Supreme Conquering System - Chapter 4747 Maitreya's true strength

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"Fellow Daoist from the Five Realms, you have won this round. The next time we meet again, it will be the time of our life and death."

The Immortal Lord Jingtai looked indifferent and didn't care about Qin Yi's words.

This time, it was not because Qin Yi and Maitreya Buddha might threaten the lives of the three of them.

Although the three of them are just a clone of spiritual sense, they all have powerful combat power above the middle stage of the real fairyland. Even if Maitreya Buddha is a powerhouse in the late stage of the real fairyland, it is impossible for the three of them.

Just as they couldn't take down Maitreya Buddha, Maitreya Buddha couldn't help the three of them either.

Not to mention, as far as the current situation is concerned, it is not Qin Yi's side, but their side, who has the advantage on the scene.

Whether to fight or go, it is not Qin Yi who has the final say, but the three of them!


Qin Yi smiled and just said something lightly.

Calculated to me, want to leave without paying a little price, how can there be such a simple thing?

Although he can't hit the Nine Heavens Immortal Realm now and directly attack the deity of Jingtai Immortal Lord and others, he can still do it by leaving these divine sense clones.


Hearing this, Maitreya Buddha understood and took a step forward.


The next moment, the infinite Buddha light suddenly burst out, illuminating the chaotic void, as if illuminating the entire Immortal Burial Domain.

In the mighty Buddha light, a nine-layered pagoda can be seen faintly, floating in it.

This stupa is as vast as heaven and earth, as small as dust, erratic, and seems to be everywhere.

There are countless necklaces and precious bells hanging on it, which are transformed by the fire of red dust, transformed by the vast Buddha's light, and transformed by greed, hatred, and delusion... This is Maitreya Buddha's understanding of Buddhism.

On each floor of the stupa, there seems to be a side of the Buddha country looming, countless monks and monks recite the Buddha's light, and a bodhisattva Buddha sits cross-legged and recites the name of Maitreya's future Buddha aloud!

The future Baoguang nine-layered pagoda!

Maitreya Buddha's treasure of enlightenment, the best innate spiritual treasure, is comparable to the pinnacle of true immortals.

Just as Maitreya Buddha is about to break through the quasi-immortal king realm, in the future, the Baoguang Nine-layered Pagoda is only one step away from transforming into a quasi-immortal king.


At the same time, Maitreya Buddha moved, and the golden body shone brightly, turning into the appearance of three heads and six arms.

The three heads and three faces are either happy, angry, or compassionate, and in the six arms are many treasures, such as the pestle to conquer demons, the Vajra Seal, the highest treasure wheel of the three realms, and many other treasures.


Many Buddha treasures shook together, bursting with great power, wrapped in infinite Buddha light, layer upon layer, covering hundreds of millions of miles of chaotic void.

In the blink of an eye, these Buddha lights turned into a huge formation, covering the great formation arranged by Immortal Lord Tai in the foreground.

Do not.

Not only is it shrouded in it, but the great formation set up by Immortal Master Jingtai is also turned into a part of the Buddha's Light Great Array!

"This is?"

Seeing this scene, Jingtai Xianzhu's pupils shrank, and a look of astonishment appeared on his face.

"The pinnacle of the real wonderland!"

The World Star Buddha said word by word, the horrified expression on his face was undisguised.

If it was said that Maitreya Buddha had shown the cultivation level of the late stage of True Wonderland, the three of Jingtai Immortal Lords were shocked, then the strength that Maitreya Buddha showed at this moment made Jingtai Immortal Lord three people can't help but be astonished.

A true fairyland peak powerhouse, even if it is the three men of Jingtai Immortal Lord, there are only a few.

Before the Five Realms True Immortals had fallen, there was only one true fairyland peak powerhouse under him, and now another true fairyland peak powerhouse suddenly appeared, how not to make them feel astonished.

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