Struggle in Soviet Russia - Chapter 627 class

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As the so-called "people's heart is separated from the belly", Victor is not sure whether Comrade Suslov's remarks are sincere, or used to perfunctory, or to please himself, but Victor does not care much about these possibilities, he has already The issue of nationalization of cadres was submitted to the Central Committee in the form of a report, but this warning was not heeded by the above. Originally, in his plan, he planned to wait until a certain day in the future, when he had a higher right to speak in Moscow, and then bring this issue up for discussion, but since Comrade Suslov planned to borrow the issue of the Jewish Council. , to discuss the issue of nationalization of cadres again, and he naturally has no reason to stop it.

Step back 10,000 steps, what if this time the Central Committee paid attention to this issue?

"In that case, Comrade Mikhail Andreevich, I support you in submitting this report to the Central Committee." Taking another look at the report in the other party's hands, Victor took a breath and nodded, " Of course, I also hope that the Central Committee can pay more attention to this issue, but we can't expect too much of it. Moreover, the issue of the Jewish Committee is very complicated, and it involves more than just one The issue of nationalization of cadres should not be judged by the International Department of the Central Committee, but by the Central Supervisory Committee, what do you think?”

This is Victor's sincere words. In his view, the problems of the Jewish Committee are indeed very serious. Moreover, as the intention of the Jews to seek statehood in Palestine becomes more and more obvious, the possibility of success is getting higher and higher. Internal problems will become more and more serious. To put it bluntly, Jewish nationalism is now high not only in the Union, but also in Jews all over the world, who are stimulated by Zionism, so once the state of Israel is successful, Jewish nationalism will reach its peak .

If nothing else, by that time, the Jewish problem around the world will become more and more prominent for a period of time. As a race, the Jewish national identity of Israel will show a kind of fanaticism. In the eyes of the Jewish people, the status of Israel as a country will even be placed above the country where it is located. And in the alliance, that is, the Jews in the alliance will put Israel's status above the alliance. Considering the close relationship between Israel and the Americans, just imagine, at that time, how will Moscow consider this issue?

Because of some memories of previous lives, Victor can predict how serious the problems of the Jewish Council will be in the future. Based on the national standpoint, its main members put the interests of the Jewish community above the interests of the alliance, then wait until after the establishment of Israel in the future. , as the relationship between Israel and the United States becomes closer, the position of the Jewish Council will become very dangerous.

It is precisely because he knows the sensitivity of this issue that Victor is reluctant to touch it. In the next stage, he will not be involved in any issues related to the Jewish Committee, nor will he be willing to nationalize the cadres. The work of the Jewish Committee is entangled.

When Comrade Suslov left, he had only drank half of his cup of coffee. Watching the other party leave his office with the document, Victor turned around and went back to his desk. What he was thinking about was the question of Comrade Suslov himself.

In his previous life, Viktor didn't know much about the history of the Soviet Union, but he still heard about Suslov, of course, only he had heard of him. Whether it was his deeds or his life, there was hardly any. any understanding. And through this period of contact, he had a general impression of this person.

How should I put it, this comrade who has joined the revolution since he was a boy is full of passion in his work, and he is also absolutely loyal to the Bolshevik Party. If only in terms of ideology, his loyalty is even a little extreme. Therefore, when faced with certain problems, his methods of dealing with them are also more radical. In one sentence, he is really as ruthless as a severe winter to the enemy, and more importantly, the way he defines the enemy , also seems aggressive.

However, in today's alliance, there are not a few cadres like Comrade Suslov. The reason for this is also caused by various factors, such as war, the tense international situation, and the equally tense situation. Domestic situation, blah, blah, blah.

After drinking the cup of coffee sent by Sofia, Viktor reached out and wiped it on his face. At the same time, he also threw the question about Comrade Suslov out of his mind. at work today.

The torrential rain that lingered in the middle of the night and another morning gradually stopped when it was approaching noon.

