded demon emperors are rational enough, they will not refuse the invitation of the Taoist Taibai.


The Immortal Master Jingtai nodded slightly, and he naturally understood the truth: "If that's the case, then let's act according to the plan."

Hearing the words, Daoist Taibai and the stars and Buddha in the world moved and disappeared.

Daoist Taibai and the Buddha of the World's Stars sent their avatars to the Jiuyou Abyss and the Endless Netherland, respectively inviting the Jiuyou Demon Emperor and the Disaster Nether Emperor.

Immortal Master Jingtai also sent his own clone again to fight a true demon and secretly travel to the five realms to find the trace of Maitreya Buddha.

Central boundary.

In a Great Thousand World eroded by the Nine Serenity Abyss, now one of the forbidden areas of the five realms, the figure of Gan Yizhen Demon suddenly emerged, walking in the void dimension.

Taking advantage of the gap between the nine secluded demons in this forbidden area and the powerhouses of the five realms fighting again, Gan Yizheng quietly stepped into the central realm.

With his means, many creatures who were fighting on the side could not find any trace of him.


The speed of doing a real demon is extremely fast, and within a few steps, he has passed through countless chaotic paths and arrived at the eastern boundary.

However, instead of going directly to Maitreya Buddha, he first collected information about Maitreya Buddha.

There is very little information about Maitreya Buddha, and it also circulates among some high-level powerhouses in the Buluoshen Dynasty.

Even, if Maitreya Buddha had not appeared in the Immortal Burial Realm before, many strong people who did not fall into the gods would not know the existence of Maitreya Buddha at all.

Ganyi Zhenmo also secretly searched for the memory of a quasi-celestial deity who did not fall into the gods, and only then did he know that Maitreya Buddha went to the Western Heaven Realm to promote his own Buddhist path.

In other words, it is the Western Heaven Buddhism that is integrating the Western Heaven Realm.

Gan Yizhen did not delay too much, turned around and went directly to the Western Heaven Realm, leaving only the corpse of a quasi-tianzun powerhouse.

This corpse later caused a lot of shaking in the Eastern Frontier, attracting a lot of strong people who listened to Fengwei to investigate. Of course, this is all later.

Gan Yizhen walked through the void, and soon came to the eastern border, and descended on a place called the Great World of Promise Buddha Light.

This great world was originally ruled by the Da Wuji Buddhist Sect, that is, the force opened up by the Da Wuji Buddha. However, because the Da Wuji Buddha surrendered to the Buluoshen Dynasty, the Dawuji Buddhism also surrendered to the Buluoshen Dynasty.

However, there are some strong people in Da Wuji Buddhist Sect who are unwilling to surrender, and even betray Da Wuji Buddhist Sect.

After all, Qin Yi gave Maitreya Buddha full authority over the matter of Western Heaven Buddhism.

Maitreya Buddha did not dare to neglect when there was a problem in the Great Promise Buddhism, and immediately returned to the Great Promise World to deal with it.

Maitreya Buddha knows Qin Yi's dissatisfaction with Buddhism. If Qin Yi is dissatisfied because of the actions of some shameless people in Da Wuji Buddhism, Buddhism's position in Qin Yi's heart is likely to plummet.

This is definitely something that Maitreya Buddha does not want to see. Therefore, a small rebellion that occurred in the Da Wuji Buddhist Sect also attracted the attention of Maitreya Buddha.

Of course, in the face of Maitreya Buddha's absolutely powerful power, this rebellion was quickly subsided.

Some strong men who were unwilling to submit to the divine dynasty were forcibly converted by Maitreya Buddha and turned into the Dharma protectors of Western Heaven Buddhism.

Then, Maitreya Buddha did not leave the Great Promise Buddhist Sect, but practiced in the Great World of Promise Buddha Light, comprehending the method of breaking through the quasi-immortal king.


The vast Buddha light fills the entire void dimension and evolves infinite visions. It seems that the void dimension of Jianhua has turned into a Buddhist holy place.

Countless bhikkhus and Arhats knelt down on the ground, reciting scriptures, and a bodhisattva Buddha sitting cross-legged on a golden lotus, narrating the supreme principles of Buddhism, and praising the future Buddha Maitreya.

The magnificent Buddha sound shook the universe and reverberated in the void.

If at this moment, there are creatures under the half-step true fairyland, I am afraid that they will sink under the sound of Buddha for the first time and become a member of Buddhist practitioners!

Only a half-step true immortal who has transformed his body or spirit into a supreme immortal body and supreme immortal soul can resist the baptism of Buddha's voice.


Suddenly, the Buddha's sound suddenly stopped and turned into a deafening Buddha's name.

"Since fellow Daoist is here, why don't you show up to see him?"

Maitreya Buddha sits on top of the ninth-grade golden lotus, with a solemn appearance and a compassionate face. His eyes are lowered, and he looks at the entrance of this void dimension.


The next moment, at the entrance of the void dimension, there are ripples like water waves.

Then, a real demon walked out of it.

"Do a real devil?"

Maitreya Buddha's eyes fell on Gan Yizhen Demon, and he recognized Gan Yizhen Demon's identity at a glance.

Previously, Qian Yizhen went to Qin Yi, and handed over the treasures such as the Hunyuan Star Relic Golden Pill to Qin Yi, and wanted Qin Yi to join forces to deal with the real immortals of the Five Realms, and he had met Qin Yi once.

Qin Yi also informed Maitreya Buddha and others about the information about Gan Yizhen Demon, and Maitreya Buddha naturally recognized Gan Yizhen Demon at a glance.

"I have seen it, Fellow Daoist Maitreya."

There is no accident in doing a real devil, just a faint smile.

"Be a friend, come to find this seat, what's the matter?"

Maitreya Buddha's expression didn't change, he didn't mean to chat with Gan Yizhen Demon, and went straight to the topic.

"Fellow Daoist Maitreya is quick to talk, then this seat will not be around the corner. This seat would like to invite fellow Daoists to deal with the real immortals of the Five Realms together."

Do a real devil laugh.

"Deal with the Five Realms True Immortal?"

Maitreya Buddha frowned, and he naturally knew that the "Five Realms True Immortal" in Gan Yizhen's mouth was Qin Yi.

"I don't know what conditions the Five Realms True Immortals gave the Daoist friends, so that the Daoists are willing to serve for them, but are the Daoists really willing to live under the Five Realms' True Immortals?"

There is a strong sense of provocation in the words of Gan Yizhen.

If you change to other real fairyland peak powerhouses, you may be moved by his heartstrings.

After all, if Maitreya Buddha is not a squire recruited by the system, in normal thinking, no matter what kind of benefits and kindness is given to him by the 'True Immortal of the Five Realms', he cannot be willing to be the 'True Immortal of the Five Realms' under.

It's a pity that the real devil Ganyi met Maitreya Buddha, and his words did not cause Maitreya Buddha to have the slightest emotional ups and downs.

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