Supreme Conquering System - Chapter 4705 Heaven is the big world, do a real devil

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Tiandu big world.

A group of luxurious and huge ancient cars shuttled freely in the sky.

As the core world of the Tiandu Chamber of Commerce, the creatures in the Tiandu Great World live extremely extravagant lives, making comparisons a common practice, and like to make their own cars magnificent.

Many cultivators who were obviously born in great powers would travel with dozens or hundreds of maids and bodyguards in sage-level monsters, or in sage-grade cars.

These cars are even more huge, there are palace-shaped cars, there are spiritual ships that span thousands of miles, and there are even cars that condense a ten thousand zhang mountain.

At a glance, one can't help but sigh about the extravagance of the world of Tiandu.

However, the most luxurious place is the center of the Tiandu Great World, the Tiandu Shenlou.

A huge pavilion with a height of 9,990 floors, straight into the blue sky, each floor covers an area of ​​more than ten thousand kilometers, which is unbelievably large.

Not to mention, each floor of the Tiandu Divine Building is engraved with many formations, and the space **** pattern is branded, and the area inside is far larger than it looks on the outside.

Even in some floors, there is a secret world, and even a thousand worlds.

This Tiandu Divine Tower is the founder of the Tiandu Chamber of Commerce. It is a quasi-celestial weapon that Tiandu Taoist personally refined, and in the countless years of breeding, it has already transformed to the peak level of the quasi-celestial weapon. All may be turned into Heavenly Venerate.

Of course, this step is extremely difficult, and it will take a long time.

The top floor of Tiandu Shenlou.

This floor is not too big, about the size of an ordinary palace.


A terrifying aura filled the entire top-floor attic, and the vast demonic energy surged, as if to turn this attic into a demonic kingdom on the ground.

Ordinary creatures walk into it, I am afraid that they will degenerate into demon creatures at the first time. The creatures under the quasi-celestial respect cannot last for too long, and only the creatures above the quasi-celestial can barely compete with one or two.

In the attic on the top floor, Venerable Jubao, the former vice-chairman of the Tiandu Chamber of Commerce, was carefully doing the work of an ordinary attendant, serving tea and water for the two of them.

These two people, one of them is rich, with a warm smile on their faces, like a local wealthy owner, Lu Buwei, the chairman of the Dongjiang Chamber of Commerce.

The other person was a man with black hair hanging down his shoulders, without a trace of whiteness in his eyes, and a somewhat lazy expression.

This black-haired man sat on the left side of the attic, and even Lu Buwei's seat was one position behind him. Although he never opened his mouth, he seemed to occupy the center of the world.

If a dragon lying on its side, it may come back to life at any time, bursting with unimaginable terrifying power.

Lu Buwei didn't dare to neglect this black-haired man, he was a true demon.

Although it is only one of his clones, and his cultivation is only at the first level of a saint, Lu Buwei still does not dare to neglect him. After all, this is a true demon from the Nine Nether Abyss, and no one knows what kind of means he has.

Do a real devil.

Previously, Lu Buwei was not surprised when Gan Yizhen Demon came to his door. After learning the intention of Gan Yizhen Demon, Lu Buwei was about to pass the news to Tianyao Continent.

The real devil will appear, and he wants to meet Qin Yi and inform Qin Yi of the news.


At this moment, Gan Yizhenmo's expression changed, and the lazy expression on his face disappeared, and he looked at the seat on the right side.


There was a wave of water-like fluctuations in the void, and a noble figure walked out of the void and took the seat on the right side.

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