Super Dimensional Wizard - v6 Chapter 3276 Deacon's Secret

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  Chapter 3276 The Secret of the Deacon

   Oni Deacon's consciousness cloud is somewhat similar to the head mirror family's consciousness network. Both can process information to a certain extent, but the consciousness network tends to allow information to flow, while the consciousness cloud tends to allow information to be stored.

  To put it simply, the consciousness network of the head mirror family is a large number of individual consciousnesses interacting, and information flow is generated during the interaction.

  The Consciousness Cloud is dominated by Oni Deacon, who distributes "verification codes" to allow other people to be eligible to enter the Consciousness Cloud and store the information they have obtained.

  This special talent is the basis for Oni Deacon to be able to grasp a large amount of intelligence information.

  He can distribute his subordinates all over the mirror domain, and as soon as he finds useful information, he can upload it to the consciousness cloud as soon as possible.

   This allowed Oni Deacon to grasp a lot of intelligence information.

   However, just storing intelligence information does not make Ghost Deacon stand out. Another important reason why he can become a "deacon" is that Ghost Deacon can borrow other people's computing power through the consciousness cloud to increase supercomputing power.

   To put it simply, the more people connected to the consciousness cloud, the stronger the ghost deacon's computing power will be.

  The so-called computing power includes data processing ability, information analysis ability, and multi-knowledge integration ability.

  With the blessing of the three abilities, Ghost Deacon can conduct in-depth analysis of the information stored in the consciousness cloud.

  A lot of secret information is actually hidden in some seemingly harmless information.

  For example, the superficial information is: the price increase of certain items.

   But after analyzing the computing power, another conclusion may be drawn in the end: this is the result of the competition of multiple forces behind it.

   One glimpse is the whole picture.

  Storage of multiple information, and analysis of big data. This is the fundamental ability for him to be able to sit firmly as a deacon.

"Very powerful ability." Even Gleipnir couldn't help feeling in his heart belt when he heard this information: "However, from my point of view, this kind of consciousness cloud is actually the same as the dream crystal original Kind of similar."

   In other words, the Consciousness Cloud is the youthful miniature version of Dream Crystal.

  Can log into the same consciousness cloud from far and wide to process information.

  It’s just that the consciousness cloud can only allow individual individuals to log into the consciousness cloud to store information. And Dream Crystal can not only store information, but also interact with people.

  Dream Crystal Source is an enhanced version of the combination of "Consciousness Cloud" and "Consciousness Network".

  If Ghost Deacon can issue a large number of verification qualifications and store intelligence information faster, it can even play a role similar to that of a logger when the "Doom Puppet" comes.

   However, it is impossible to completely replace the logger. Because, when the calamity puppet comes, the consciousness cloud is completely dominated by the ghost deacon, and the arbitrariness will always give rise to doubts; and the dream crystal principle can bring together the leaders of various forces and ethnic groups to carry out collective planning and strength.

  The most important thing is that Consciousness Cloud has an "upper limit of qualifications", and Dream Crystal can attract people without limit as long as it has a log-in device.

   Another point is that the dream crystal can be the last guarantee. As long as the conscious memory is still there, you can turn into an aboriginal and survive in another way.

Gleipnir conducted an all-round analysis of the consciousness cloud. Although she felt that the Dream Crystal was more perfect in a certain sense, she also had to admit that the functions of the Dream Crystal were too complicated, and the consciousness Due to the small size of the cloud, it has the characteristics of being short, flat and fast, so it is still faster than Dream Crystal in collecting information.

   That is to say, even if the Crystal Field of Dreams spreads out in the Day Mirror Domain in the future and has a certain ability to collect intelligence, it is probably impossible to achieve the level of the current ghost deacon.

  Unless, Ghost Deacon died in an accident.

   "So it seems that the ghost deacon's letting Sipolov come to the dog house is actually a manifestation of intelligence computing power?" Luigi said softly.

  Deacon Inu nodded: "You can say that."

  Luigi: "What about the deacon? The deacon should also have special abilities, right?"

  According to the strength of Wanshiwu, the dog deacon, the ghost deacon, and the human deacon are next.

   Among them, Inu Deacon has the highest exposure, but his strength is the weakest. As for the human deacon, the exposure is the lowest, but the strength is the strongest among the three.