In the office, Victor finished processing the last document in his hand, stretched his waist vigorously, and then heaved a sigh of relief, stood up from the chair, and moved his aching waist while walking not far behind him. next to the window.

Pushing open the tightly closed window, and feeling the moist air rushing from outside the window, Victor only felt a shock, and his originally drowsy brain also instantly became awake.

Today's alliance has begun the construction of the fourth five-year plan. Within the scope of the entire alliance, the post-war reconstruction and post-war economic recovery work have fully kicked off. At the previous Central Committee meeting, the country's overall work goals And the direction of work has also been finally determined. According to the thinking of this overall goal, the overall development and economic construction will be the top priority in the work of the alliance in the next few years. is the most advanced.

Under the guidance of this guiding ideology, the work of the Central International Department is relatively less eye-catching. The most important thing is that in today's alliance, the work related to foreign affairs really grasps the general direction. People's Committee for Foreign Affairs.

As far as Victor is concerned, his tenure in the Central Secretariat has indeed been a great exercise for him. At least when he considers problems, his perspective and way of thinking have changed to a certain extent. To put it in a more clichéd way, as a high-level official in the alliance, he is changing from a bureaucrat to a politician.

Yes, the angle and way that politicians think about problems is different from that of ordinary people. For an ordinary person, when looking at problems and thinking about problems, they always habitually start from a micro perspective and consider morality more. And ethical factors, for example, he is more likely to pay attention to a leaky house used by the poor to keep out the wind and rain, and from a sympathetic point of view, think that it is evil to take away the leaky house of the poor. But for a politician, he considers the problem from a macro perspective, and he also thinks about a problem from a global perspective. He will not pay attention to the specific situation of a poor person, but will consider how to reverse the situation of poverty. , Therefore, if the poor's leaky house blocks economic development, then he will order the demolition without hesitation.

Are ordinary people right about good and evil, or are politicians right about the bigger picture? No one can give a unified judgment on this point. It is the same as the angle of the two to look at the problem. When judging their right or wrong, it also depends on whose perspective the judge is considering the problem.

In fact, we can see how Victor's thinking has changed from his attitude towards the Jewish committee and national migration. Now, I am afraid that he will no longer have sympathy for the forced labor of rich peasant families like An Lina as he did when he was a mounted policeman in Ukraine, let alone protect a young man who colluded with Ukrainian nationalists. And put yourself in danger. On the contrary, both the anti-Soviet kulaks and the various nationalists are now Victor's enemies, and he will do everything possible to eradicate them.

In the final analysis, Victor now has reached a high enough level, unlike ordinary people who are confused, he has already figured out his position, or his interests, and also knows what his class nature is. Therefore, When he thinks about problems, it will no longer be as simple as ordinary people.

Does the presence of Jews have a direct impact on the national security of the Union? The answer is no, because the Jews are just an ethnic group. Like the nearly 130 nationalities in the Union, they are all members of the big Soviet family. Therefore, Victor is not anti-Semitic, which is consistent with the policy of the Bolshevik Party. . But the growing Jewish nationalist sentiment, especially Zionist thinking, has a direct impact on the national security of the Union, and whatever the real intentions of those in the Jewish Council, at least what they are doing, is promoting The nationalist ideology of Jews in the Union is also promoting the proliferation of Zionism within the Union. Therefore, the Jewish Committee has posed a threat to the national security of the Union.

Some people may say that the Jewish Committee has no subjective will in promoting the nationalism and Zionist ideology of the Union Jews. They just do not realize how harmful their actions are, but the problem is that if a person kills A man, he is a murderer, cannot be said to be innocent because he has no subjective will to kill. A person who leaks state secrets is a spy, and he cannot be said to be innocent because he has no subjective will to leak them.

The same principle applies to the Jewish Council.

Victor is very clear that the alliance still maintains basic restraint on the Jewish issue, but with the development of the situation, it is estimated that the restraint of the alliance will reach a critical point when the state of Israel is established. At that time, God knows what will happen.

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