Supreme Conquering System - Chapter 4683 The remnant soul of the real immortals of the five realms appeared

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The image of heaven behind Qin Yi also solidified in an instant, and it seemed to be transformed into a real scene. An ancient **** sat cross-legged in the palace, opened his eyes, like a real life!

From the hole in the heaven, the supreme immortal body is formed!

With the condensed out of the aperture, it means that Qin Yi successfully condensed the supreme immortal body.


Qin Yi slowly stood up and stretched his body.

Divine splendor circulates all over his body, shrouded in immortal light, like a supreme immortal king stepping into the mortal world.

With a single gesture, the Three Thousand Avenues can be shaken, and the power is unbelievably tyrannical.

According to the standard of qi and blood, Qin Yi's power at this moment has reached the level of the power of 10,000 ancestral dragons.

You must know that if you can cultivate the power of one ancestral dragon, you can compete with the gods in the middle stage of the ordinary virtual fairyland, and if you cultivate the power of a hundred ancestral dragons, you can compete with the gods in the later stages of the ordinary virtual fairyland, and cultivate a thousand ancestral dragons. The power can compete with the peak Tianzun of the ordinary virtual fairyland.

And Qin Yi cultivated the power of 10,000 ancestral dragons, one can imagine how terrifying his power is.

"This is the power of the supreme immortal body. At this moment, even with only physical strength, I can suppress the ordinary half-step true immortal!"

Qin Yi carefully realized the strength of his own body, and a smile appeared on his face.

At this moment, he is confident that even if he does not use any magical powers or treasures, relying only on physical strength, it is enough to suppress ordinary half-step true immortals.

His current physical strength is not weak even when compared to many divine beasts and creatures whose physical body is already tyrannical.

The physical strength of a half-step true immortal, such as the first ancestor of the real dragon, is now weaker than that of Qin Yi. Even the ancient ancestors of Xuanwu, who have sharpened their physical body for countless years, can only barely overpower them.

After condensing the supreme immortal body, the physical strength gap between Qin Yi and Xuanwu ancestors has been pulled to a very small level.

Even, as long as Qin Yi continues to practice, it will not take long for him to surpass the ancestor of Xuanwu.

After all, the body-refining exercise that Qin Yi is practicing now is a sage supreme-level exercise, which is also an immortal king-level exercise, "Nine Turning Emperor's Immortal Body".

This "Nine Turns Emperor's Immortal Body" is a body training exercise that Qin Yi has integrated with "Nine Turns Mysterious Art", as well as many physical exercises left by many good fortune true immortals, Dairi true immortals and others. Law.

Then, Qin Yi continued to use the system to deduce this body training method, and just then deduced this body training method to the level of the Immortal King, which was enough for Qin Yi to break through to the Immortal King Realm.

In the same way, the power of "Nine Turning Emperor's Immortal Body" is also far beyond the ordinary body training method, which makes Qin Yi possess the strength far beyond the ordinary half-step real immortal.

However, because the grade of "Nine Turns Emperor's Immortal Body" is too high, Qin Yi did not practice "Nine Turns Emperor's Fairy Body" to a high level, so he has not yet realized the true power of "Nine Turns Emperor's Fairy Body" can show.

Now Qin Yi, at most, has cultivated the "Nine Turning Emperor's Immortal Body" to the entry level, and he has not even reached the Xiaocheng level.


The rank of "Nine Turning Emperor's Immortal Body" is so high that the threshold for its cultivation is extremely high. Only by condensing the supreme immortal body can it be regarded as a real entry.

Therefore, in Qin Yi's hands, "Nine Turning Emperor's Immortal Body" has not really shown the power of his own body, showing the tyrannical power of this Immortal King-level body training method.

Only when Qin Yi breaks through the real fairyland can he truly show the true power of "Nine Turns Emperor's Immortal Body".


Qin Yi opened his eyes, and endless divine brilliance burst out from his eyes, triggering many visions.

However, these visions soon disappeared, and Qin Yi's breath also fell silent.

"The Great Dao of the Heavens is worthy of being a quasi-immortal king weapon. It is powerful and powerful, and it has a lot of blessings for my practice."

Qin Yi couldn't help but sigh.

With the difficulty of practicing "Nine Turns Emperor's Immortal Body", even if Qin Yi wants to get started, it will take at least a few years, but decades, and now, with the blessing of the Dao of All Heavens, in three days, Qin Yi has already started.

It is conceivable how great the blessings of the All-Heavens Dao are to Qin Yi Dao, as if not inferior to the system disk.

Of course, this is only because Qin Yi has just inherited the Dao of the Heavens, and the foundation of the Dao of the Heavens is revealed to Qin Yi for the first time, which has such an amazing effect.

If Qin Yi continued to practice with the help of the Dao of All Heavens, there would not be such an obvious effect, which is far inferior to the system disc.

However, for Qin Yi, the role of the Dao of the Heavens is far more than that. For example, Qin Yi can use the power of the Dao of the Heavens to burst out in the five realms with a realm that is comparable to that of himself, and comparable to the middle stage of the real fairyland. .

Moreover, with the passage of time, Qin Yi's cultivation base continued to increase, and the more power he could wield from the Great Dao of the Heavens.

As long as Qin Yi breaks through the real fairyland, he can burst into the power of the late stage of the real fairyland, and even in the future, he can break through the middle stage of the real fairyland, enough to fight the quasi-immortal king.

Furthermore, the blessing of the Great Dao of the Heavens to him does not conflict with the blessing of the System Disc. Qin Yi can fully use the power of the System Disc and the Great Dao of the Heavens to bless himself together, so as to understand the Great Dao. , to improve one's self-cultivation.

"True immortals of the Five Realms, you should be very satisfied with this treasure that you forged with your own hands."

Qin Yi smiled slightly, and suddenly looked at the void not far in front of him.


Qin Yi's voice echoed in the secret realm of Enlightenment, but there was no abnormal movement. The void he was looking at was very calm, as if he was talking to himself.

"Five Realms True Immortal, still don't want to show up?"

Qin Yi snorted coldly, and an amazing divine brilliance erupted in his eyes, like two divine swords stabbing into the void, shattering countless void dimensions.


The next moment, an ancient and distant sigh sounded as if from the ancient and barbaric era.

Then, a Taoist man dressed in a simple Taoist robe with white hair, who seemed to be unremarkable, like an ordinary Taoist, stepped out slowly from the void.

The white-haired old Daoist held the dust in his hands, his expression was indifferent and lofty, as ethereal as the avenue, without the slightest emotional fluctuation, he looked at Qin Yi lightly:

"Lao Dao thinks that he hides it very well. When did you discover Lao Dao?"

While speaking, the white-haired old Taoist had a hint of curiosity in his eyes.

With its cultivation realm, let alone a virtual immortal who has not yet broken through the real fairyland, even if it is an existence at the peak of the real fairyland, as long as he wants to, he can't help but be discovered by the other party.

Even if he only has a wisp of remnant soul left, this is his confidence as a quasi-immortal king.


This white-haired old Taoist is the True Immortal of the Five Realms, the founder of the Five Realms and the Great Way of the Heavens.

What is the existence of the real immortals in the five realms, the most top existence in the heavens and the world, based on the top of the heavens and the world, the terrifying powerhouse who is about to break through the fairy king realm.

Its cultivation realm far exceeds the imagination of the five realms of beings, even if it is just a wisp of remnant soul, it has amazing strength.

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