Supreme Conquering System - Chapter 4722 Injuried

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Among the four Demon Gods of Charm, except Demon God Yunsha who was a powerhouse who had broken through the half-step true fairyland not long ago, the other three were all strongmen who had broken through the half-step true fairyland for a long time.

Especially the Shadow Demon God and the Black Dragon Demon God, who have broken through the half-step true fairyland for hundreds of epochs, are firmly standing at the peak of the half-step true fairyland, and they are only the last layer of film away from the true fairyland.

Although the Virgin of Wudang is strong, the Shadow Demon God and the Black Dragon Demon God are definitely not inferior to the Virgin of Wudang.

Together, the four of them will surely be able to kill the Immaculate Virgin!

"Good come!"

However, in the face of the siege of the four half-step true immortals such as the Shadow Demon God, the Immaculate Virgin was not surprised but delighted, but a bright smile appeared on her face.

The Mother of Wudang came to look for the Demon God of Yunsha in order to find someone who could put a lot of pressure on her and force her to break through the real fairyland. At this moment, the four Demon Gods of Shadow joined forces to achieve her goal.

The combination of the four shadow demon gods can just give her enough pressure to stimulate her potential.


The boundless and mighty black azure divine brilliance burst out from the body of the Virgin of Wudang, and instantly spread out in the chaotic void, soaking the frosty sky and turning into countless visions.

In an instant, an ancient and supreme immortal image evolved.

The immortals walked in the air, countless mythical beasts roared, the immortal towers of the Tiangong were hidden in the misty mist, and the colorful rays of light rose from the ground, lingering in the void.

At this moment, the Virgin of Wudang seems to have transformed into a supreme female fairy who rules over the immortal world, overlooking the eternity, with an indescribable sense of domineering in her eyes!

As one of the four chief disciples of the Intercepting Church, the Mother of Wudang can rank in the forefront of the Intercepting Church in terms of status and strength.

Even after the collapse of the Intercept Cult, he was ordered by Tongtian Cult Master to take away the remaining disciples of Intercept Cult and become the new person in charge of Intercept Cult. Naturally, there is a domineering dominance in his heart.


Wudang's right hand protruded, and in a flash, her right hand seemed to expand infinitely, turning into a big hand that traverses the chaos.

When the big hand waved, a mighty hurricane was set off, and a boundless storm of destruction was rolled up.

The mysterious azure radiance flowed in all directions, and the terrifying power swept across the wilderness, tearing apart countless void dimensions.

Bai Qi and others, as well as many demon powerhouses in the Taihuang Demon Realm, saw this big hand, and they all breathed in embarrassment.

No one will doubt the power of this big hand, once it falls, it will be enough to destroy the world!


The next moment, the power of the two collided, and the terrifying aftermath spread out.

Countless divine chains of order were broken, the laws were broken, and the void dimension was broken into nothingness, as if the end had come.

How terrifying is the aftermath of the five half-step true immortals fighting?

The powerhouses didn't know it before, but at this moment, they finally knew how terrifying the aftermath of the five half-step true immortals fighting was enough to destroy all the worlds!

If there are not many immortal gods in the Taiyuan Demon Domain, and the power of the will of the Nine Nether Abyss behind the Taiyuan Demon Domain, to suppress the time and space together, I am afraid that the entire Taiyuan Demon Domain will be destroyed in one fell swoop.

But the virgins of Wudang didn't care about these, and they collided again and again.

Under the suppression of the four shadow demon gods, the Wudang Virgin inevitably fell into a disadvantage.

The Black Dragon Demon God turned into its body, a black dragon with three heads and nine claws, which is the powerhouse of the three-headed black dragon family.

Demon God Yunsha and Demon God Charm attacked the Undang Virgin from the left and right sides respectively.

The shadow demon is hidden in the dark, like a poisonous snake hidden in the dark, from time to time it will burst out a fatal blow.


A black light exploded from the void, quietly approaching within a hundred miles of the Virgin of Wudang, from behind the Virgin of Wudang, directly taking the heart of the Virgin of Wudang.

A wisp of magical energy fell, instantly corroding countless void dimensions, and even the laws and avenues were easily eroded and turned into a void.

If this blow were to fall, the Immortal Lady would be seriously injured even if she did not die!


At this moment, the dazzling and vast black-colored divine brilliance bloomed behind the Mother of Wudang, like a sky curtain, easily blocking the attack of the Shadow Demon God.

The divine radiance dissipated, turning into a picture scroll that seemed to contain a vast immortal realm.

The power of the picture scroll is tyrannical, making it impossible for the Shadow Demon God to break through. The Shadow Demon God can only retreat, hide in the dark again, and wait for the next fatal chance.

This picture scroll is called Mountains, Rivers, Universes, and it is a high-grade innate spiritual treasure, that is, a half-step True Immortal Artifact, even touching the threshold of the True Immortal Artifact.


With the blessing of the mountains and rivers, the aura of the Virgin of Wudang increased, and the fighting intent in the eyes was burning, not retreating but advancing, brazenly facing the three black dragon demon gods.


The Black Dragon Demon God snorted coldly, and two hot air columns spewed out from his nose, like two air dragons.

A piece of black armor suddenly appeared on the huge dragon body of the Black Dragon Demon God, wrapping the entire Black Dragon Demon God inside.

Hei Xuan Yushen Demon Armor, a half-step true fairy weapon refined by the Black Dragon Demon God, a top-notch half-step true fairy weapon.

As soon as the Black Dragon Royal Demon Armor appeared, the aura of the Black Dragon Demon God also skyrocketed, and the defense was even higher.

The Demon God of Charm and Demon God Yunsha on the side also used many secret techniques and their own destiny weapons to burst out even more tyrannical combat power, and attacked the Mother of Wudang.

As a result, Mother Wudang was at a disadvantage again. Facing the fierce offensive of the Black Dragon Demon God and others, she could not help but start to get hurt.

After all, the Black Dragon Demon God and the Heilong Yushen Demon Armor are an insurmountable mountain, and the attacks of the Wudang Virgin were all blocked by the Black Dragon Demon God.

The Black Dragon Demon God's combat power is no longer inferior to that of the Wudang Virgin, and the Black Dragon Demon God has the help of the Demon God of Charm and the Demon God of Yunsha, not to mention, the Demon God of Shadow hidden in the dark.

Not to mention the Demon God Charm and Demon God Yunsha, the strongest threat to Our Lady of Wudang is the Demon God of Shadow.

Shadow Demon God practiced a shadow, hidden in the dark, and escaped into the void dimension, so that no one could find any trace of it, and a fatal blow could erupt at any time.

In this case, the Virgin of Wudang had to separate part of her mind to prevent the sneak attack of the shadow demon, which made the Virgin of Wudang at a disadvantage.


The Shadow Demon God suddenly stepped out of the void, stabbed with a sword, and cut through the chaos.

The terrifying sword light passed through the defense of the mountains and rivers, and fell on the Virgin of Wudang. The Virgin of Wudang exploded in her heart, and avoided the fatal place dangerously and dangerously.

But Our Lady of Wudang was still injured by the sword light, leaving a bone-deep wound on her left arm.

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