Supreme Conquering System - Chapter 12 It’s impossible to kill the mobs and explode

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"Unexpectedly, this Baihua Langjun is still a genius." Qin Yi said in surprise, feeling very surprised.

Indeed, looking at the face of Baihua Langjun, he is only more than twenty years old, but he is already innate with triple cultivation, and it is not an exaggeration to call it a genius.

However, now that the dust returns to the dust, the soil returns to the earth, Baihua Langjun is dead, no matter how genius he is, he is just passing by.

His only role was to strengthen Qin Yi's Dao Heart.

Seeing Bai Zai groping on Baihua Langjun for a while, he took out a ring-like object.

Immediately, Bai Zai took the ring, walked to Qin Yi's side, and handed it to him respectfully.

"This is the Chu Wu Ling Ring?"

Qin Yi took the ring, checked it briefly, and raised an eyebrow.

The so-called storage spirit ring is made of precious hollow stone, which contains a lot of space, and is used by warriors to store items.

Because of the high cost, this storage spirit ring is also very valuable, and not everyone can have it.

Even Qin Yigui, the Ninth Prince of the Buluo Dynasty, only has one storage ring.

Of course, this also has something to do with Qin Yi's being unwelcome in the Royal Family.

Unexpectedly, this Baihua Langjun actually possessed a storage ring, and when he thought of Baihua Langjun's innate threefold cultivation base, Qin Yi was stunned.

The ring is faint, exudes a bright light.

Engraved on the inside of it is the word "Xia Pin".

According to the size of the space, the storage ring is subdivided into three grades, the lowest grade and the best grade.

This storage ring in Qin Yi's hand, obtained from Baihua Langjun, is a low-grade storage ring.

The way to start the storage spirit ring is very simple, mobilize the true energy in the body, pierce the storage spirit ring, and the scene inside the ring is suddenly revealed in front of Qin Yi.

Qin Yi glanced away, and there were several things neatly placed inside the ring.

A pile of gold, a pile of square white stones exuding spiritual fluctuations, and two thread-bound books.

Qin Yi skipped the pile of gold directly. Even though Qin Yi was lonely now, he was also from a royal family and had no shortage of gold and silver treasures. Naturally, he didn't like this pile of gold.

It was the pile of white stones that caught his attention.

With a move of mind, one of the white stones appeared in Qin Yi's hands.

"This is the spirit stone?"

Qin Yi played with his hands, but looked up and down with a white stone the size of a piece.

The so-called spirit stones are objects used by warriors to assist in cultivation, and their value is more expensive than gold.

Spirit stones are also divided into lower, middle and upper grades according to their spiritual power.

The pile of spiritual stones in the storage ring is a pile of low-grade spiritual stones.

Looking closely for a while, Qin Yi also lost interest.

He has the help of the system, so why do you need to practice hard? This spirit stone fell in his hands like a chicken rib.

The aura contained in the spirit stone can not be directly instilled in a system so fast.

Why should he give up everything and pursue the aura in the spirit stone.

"Byakuya, is this spirit stone useful for restoring your strength?"

With that, Qin Yi threw the spirit stone in his hand to Bai Zai.

"If there are one thousand more such spirit stones, I will be able to restore the strength of the deputy captain level."

Bai Zai took the spirit stone, held it in his hand, felt it carefully, and said to Qin Yi.

"Okay! These spirit stones are all given to you!"

A smile suddenly appeared on Qin Yi's face, and it seemed that the spirit stone was not useless.

As long as Bai Zai can regain his strength, these spirit stones can be considered as good as possible.

Qin Yi threw the Chu Wu Ling ring directly to Bai Zai. He already had a Chu Wu Ling ring on his body, and this Chu Wu Ling ring happened to be handed to Bai Zai.

As for the two books, Qin Yi glanced at it and lost interest.

It was just a secret book that Baihua Langjun practiced to use to change his appearance, and it was useless to him.

Don't watch it.

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