Supreme Conquering System - Chapter 4702 Worse and worse squire summons

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system space.

"One true fairyland peak powerhouse, six virtual fairy gods."

Qin Yi glanced at Maitreya Buddha and the others behind him, and was quite satisfied.

Twenty squire summons, the results of the first fifteen squire summoning opportunities are not bad.

With the urgency of every summoning of the system, the further back you go, the greater the probability of recruiting powerful squires. Perhaps, I will have the opportunity to recruit a quasi-immortal king, or even the existence of the immortal king realm?


Qin Yi took a deep breath and continued to check the results of the squire's summoning.

As the saying goes, extremes will fail. When Qin Yi was sure that the result of the next squire summoning would only get better and better, the reality directly poured a pot of cold water on him.

"Ding! Congratulations to the host for recruiting Silu Luohan, Pingdingshan Mountain God, Jumen Xingjun."

This is the result of the sixth, seventh, and eighth squire summons.

After three squires summoned, only three golden immortals were summoned, that is, three emperors.

"Character: Sitting Deer Arhat;

Identity: The mythical world passed on after Journey to the West, one of the Eighteen Arhats of Buddhism in the West, Venerable Bintou Lu;

Realm: the middle stage of Jinxian (the sixth realm of the emperor);

Weapons: Jambudi, Vajra Buddha, Devil-destroying pestle, etc.;

Martial arts: The Golden Body of Arhat Great Perfection, Miscellaneous Ahan Sutra, Demon Seal, Sitting Deer Sutra, etc.;

Talent: AA. "

Although Sitting Deer Arhat is one of the Eighteen Arhats, he is far inferior to the Dragon Subduing Arhat, also known as Fahai.

After all, Fahai is far ahead of Sitting Deer Arhat in terms of status and cultivation.

Sitting Deer Arhat has only the sixth realm of Emperor, which did not surprise Qin Yi.

"Character: Pingdingshan Mountain God;

Identity: the mountain **** of Pingdingshan in the mythical world of Journey to the West;

Realm: the early stage of Jinxian (the first realm of the emperor);

Weapons: Pingdingshan seal, Daoshan robe, etc.;

Martial arts: the law of heaven and earth, commanding mountains, Yongzhen mountains and rivers, mountain gods and so on;

Talent: A. "

Pingdingshan Mountain God is a mountain **** who has appeared in the original novel of Journey to the West, but his reputation is not obvious, and his strength is not too tyrannical.

The cultivation base of the emperor's first realm also proves this.

"Character: Jumen Xingjun;

Identity: After the Journey to the West, the mythical world of Heavenly Court Xingjun, one of the seven stars of the Big Dipper, and the star of Tianxuan;

Realm: Late Jinxian (Eighth Realm of the Emperor);

Weapons: the main seal of Tianxuan, the sword of the stars, the armor of the stars, etc.;

Martial arts: Nine Transformations of Tianxuan, Big Dipper Killing Tactics, Stars and Immortals, Calling Wind and Calling Rain, etc.;

Talent: AA. "

Jumen Xingjun is one of the Big Dipper Seven Stars, one of the seven star kings, and is the star master of the second star, Tianxingxing.

Although Jumen Xingjun is one of the seven stars of the Big Dipper, and is tied with the Greedy Wolf, Wuqu Xingjun, and Pojun Xingjun, he is far less famous than the Greedy Wolf, and his strength is far less than that of the Greedy Wolf. You three are strong.

After all, the three star-lords of Greedy Wolf are mainly fighting, fighting, and forming formations.

Especially the greedy wolf star, who is the most arrogant and the strongest among the seven star kings.

To put it simply, Lord Greedy Wolf's status in Doubu is equivalent to Wen Zhong's in Leibu and Luo Xuan's in Huobu.

And Jumen Xingjun's status in Doubu is equivalent to Liu Huan's status in Huobu, even lower.

Moreover, Tianxingxing represented by Jumen Xingjun, starred in skills, his cultivation is naturally not much stronger.

This is the result of the sixth, seventh, and eighth squire summoning opportunities, which can only be said to be extremely poor.

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