Supreme Conquering System - Chapter 4714 Baima Yicong

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The vast power fluctuations shook the universe, rolled up the chaotic storm in the sky, and swept away in all directions, as if it would destroy the heavens and the world.

A demon creature fought and collided with a strong man who did not fall into the dynasty, setting off a terrifying aftermath.

It is a pity that the riots of the demon creatures in Zhenmoyuan did not make the soldiers of Baima Yicong panic, nor did they exceed the resistance of many soldiers of Baima Yicong.

Even if the nine quasi-celestial Venerables who were suppressed by the Seven Prison Heavenly Venerates in Zhenmoyuan woke up, broke free, and shot out brazenly, there was no problem.

Several quasi-tianzun deputy commanders of Baima Yicong also shot and directly blocked the nine quasi-tianzuns.

With the passage of time, the riots of the Zhenmoyuan demons were gradually suppressed, and they were about to be suppressed by Baima Yicong.


At this moment, a powerful wave of power suddenly erupted from the depths of Zhenmoyuan.

A big hand protruded from the depths of Zhenmoyuan and charged towards the huge formation at the entrance of Zhenmoyuan.

The owner of this big hand understands that as long as this great formation exists, the demon creatures in Zhenmoyuan will not be able to rush out of the siege of the White Horse, let alone leave Zhenmoyuan and the five realms of cholera.


When this big hand sticks out, there are hundreds of millions of miles of empty space, and the Great Dao of the Heavens and the thousands of laws are shaking, as if they were shaken by it.

Powerful qi and blood power burst out from the big hand, wrapped in infinite demonic energy, tearing apart countless void dimensions.

all of a sudden.

Heaven and earth hang upside down, and the road is repeated!

Many soldiers and soldiers of Baima Yicong couldn't help but look up. When they saw this big hand, they felt the powerful aura falling from the big hand. They instantly looked sluggish, lost consciousness, and fell directly into a coma.

Only Baima Yicong reluctantly resisted one or two of those quasi-tianzun strong men, but also quickly lost the power of resistance, and everything he knew changed.

This is the power above the virtual fairyland, and the creatures under the virtual fairyland cannot resist.


At this moment, a cold hum sounded from Baimayi.


The next moment, a silver spear cut through the chaos and stabbed straight towards the big hand.

The tip of the silver spear is engraved with countless divine marks, swallowing and spitting the ultimate edge, tearing the chaotic void. Even through countless chaotic paths, this terrifying edge can be felt, as if to pierce the soul.

Like a silver true dragon, wherever it passes, everything is destroyed.

A little cold light, and then the gun shot out like a dragon!


The gunmen collided in an instant, and in an instant, unimaginable power fluctuations erupted, turning into an endless storm of destruction, surging in all directions.

A demon creature could not avoid it, and was directly annihilated into nothingness by the aftermath.

The Jiufang Daqian world in Zhenmoyuan was also stirred into a mess, the void collapsed, and the sky was shattered, as if the end of the world had come.

The terrifying aftermath also swept through the soldiers and soldiers of the White Horse Righteous Follower. Fortunately, many of the White Horse Righteous Followers had already woken up when the master of the silver spear made a move.

Many soldiers cooperated with the large formation at the entrance of Zhenmoyuan, barely survived the aftermath of the collision between the two, and did not cause too many casualties.

Otherwise, if the aftermath of any collision is raging, not only will many soldiers fall, but also the great formation at the entrance of Zhenmoyuan is likely to be shattered.

At that time, many demon creatures in Zhenmoyuan will be able to enter the five realms and set off ** in the five realms.

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