Supremacy Games - Chapter 1190 The Cold Lone Lsland Tribe.

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Chapter 1190 The Cold Lone Lsland Tribe.

While this mayhem was ongoing, Felix pointed his finger at the abyss and painted the same image of the cave in his mind.

Then, he uttered under his breath, "Dimensional Mirror."

Abruptly, a circular wavy gray mirror appeared in front of him...In less than a second, the waves began to ease down and a new scene appeared on its surface, showing the hundreds of roes inside the cave!

Before Felix could get too excited, one of the Dawn Behemoths appeared on the image, seeming like it was slumbering next to the roes.

'Looks like it's escaped from Nimo's lust laws with its slumber.' Felix frowned.

He knew that the behemoth would definitely wake up the moment his foot stepped inside the cave even though it looked like it was out of it.

'The abyss' consciousness said that they had found me through echolocation...So, even a needle drop will most likely wake it up.'

Felix planned on using this new spatial spell to teleport himself inside the cave and pick up as many roes as possible before using the same mirror to escape.

But now, he knew that his plan was doomed to fail.

"If you simply don't need to make noise, how about you pass your arm through the portal and beam those roes in your spatial card.' Asna suggested lazily.

'That might work.'

Felix approved of her plan, knowing that the Dimensional Mirror spell allowed him to create an invisible spatial portal that could be seen only by those with spatial detection or such abilities.

Unlike normal teleportation, this dimensional portal could stay up for as long as Felix had fuel for it, allowing him to teleport anything and anyone in it.

Without delay, Felix held his breath and tensed his arm to make sure that he wouldn't even make the water vibrate as much.

Then, he pushed it through the mirror, feeling an instant coldness from the depth of the ocean. Felix waited for a few moments to see if the behemoth was alerted.

When it didn't move an inch, he began beaming the nearest roes to his spatial card.

Although the roes broke into blue particles during the process, there wasn't any noise.

'Hehehe, it's working.' Felix grinned widely as he kept beaming one roe after another without needing to even be in the vicinity!

Spatial cards worked on anything without life. So, Felix made sure to prioritize only the roes in their early developments.

Still, he managed to get himself a good haul.


Just like most animals, the Behemoths finished their mating process in two pumps, managing to all get a piece of the pie even though a war started for some coochie.

When Felix heard those sounds, he knew that it was time to call it a quit while he was still ahead. So, he pulled back his arm and closed the dimensional mirror.

Just like that, the kidnapping attempt was concluded without any mess or fights...It was as clean as it could be.

Without moving a muscle, he beamed those roes on the ground near him, managing to cover hundreds of meters in the surface area!

Eee Eee!

Nimo blinked on his shoulder and licked his cheek, seeming like he was asking for praise.

"Haha, good job."

Felix chuckled as he patted him, showering him with his usual amount of love.

Surprisingly, there wasn't any sense of hidden coldness in his eyes, making it seem like Nimo was his usual self...

"Well, I guess it's time to feast again." Felix's asscheeks tightened as he observed the insane amount of roes he gathered.

"Make sure to leave at least 70% untouched." Lady Sphinx advised, "You are eating them uncooked, so you aren't getting everything from them. Wait until we return and find a recipe for them."

"I understand." Felix was already planning on doing this since he knew that if ate everything here, he would most definitely build in complete immunity to their benefits.


Abruptly, a sharp high pitched sonic boom blasted through the surface of the ocean, creating humongous waves that crashed into the cliffs.

"They noticed it pretty quickly."

Felix was relieved that he pulled out earlier as he could see that the school of behemoths had utterly lost their sh*t after finding out about the missing roes.


'I guess I am continuing my journey through the surface.'

Although the Dawn Behemoths began rampaging around the abyss, trying their best to find the culprit, Felix ignored them and started devouring the roes.


Ten Hours Later...

Felix could be seen gliding through the surface of the ocean with a carefree expression while having Nimo sitting on top of his shoulder.

In those ten hours, he took multiple dives into the depth of the ocean. Unfortunately, he merely found a couple of low-graded natural treasures that were worth nothing to him.

