Supreme Conquering System - Chapter 4699 Taishi Ci, Qi Jiguang

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"Character: Taishi Ci;

Identity: The Book of the Soochow God Dynasty in the Mythical World of the Three Kingdoms, the Governor of Wu County, and the Captain of the Yueqi School;

Realm: middle stage of virtual fairyland;

Weapons: Taiyuan Immortal Sword, Canghai Yueming Saber, Jiu Xuan Lock Sun Armor, Tianji Martial Arts Boots, etc.;

Martial arts: Taiyuan Swordsmanship, Taiyuan Immortal Body, Taizu Body Refinement Art, etc.;

Talent: SS. "

Taishi Ci was a man who was seven feet seven tall, with a beautiful beard and beard, dressed in red armor, and his arms were hanging down like ape's arms.


Qin Yi glanced at Taishi Ci's system panel and nodded.

Taishi Ci may not be as good as Huang Zhong, but he is also a strong general. He has a cultivation base in the middle stage of the virtual fairyland, and his combat power may be able to compete with the Tianzun in the later stage of the ordinary virtual fairyland.

This is also in line with the level of Taishi Ci in the Three Kingdoms.

Although Taishi Ci was far from being as famous as Lu Bu, Zhao Yun, Huang Zhong and others, and he didn't have the dazzling record of these few, he was still second only to these people.


In the space passage, a man with elegant temperament, like a scholar, but with sharp eyes, burst out with astonishing fighting intent from time to time.

The surging qi and blood seemed to be unable to be suppressed, and burst out from the man's body, shaking the system space.

This man is Qi Jiguang.

"Character: Qi Jiguang;

Identity: In the world of Daming mythology, the Daming God is the left governor, the young guard and the crown prince, the famous general of the anti-Japanese war, and one of the three protectors of the country;

Realm: middle stage of virtual fairyland;

Weapons: Destroying Japanese Sword, Wild Dragon Fighting Demon Armor, Knife Slasher, etc.;

Martial arts: immortal body, Qi family swordsmanship, Qi family killing method, Qi family fighting method, performance new book, etc.;

Talent: SS. "

Although Qi Jiguang's cultivation was only in the middle stage of the virtual fairyland, Qin Yi valued Qi Jiguang very highly. After all, he was a military genius.

In normal history, Qi Jiguang, together with Yuan Chonghuan and Zheng Chenggong, were also known as the three protectors of the Ming Dynasty, and they have always protected the country of the Ming Dynasty.

Qi Jiguang has been guarding the coastal areas of the Daming Dynasty, resisting the Japanese for more than ten years, eliminating all the Japanese troubles that have plagued the Daming Dynasty for a long time, and when he guarded the northern part of the Daming Dynasty, he also fought against Mongolia and could not invade the Central Plains.

It can be said that Qi Jiguang continued the dynasty for at least a hundred years for the Ming Dynasty.

Similarly, in the mythical world of Daming, Qi Jiguang is also extremely tyrannical and radiates dazzling light, and his cultivation in the middle of the virtual fairyland is one of the proofs.

Behind Qi Jiguang, there was a man with a square face and a Confucian robe.

This person is Yu Qian. Of course, this is not Yu Qian who smokes and drinks and burns his head, but the Ming Dynasty's name is Yu Qian.

"Character: Yu Qian;

Identity: In the world of Daming mythology, the **** of the Ming Dynasty, Shaobao, Minister of War, one of the three heroes of the West Lake;

Realm: Early stage of virtual fairyland;

Weapons: Loyalty Order, Dry Sabre, Hundred Army Armor, etc.;

Martial arts: the immortal body of heaven and earth, the law of heaven and earth, etc.;

Talent: S. "

Although Yu Qian's reputation is not too big, but he can be called one of the three heroes of the West Lake together with Yue Fei and Zhang Huangyan, which also means that his ability is not bad, not to mention that he was posthumously named the pillar of the Ming Dynasty after his death. country.

It has the cultivation base of the early stage of the virtual fairyland, which is not too out of Qin Yi's expectations.

"We meet Your Majesty and wish to serve His Majesty's work."

Huang Zhong and others stepped out of the space passage, came to Qin Yi, and immediately knelt down on one knee, the words in their mouths were loud.

"Get up!"

Qin Yi stretched out his hand and lifted it up, and an invisible force helped Huang Zhong and others up.

"Yes, in the first ten times of summoning opportunities, four immortals have been recruited."

Qin Yi looked at Huang Zhong and others and nodded in satisfaction.

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