Supreme Conquering System - Chapter 4697 Samadhi Kamikaze

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system space.

Qin Yi's face was sinking like water, and his expression was a little ugly.

The result of this weapon summoning can be said to be extremely poor, there is no weapon that he can see.

The Heavenly Armor, the Dragon-Fushing Knife, the Devil-destroying pestle, and the Vajra Seal are all low-level holy artifacts, or middle-level holy artifacts.

Or the armor of the heavenly soldiers in the mythical world of Journey to the West, or the standard weapons of a certain legion in the mythical world of the Three Kingdoms, or the weapons of a certain Arhat of the Buddhist monk in the West in the posthumous world of Journey to the West.

If these things have not yet risen in the Buluoshen Dynasty, or even when Qin Yi has just arrived in the heavens and the world, he may be able to extract them, and he may jump up with excitement.

But to him now, these things are like a pile of broken metal.

And among these eight treasures, the only treasures that Qin Yi was familiar with and made him take a look at more were the Huntian Ling, Qiankun Circle, Linglong Pagoda, and True Dragon Jade Seal.

Huntian Ling and Qiankun Circle are naturally the weapons of Nezha, the great **** of the Santan Haihui.

"Treasure: Huntian Ling;

Rank: high-grade Houtian Lingbao (high-grade imperial weapon);

Explanation: The treasures refined by Taiyi Zhenren are made of many immortal materials and are extremely hard, and the creatures under the seventh realm cannot break free from their shackles.

This thing has the powerful divine power to wrap all things and turn rivers and seas. "

"Treasure: Qiankun Circle;

Rank: high-grade Houtian Lingbao (high-grade imperial weapon);

Explanation: Yuanshi Tianzun is refined, it is the treasure of Jinguangdong in Qianyuan Mountain, and even the gold to the sun, it is indestructible, and it can destroy all things when thrown, it can be big or small. "

For Qin Yi, the two high-level imperial weapons were of little use.

As for the Linglong Pagoda, it is the pagoda in the hands of Nezha's father, King Tota Li.

"Treasure: Linglong Pagoda (Eight Treasures Linglong Ruyi Gold Pagoda);

Rank: Supreme Houtian Lingbao (quasi-tianzun);

Explanation: Daoist Burning Deng gained it in the flood and famine, and was nurtured by heaven and earth, and later given to Li Jing to use it to conquer Nezha. Li Jing relied on this treasure and became the head of the heavenly soldiers. "

Although the Linglong Pagoda is a quasi-celestial weapon, it still has little effect on Qin Yi.

And the real dragon jade seal is the only one of these eight treasures that has some effect on Qin Yi.

"Treasure: True Dragon Jade Seal;

Grade: mid-grade congenital spiritual treasure (high-grade celestial treasure);

Explanation: Liu Bang, the great ancestor of the Han Dynasty, made a heavy treasure of qi fortune from the luck of the entire Han Dynasty. It contains the luck of the entire Han Dynasty, and it is the symbol of the Han Dynasty. "

The real dragon jade seal comes from the mythical world of the Three Kingdoms, and it is a widely circulated jade seal in the mythical world of the Three Kingdoms.

The real dragon jade seal contains the luck of the entire Han Dynasty, so it has a certain effect for Qin Yi, that is, it can stimulate the luck in it and integrate it into the body of the dragon.

If the Qi Luck of the entire Han Dynasty is integrated into the Qi Luck True Dragon, it will also increase a lot for the Qi Luck True Dragon, but that's all.

After all, it is only the luck of a great Han Dynasty, not the luck of a Han Dynasty.

"Next, it is the result of the opportunity to summon divine powers."

Qin Yi flipped his hand and put away the eight treasures.

"Ding! Congratulations to the host for summoning the wind and rain, the magic of killing the soul, the magic of Taoism, the great movement of the universe, the method of invisibility, the three-headed and six-armed, the Samadhi God's wind, the Buddha's eye-benefiting technique, the method of praying for rain, and the technique of penetrating walls."

This is the result of ten divine power summoning opportunities.

Qin Yi just glanced at him, but his expression was still ugly, and the results of ten chance to summon divine powers were not ideal.

Or rather, extremely bad.

Except for the two magical powers of Samadhi God and Three Heads and Six Arms, Qin Yi can take a look at them, and he has no interest in taking another look at other magical powers.

Even the two magical powers of Samadhi Kamikaze and Three Heads and Six Arms are useless to Qin Yi.

"Supernatural powers: three heads and six arms;

Rank: Qixing Divine Ability (quasi-Tianzun-level Divine Ability);

Description: Using this method, you can phantom three heads and six arms, so as to fight against the enemy, you can explode the combat power far exceeding your own body three times. "

This magical power of three heads and six arms is an extremely tyrannical magical power for the creatures under Heavenly Venerate. After all, this is a magical power that can triple the combat power of one's own body.

If a quasi-tianzun strong person gets it, I am afraid it will also be regarded as a treasure.

The most famous existence for using this magical power is Nezha, the great **** of the Santan Haihui. However, Sun Wukong, King Si and other existences also master this magical power.

Of course, for Qin Yi, this magical power has little effect, after all, he has already broken through the realm of half-step true fairy.

On the other hand, the magical power of Samadhi Kamikaze has a great effect on Qin Yi.

"Supernatural powers: Samadhi divine wind;

Rank: Seven-star supernatural powers (quasi-tianzun level can grow supernatural powers);

Description: Journey to the West is the most powerful wind system in the mythical world. Using this method, you can summon the infinite samadhi divine wind, which has the terrifying power of destroying the sky and destroying the earth and blowing the Dao. The power of this method will follow the practitioner's cultivation To keep improving. "

Samadhi Divine Wind is a wind-type magical power that can grow, that is to say, although it is only a quasi-celestial-level magical power now, its power will continue to increase with the improvement of the practitioner's cultivation.

In the future, he may not be able to be promoted to the Heavenly Venerate-level eight-star supernatural power, or even the true immortal-level nine-star supernatural power, which cannot be described as powerful.

It's just that Qin Yi is not the main road of the wind, and even the three avenues that support his practice of the emperor's avenue, there is no road of the wind.

If the Samadhi Divine Wind is an emperor's road, or boxing, thunder road, or swordsmanship, Qin Yi may choose to practice directly.

But the samadhi **** wind, Qin Yi will not spend too much effort to cultivate, after all, everyone's energy is limited, and Qin Yi can't spend his energy on those who do not have much blessing for his own cultivation base and combat power. On magic.

After all, although the magical power of Samadhi Kamikaze is tyrannical and has high growth and plasticity, for Qin Yi, it is still not worth spending too much energy on his cultivation, just comprehend it.

Of course, to Qin Yi, it is tasteless, but for practitioners who are not in the dark to practice the Way of Wind, this supernatural power is a supreme supernatural power. If it can be cultivated, its combat power must be qualitative. leap.

It's just that the threshold for cultivation of this magical power is extremely high, and it is extremely difficult to get started.

Otherwise, in the mythical world of Journey to the West, the Yellow Eyed King would not be the only one who became this magical power.

There are reasons why this magical power is not widely spread, and there are also reasons why this magical power is extremely difficult to practice.

You must know that in the entire mythical world of Journey to the West, only the King Huangmei has cultivated the samadhi wind.

Naturally, it is impossible for this supernatural power to be mastered by King Huangmei alone. Not to mention other things, his master, Maitreya Buddha, and his disciples also have the method of practicing this supernatural power.

However, none of them showed the deeds of mastering the samadhi kamikaze, perhaps because they concealed themselves, but there is no doubt that the practice of samadhi kamikaze is difficult.

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