  According to Gutales, the direct investigators of Deacon Ren only accept combat commissions.

  From this point of view, is the special ability of Human Deacon related to combat?

Faced with Luigi's curiosity, Deacon Inu didn't respond positively, but moved his ears, and turned to look at Angel: "You are a human wizard, according to your understanding, the strongest wizards of the same rank will generally Which is it?"

  Angel was moved, but he didn't expect Deacon Dog to ask himself suddenly. According to its meaning, is the human deacon a human wizard?

  Angel didn't ask, but followed Deacon Dog's question, and replied: "The wizard on the bloodline side is recognized as the strongest at the same level."

   Inu Deacon nodded, turned his head, and did not speak.

  Seeing Deacon Inu’s silence for a long time, Luigi didn’t understand what it meant at first. It wasn’t until Deacon Inu’s two paws spread out humanely that Luigi realized: “Is this gone?”

   Deacon Dog nodded: "No more."

  Luigi wondered: "Deacon is a blood-side wizard? What about his ability? Just a blood-side wizard, it seems nothing special."

   Deacon Dog rolled his eyes, turned his head and said lazily: "That's all I know. Deacon Ren is not in Wanshiwu all the year round, and I won't leave Wanshiwu. There are few interactions in the first place..."

"Anyway, I haven't seen the abilities of human deacons. In other words, among the six deacons, only ghost deacons know the abilities of human deacons. After all, ghost deacons often clean up the mess of human deacons. Through intelligence analysis, it should have been determined The ability to understand human deacons. Other deacons, like me, don’t know much about human deacons.”

  Seeing that Luigi still had a look of disbelief, Deacon Dog thought for a while, and finally choked out another sentence: "I once heard a rumor that Deacon Human has a very strong blood."

   In other words, the special ability of the human deacon may be in his blood.

   But after all, it's just Deacon Inu's guess, and the specific situation is still unknown.

  Luigi saw that Deacon Dog really couldn't say anything else, so he could only turn away from Deacon Human and ask about other things.

  For example, except for dogs, ghosts, and people, the other three deacons have never revealed their names to the outside world.

   Deacon Dog: "I don't know much about the other three deacons. It's not that I deliberately concealed it, but that they are not in the same interface as us at all."

  The so-called not being in the same "interface" means that the other three deacons are not in the Bairijing domain.

  The code names of these three hidden deacons are: Deacon Goose, Deacon Man, and Deacon Blood.

   Among them, the whereabouts of Deacon Goose is unknown, and it seems to be performing tasks in other worlds.

  Deacon Erman and Deacon Blood are responsible for the commission of the Dark Mirror Domain. In other words, they are stationed in the ghosts and creatures corresponding to the daylight mirror domain all year round.

  Because these three deacons never returned to the White Sun Mirror Domain, their names are unknown to outsiders. It's not that Wanshiwu deliberately concealed it, it can only be said that it is purely a difference in circumstances.

  After asking this question, Luigi did not continue to ask, but Angel asked curiously: "Why is the house of everything called Klos?"

  Also, Deacon Inu mentioned before that Deacon Oni was saved by the creator of Master House. Who is this creator?

  For Angel's question, Deacon Inu only gave one answer: "Clos is the founder of Master House."

  However, Deacon Inu is unwilling to say more about Cross's specific information.

  Even if Laplace opened his mouth, Inu Deacon shook his head and refused to speak. According to Luigi's insinuations, it can be basically confirmed that the reason Inu Deacon didn't say anything was because of the "contract".

  Actually, logically speaking, Deacon Dog and other deacons have also signed a contract, so you can't talk too much about other deacons' information. But this contract is relatively minor, and there are still some loopholes in it. Deacon Inu's tactful expression is enough for Angel and others to understand the information of other deacons.

  But Deacon Inu, the founder of Kloss, the master house, dare not mention it, because the contract signed with him is extremely high-level, and the content of the contract involves all aspects, and it is difficult to find loopholes.

  And the price of violating the contract is also unbearable for Inu Deacon.

  So, even if Laplace asked, Inu Deacon chose to refuse.

  The only thing Laplace can say about Cross is whether he is in Master House now.

  The answer is: no.

   Not only is Kloss not in Master House, he may even be not in Mirror Domain at all, just like Deacon Goose.