Instead of wasting his time hoping to get lucky again with another jackpot, Felix decided to prioritize reaching the Cold Lone Island Tribe.

After all, they were the masters of this area and he could ask them for directions to such treasures if they knew about them.<.com>

"That must be it." Felix commentated after his eyes came across a single small island with a tropical jungle and crystal-clean beaches.

The moment he got somewhat near it, a gigantic reverse wave rose in front of him, forcing him to halt.

Then, a featureless female face appeared on the wave and spoke with a kind tone, "Welcome to The Cold Lone Island Tribe, Sir Felix. We have been awaiting your arrival."

"Much appreciated Chieftess Moana." Felix bowed his head respectfully.

"Please Follow me."

The wave began moving backward in direction of the island and Felix followed it closely.

When they reached the beach, the wave turned into a curvy female made out of the water, resembling Miss Monaka greatly.

"We have already prepared your lodging, I hope you like it." Chieftess Moana stated.

"I am grateful, but you don't have to try so hard, I am fine with anything." Felix smiled back, knowing that the tribe was treating him this well because of his previous trades with them.

Since he knew that he was going to be needing their chieftess' help, he wasn't stingy at all in those trades as he always made them feel close to him.

Now, it was finally time for the payoff!

"It's the outsider!"

"He finally arrived!"

"It's the generous benefactor!"

As Felix anticipated, his reputation precedes him as the moment he entered the tropical jungle, he was welcomed by an army of elated and happy young Elementals.

Some were in their ghost form and some took their real shapes...Unlike the Northern Forest, most of the Elementals here were based on the marine world.

They were standing before a wooden open gate that was leading to a tropical village.

It was a small community of homes, surrounded by lush vegetation and a vibrant natural environment. The air was warm and humid, giving Felix a refreshing feeling.

The landscape was dominated by tall palm trees, fruit trees, and a variety of colorful flowers.

The houses were built using local materials such as wood, bamboo, and thatch...They were featuring open windows and verandas to allow for ventilation and to take advantage of any cooling breezes even though those Elementals clearly had no use for them.

"Alright, stop blocking the way, let him pass through." Chieftess Moana shooed them away with harmless water splashes, making them scatter while giggling playfully.

As Felix stepped deeper inside the village, the mature Elementals began to appear more often...All of them respected his distance and merely bowed in his direction as a greeting.

In a short while, Felix reached the edge of the tribe and was led by Chiefess Moana to his lodging, which was a humble tropical hut.

"How many Elementals live here?" Felix asked after noticing that not many Elementals were around compared to the Emerland Glen Village.

"On surface tribe, a couple dozens or less." Chieftess Moana anwsered, "The majority of our people live in another tribe under the island...You are welcome to pay us a visit down there anytime."

"Much appreciated."

Felix already knew about the duality of the Cold Lone Island Tribe as he was told about it by Chief Cloveris.

Most marine Elementals were born underwater. But, there were many islands like this one, which had awakened its consciousness and claimed the territory for itself.

Chieftess Moana was this island's consciousness, enabling her to control water, earth, sand, and nature elements due to her situation.

Since her territory was expanded freely to thousands of kilometers around the island, this meant that everything awakening in it were her followers.

"By the way, I am able to breathe underwater just fine." Felix informed, "So, I will most likely spend my time underwater to train my water manipulation."

"Oh, Chief Cloveris has told me about your manipulations." Chieftess Moana smiled, "You don't have to ask me, I will gladly help you train."

"Thank you so much, you have no idea how much it means to me."

Felix felt his heart get put at ease immediately at the sound of that.

"Don't mention it." Chieftess Moana said one last time, "I will get going now, if you need me, just call my name out loud."

"Will do."

After she left, Felix entered his tropical hut and sat on the bed that was made out of curated palm tree leaves.

He looked outside of the window at the breathtaking scenery of the peaceful ocean and the sun nearing the horizon, taking a rest for the day.

A smile broke out on its own as he thought to himself, 'I have a feeling my stay here will be good.'

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