Supreme Conquering System - Chapter 4724 self-defeating

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Too wild and demonic domain.


The Virgin of Wudang stood in the chaotic void, with a mysterious azure radiance blooming all over her body.

The strands of Dao Yun shrouded the chaos of thousands of miles around, and all the laws and avenues except the killing avenue were driven out of this area.

this moment.

With the Mother of Wudang as the center, in the chaos of thousands of miles, there is no other avenue except the killing avenue.

Even the Void Avenue and Chaos Avenue that build the chaotic void are not there.

If they practice other avenues, and the cultivation base is under the realm of Heavenly Venerate, if they step into this area at this time, I am afraid that they will be knocked out of dust in an instant, turned into mortals, and cannot use any extraordinary power.

Even Void Immortal Celestial Venerables who practice other avenues will be greatly affected as long as their cultivation base does not reach the half-step true fairyland.

But if a cultivator who cultivates the Slaughter Dao enters this area, he will be blessed and his strength will increase greatly, and 100% of his strength can exert 120% of his power.


There are more and more Dao Yun lingering around the mother of Wudang, and even turned into big characters with golden hooks and iron, exuding unimaginable terrifying power.

Heaven, Earth, Xuan, Huang... and many other big characters are hanging in the air, as if to open up a new world of heaven and earth.

In particular, the words "kill" and "kill" exude endless evil spirits, filling the universe.

"No, this person is taking the last step and wants to prove the real fairyland!"

The Black Dragon Demon God also saw that something was wrong, and hurriedly shouted loudly: "Don't hold back any more, do your best to kill this person, otherwise, you and I will all die here!"


While speaking, the Black Dragon Demon God raised endless demonic flames all over his body, rushing straight to Qingming, as if he wanted to devour all the heavens and the world.

The vast qi and blood rushed out, shaking the void of hundreds of thousands of miles, shaking thousands of avenues.

At this moment, the Black Dragon Demon God didn't have any intention of keeping his hand, the power in his body was running to the extreme, and the Hei Xuan Yushen Demon Armor was also urged to the extreme, making a sonorous symphony.

Then, the whole body of the Black Dragon Demon God was like a mountain of ancient times, and he smashed towards the Virgin of Wudang.

Use the body as a tool to conquer the world!


Demon God Yunsha's eyes were red, and he waved the bronze halberd in his hand.

"Ghost thorn!"

An inaudible low groan sounded, and the shadow demon turned into a black divine light, passing through countless void dimensions, crossing the mountains and rivers, and directly taking the eyebrows of the Virgin of Wudang.

"Enchanting Divine Light!"

The Charming Demon God Lotus moved lightly, one step at a time. Every time he took a step, a pink lotus blossomed under his feet. When he took nine steps in a row, that was nine pink lotus flowers.

These nine pink lotus flowers look sparse and ordinary, but each pink lotus flower exudes infinite charming power and diffuses silently in the void.

Anyone who sees the existence of the pink lotus flower will suddenly have endless charming thoughts in his heart.

Not just lust, but greed, hatred, killing, and many other thoughts, came to my mind one after another.

The so-called way of charm does not simply refer to arousing the practitioner's physical desires and desires, but also to arouse various emotions such as greed, hatred, anger, and so on.

A strong person who practices the way of charm, when he thinks about it, others are like falling into the rolling red dust. This is the real way of charm.

The Demon God of Charm is proficient in this way, turning the whole body of Dao fruit into nine pink lotus flowers, and then forming a great array of charm, exuding the power of infinite charm.

Charming Demon God is confident, even a half-step true immortal of the same realm, facing these nine pink lotus flowers, will be charmed by the nine pink lotus flowers for one ten thousandth of a breath.

For the existence of a half-step true fairyland, one breath in a billion is enough to decide victory or failure, not to mention, one ten-thousandth of a breath is enough time for another half-step true immortal to destroy it. Kill a million times.


Sure enough, when the nine pink lotus flowers fell, the Virgin of Wudang's expression froze, and the breath that was constantly rising on her body couldn't help but stop.

It was as if the Immaculate Conception was also charmed by pink lotus flowers.


But before the three of the Shadow Demon Gods took the opportunity to attack the Wudang Virgin, the Wudang Virgin suddenly sighed and spit out a word.

This sound was like the first syllable when the heavens and the earth first opened. It was deafening, shaking the body and soul of the Wudang Virgin, and awakened her.

In the same way, it also shook the entire Taihuang Demon Realm, awakening a group of five realm powerhouses who were charmed by pink lotus flowers.

When the pink lotus was falling, not only the Virgin Mary was charmed, but also the powerhouses of the five realms were charmed, lost their self-consciousness, and were dominated by infinite emotions.

Or indulge in the idea of ​​killing, intending to do something to the comrade-in-arms beside him; or indulge in the desire, also intend to do something to the comrade-in-arms beside him; or indulge in the greed, want to take away the treasures of the comrade-in-arms beside him.

This time, even Bai Qi, Lu Bu, and other powerhouses who had broken through the virtual fairyland were not spared.

Fortunately, when a group of the five realm powerhouses were about to kill each other, the Virgin of Wudang gave a low voice and woke them all up.


And when the Virgin of Wudang uttered this word, her eyes brightened, her aura suddenly soared, and her body burst out with infinite dazzling fairy light, like a big dark blue sun.

If someone can see the depths of the divine soul of the Undang Mother, they can see that its divine soul is transforming and completes the final transformation.

Although the Virgin of Wudang has long since condensed the supreme immortal soul and the supreme immortal body, the immortal soul and the immortal body did not match up, so they failed to take the last step and become the Nine Heavens True Immortal.

Only when the spirit and the flesh are combined can it be regarded as completing the transformation and proving the true fairyland.

But this is the step, I don't know how many half-step True Immortals are trapped, the Shadow Demon God and the Black Dragon Demon God are all trapped in this step.

This step is simple to say, but in practice, it is many times more difficult than imagined, otherwise, it will not let many half-step true immortals stop here.

This is because the body and soul of the half-step true immortal, after transforming into the supreme immortal soul and the supreme immortal body, become extremely powerful, mutually exclusive, and they all want to dominate.

Therefore, the two cannot be combined, and the last step cannot be completed, allowing practitioners to make another transition in the essence of life.

Originally, the Virgin of Wudang was also at this stage, and it was impossible to make the soul and the body merge. Even, because the soul and body of the Virgin of Wudang were far stronger than other half-step true immortals, it was naturally more difficult to achieve this step.

However, when the pink lotus flower condensed by the charmed demon **** appeared, the Virgin of Wudang was immersed in various emotions, but the Virgin of Wudang saw an opportunity for breakthrough.

Our Lady of Wudang involuntarily uttered a voice, causing her body to transform!

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