   But where Cross went, Inu Deacon can't say, and doesn't know.

  Angel did not embarrass Deacon Dog too much. Originally, he asked this question only to satisfy his own curiosity. There was no need for Deacon Dog to violate the contract in order to learn about Cross’s information.

  Next, they chatted casually.

  The content of the chat includes the composition of the Wanshiwu, and some reasons why Inu Deacon came to the Wanshiwu. Among these information, it is worth mentioning that Manshiwu is indeed not a "localized" organization. The composition of the house of all things is mostly hollow people and people from the outside world.

   There are very few real races in the house of masters.

  Perhaps because of this composition, Master House is more like a "neutral" organization independent of all ethnic groups in the day mirror domain.

  Other information, there is nothing worth mentioning.


   After chatting for about five minutes, there were hurried footsteps outside.

   Deacon Inu also stopped talking, and raised his head to look at the curtain not far away.

   Not long after, Xiao Hong outside the curtain called Deacon Dog's name loudly. Deacon Dog said "Come in", and immediately after, Xiaohong walked in with a man who looked imposing.

   "Master Deacon, Sipolov of the Yingji tribe wants to sign a commission contract here." Xiaohong jumped up and down in front of Deacon Dog.

  Her performance at this time is slightly different from that in front of Angel and others. Although she is still a little lively, she finally looks like an assistant now.

  The dog deacon turned his head to look at the tall Naang Zang: "Your name is Sipolov?"

   Following Deacon Dog's question, Angel also raised his head and aimed at Sipolov.

"Yes, I'm Sipolov. It was the ghost deacon who asked me to come and do a commissioned contract check." Sipolov also sensed that there were three other people present besides the dog deacon, but he didn't think much about it. , I just thought it was Deacon Dog's subordinate.

  He had sensed a lot of people at the ghost deacon's place before.

  According to his thinking, Deacon Oni has many subordinates, and Deacon Dog must have many subordinates.

   It's just that there don't seem to be too many people here?

   Just as Sipolov was thinking this way, Deacon Dog coughed lightly: "They are my guests, not my subordinates."

  Sipolov was stunned for a long time before he suddenly remembered that Deacon Dog's ability is to read people's hearts. What he was thinking just now has obviously been seen by Deacon Dog.

   Silently, without even energy fluctuations, he just penetrated his mind.

   It was really scary...

  Sipolov didn't dare to think too much, so he quickly stopped his thoughts and apologized to Deacon Dog: "I was the one who was abrupt."

   Deacon Dog shook his head: "No need to apologize. Logically speaking, I shouldn't have told you that they are guests, but their situation is slightly different. They are here for you."

  By this time, Sipolov was still in a daze, unable to understand what Inu Deacon meant.

  Until Sipolov sensed a young man with cat ears on the opposite side, and pulled out a familiar dragon scale from his arms.

  When the dragon scale was taken out, Sipolov froze for a moment, and gently spread his hands.

  A continuously twisting and changing black flame rose slowly from his palm.

   And within this black fire, there is a faint golden light, and there seems to be a long-handled weapon in the golden light.

  When the outline of this weapon emerged, the dragon scale in Angel's hand began to flash light continuously, as if reflecting the long-handled weapon.

  Sipolov communicated with the spear with heart fire for a while, and he realized it in his heart.

   It really is that dragon scale!

   "This is the favor I exchanged with Mr. De!"

  The reason why Sipolov exchanged favors was because he had a special temper. It is a special dynamic heart fire. When fighting, you need to match the current state and choose the corresponding weapon.

  As a knight who roams the battlefield and fights, Sipolov often fights a battle and needs to change several weapons. What long-range, medium-range, guided, close-combat, shield-shaped, purely physical, energy attack... This also makes him feel very messy and troublesome every time he uses a weapon.

  In order to solve this problem, he wanted to find someone to customize a weapon that was unique to him.

   For this reason, Sipolov also went to meet many craftsmen. Unfortunately, neither the Yingji craftsmen nor the blacksmiths from other cities could meet his request.

  Finally, he got understanding in Bailong Divine Kingdom. By paying favors, he obtained a custom-made and changeable knight spear from Mr. De.

   It is precisely because this spear was made by "Master De" that it echoes the dragon scale of Mr. De in Angel's hand.

  (end of this chapter)

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