Supreme Conquering System - Chapter 4752 fusion

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system space.

Our Lady of Lishan stepped out of the space passage and descended into the heavens and the world. In her beautiful eyes, she carried endless vicissitudes and wisdom accumulated over countless years.

At this moment, the Virgin of Lishan is like a combination of wisdom and beauty, the Nine Heavens Fairy descended to earth.


Before the Virgin of Lishan came forward to meet Qin Yi, her eyes narrowed, and there seemed to be a flash of pity in her eyes.

next moment.

I saw the void not far in front of Our Lady of Lishan, with ripples like water.

Then, I saw a woman with exactly the same face as the Virgin of Lishan, with an elegant and indifferent temperament, stepping out of the void, it was the Virgin of Wudang.

When the Mother of Wudang appeared, she was stunned for a moment, as if she was surprised at why she appeared here.

However, when she saw the Virgin of Lishan, the Virgin of Wudang also reacted and bowed:

"Wudang, I have seen fellow Daoist Lishan."

"Not being a Taoist friend, it's polite."

The Virgin of Lishan also bowed in return. If you ignore the appearance of the two, it would be like two fairies in the sky meeting, but in fact, the atmosphere between the two is a bit awkward.


Seeing this scene, Qin Yi's expression changed slightly.

The appearance of Our Lady of Wudang caught him off guard, and he was completely unprepared.

According to his initial plan, some preparations are still needed before the Virgin of Wudang and the Virgin of Lishan can meet, in order to prevent the two from fighting for life and death.

However, the sudden appearance of Our Lady of Wudang caught Qin Yi completely by surprise.

If you think about it carefully, the appearance of the Virgin of Wudang is because of the power of the system.

If it weren't for the power of the system, without Qin Yi's permission, the Immortal Lady would not be able to enter the system space at all.

"System, what are you doing?"

Qin Yi immediately opened his mouth and questioned the system in a deep voice.

"Ding! The host just waits and sees what happens."

The system did not mean to explain to Qin Yi, so said.

"I didn't expect that after proving the Daluo Golden Immortal, I can still have such an experience, and I can see another 'I' who has broken through the Daluo Golden Immortal."

The Virgin of Wudang looked at the Virgin of Lishan and was filled with emotion.

Different from the obsessive corpse of his own body, the Virgin of Lishan in front of him is completely another complete ‘she’. The Virgin of Lishan also has good corpses and obsessional corpses belonging to his own body, and the origin of his soul is complete.

No matter how you look at it, Our Lady of Lishan is another "she".

If the appearance and spirit of the two are exactly the same, coupled with the vague connection between the spirits, and the influence of the first self's body when the other party exists.

The Virgin of Wudang would probably regard the Virgin of Lishan as a fellow Taoist.

"A novel experience, unfortunately, this novel experience will soon disappear."

Our Lady of Lishan smiled sweetly, like a hundred flowers in full bloom.

"As it should be."

The Mother of Wudang nodded lightly, her expression was neither sad nor happy, without the slightest emotional fluctuation:

"let's start."

"it is good!"

As soon as the words fell, the two of them took a step forward together, and a strong attraction suddenly erupted from them.

The two virgins did not resist this attraction, but followed the pull of the attraction and quickly approached each other.

When the bodies of the two touched, the two were like water droplets colliding together and quickly fused together.


A dazzling divine brilliance instantly erupted from the Virgin of Wudang, shrouding their bodies, making it impossible for people to spy on the scene.

Even Qin Yi couldn't see it clearly. Of course, if Qin Yi used the authority of the system, he could see the scene under the shroud of divine brilliance. However, Qin Yi thought about it and didn't do it.

At this time, he had already seen clearly what the Virgin of Wudang wanted to do, and the Virgin of Wudang wanted to fuse directly, so as to avoid a big battle.

Doing so is undoubtedly the best way. It can not only avoid a battle, but also let the two not have to worry about falling into the Great Luojin Wonderland because of each other's existence.


The area where the Virgin of Wudang and the two were before had turned into a light group, bursting with unimaginable rays of light.

The aura emitted by the light group continued to skyrocket, climbing up at an extremely astonishing speed, and the vast aura instantly flooded the entire system space.

In the system space, even Qin Yi felt a huge pressure.

If Qin Yi hadn't used the system to leave to protect himself, I'm afraid this breath would have pushed him to his knees long ago.

After all, Qin Yi today is only a half-step real fairy, and he has not even broken through to the real fairyland.


All of a sudden, the light group that Wudang Virgin had turned into gradually dimmed.

Then, the light disappeared, revealing a figure.

"His Majesty."

The figure took a step forward and came to Qin Yi, Yingying bowed.

This figure is the Virgin of Wudang, the Virgin of Lishan, or a fusion of the two.

"Should I call you the Virgin of Wudang now, or the Virgin of Lishan?"

Qin Yi looked down at the woman in front of him and asked.

"Whether it's the Virgin of Lishan, or the old mother of Lishan, in essence, they are the Virgin of Undignity. Your Majesty, let's call the concubine the Virgin of Undignity."

Our Lady of Wudang smiled slightly and said so.


Qin Yi nodded, not surprised by this.

The fusion of the Virgin of Wudang and the Virgin of Lishan has no priority. Although the cultivation of the Virgin of Lishan is far stronger than that of the Virgin of Wudang, the essence of the two is the same. When they merge, there will be no obvious priority. points.

And whether it is the Virgin of Lishan, or any other title, it is still the Virgin Mary in essence. Therefore, the Virgin Mary will say that.


Qin Yi looked at Madam Wudang, looked up and down, and nodded with satisfaction.

After the Virgin of Wudang and the Virgin of Lishan merged, their realm cultivation base has been improved amazingly, from the early stage of the real fairyland, to the peak of the real fairyland.

Even, the Mother of Wudang has already stepped out of the pinnacle of the real fairyland with one foot, touching the realm of the quasi-immortal king, and is in the same realm as Maitreya Buddha, and only needs to cut out the corpse to break through the realm of the quasi-immortal king.

Qin Yi didn't have too many surprises about this, or it was what he expected.

After all, the Virgin of Lishan has already cut out the corpses of good and obsessive thoughts, and the realm has reached the peak of the real fairyland.

In the cultivation system of the Immortal Dao, the quasi-sanctuary, that is, the real fairyland, the division of the realm is completely rooted in the three corpses.

Needless to say, when you first enter the real fairyland, you can only break through the early stage of the real fairyland only by cutting out a corpse. If one corpse is complete, it is the middle stage of the real fairyland. If two corpses are cut out, it is the later stage of the real fairyland. If two corpses are complete, it is the real fairyland. peak.

Only if all three corpses are cut out, one can break through the quasi-immortal king realm and stand at the pinnacle of the real fairy realm.

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