Starting From the Dragon Clan To Penetrate the World - v2 Chapter 1723 : Instinct

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In the main hall, an unprecedented shock wave rose up, and the fierce sword intent instantly expanded, and even the immortal pillars were cut with scars by the sword.

The man standing on the edge of the wall made a slash, and his black and red dusk coat fluttered backwards. In his face-like eyes, there was extreme fury, and his aura rose geometrically.

In the unconscious fury, the saber subconsciously slashed 'Lu Xingtian', and the saber intent was transmitted to his body through the gray-white blade, causing a long knife mark to appear on Lu Xingtian's chest, colorful blood spurted out.

‘Lu Xingtian, you are right. He is a body made of the blood of thousands of races, with secret blood as the core, but he is not the purest body of secret blood.

Lu Xingtian backed up and stood still, licked the blood overflowing from the corner of his mouth, and showed a ferocious smile, "Isn't this also okay, but relying on talent to climb the soul, and then relying on talent to boost oneself to climb the realm, after all, it's a trick, and I Having said that, no matter what level you are in, I can always overwhelm you.”

There was furious and cold murderous intent in Lu Chen's eyes, but the God's Secret Blood Forbidden Technique on his body was lifted, and even the passive God Eater was turned off.

The increase in attributes is meaningless in this battle, and he doesn't need to waste his life source meaninglessly.

"It seems that you haven't lost your mind yet, do you want to fight a protracted war with me?"

Lu Xingtian nodded and smiled, and he kept grinding his teeth when he spoke, which gave people a strange feeling, "But I said, it's not enough, you are too weak, if you can't let go of those trivial things in your heart, you will never reach the end of the warrior, I can’t get back to my strongest self.”

Lu Chen hid the regicide in the sheath, stepped on the stone wall, stood above and looked down at Lu Xingtian, stepped on the wall and squatted slightly, ready to go, "Some things you said are right, I may It’s true that it has become weaker, but I don’t like myself when I had nothing. It turns out that people who have nothing have no fear, but they also lose the motivation to move forward. In that era, I was still stagnant.”

Many memories of his journey flashed in Lu Chen's eyes, "It was because I met them that my time turned again. Even if I put on shackles, so what? The so-called painting is a prison, another word is... willingly." The heart is limited .

"What a picture of a prison, what a willingness!" Lu Xingtian laughed maniacally, "but the prison is too small, how can it trap the ferocious beast that frightens the heavens?"

As he walked, his breath changed and became weaker, because Lu Chen lifted the forbidden technique of the secret blood of the gods, and the magic lines on his face disappeared, but in terms of comprehensive attributes, the gap was even bigger compared to before Yes, it became 2 o'clock!

He continued: "Would you be able to keep everything you cherish if you are willing?"

He sneered, "It's better to let it all go, anyway, secret blood warriors will reach the unfathomable abyss after all, instead of suffering at that time, it is better to cut off all of them, liberate your own nature, become the ultimate killer, and ascend to the world enjoy the terror and awe of all spirits."

Lu Chen shook his head indifferently, "I won't, I am who I am, and I won't become anything else."

Lu Xingtian laughed mockingly, "Do you believe these words? You have clearly reached the abyss, but you were lucky enough to be called back. You should know that all the secret blood warriors have monsters hidden in their bodies. And there is the biggest monster hidden inside you, that is another you, the truly invincible you!"

"Invincible? If you have no relatives and friends, how can you talk about being invincible?" Lu Chen sneered. The real invincible should not be the one who is completely silent after reaching the summit, but the gaze that greets you when you look back and see all those who guarded. Not fear but respect.

"The ground is a prison, what is the boundary? Is it limitless?"' Lu Xingtian, speaking, rushed forward, the blade swung away Lu Chen's regicide, and slapped Lu Chen's head with a palm, which turned into a claw, pressing Lu Chen on the ground On the stone wall, dragging him forward, drawing deep ravines on the hard and immortal stone wall.

It wasn't until Lu Chen made the second cut that he calmly swung his sword to resist. The two separated, and after only a brief fight, he showed his absolute advantage after the gap in attributes widened again.

Meeting at the blade, ‘Lu Xingtian, bring

Crazy and sadistic laughter, constant roaring, "Too weak, too weak, too weak..."

When the two sides separated and stood still again,' Lu Xingtian shook his head and sighed in disappointment, "I'm tired of you. I thought I could wait for the strongest genius of the secret blood line to let me have a good fight, but I didn't want to be a self-made man." A handcuffed idiot..."

His empty fetus looked at Lu Jing, with a weird smile on his face. He stood up and looked at Lu Xing, his face was so big, "You can't, let him fight me!"

Lu Chen's eyes were serious, and he knew, "Lu Xingtian, what are you talking about, the other party is referring to the sacred blood monster hidden in his body, that is, the completely irrational self."

In that state, he could indeed unleash the ultimate combat power. Even if he surpassed three comprehensive attributes, he would almost behead Huangtian Emperor. That is the complete liberation of combat power and the ultimate use of all talents.

But Lu Chen was very afraid of that state, because Lu Ming had learned from the past, if he hadn't had Shi Hao and his friends to stop him that day, it might have turned into a tragedy.

"What are you worried about? There is no one in the Xianwu ruins, only you and me. You can use it to your heart's content. Let me see your ultimate form, the true blood **** after reaching the abyss!"

'Lu Xingtian, with a playful smile on the corner of his mouth, opened his arms and said loudly: "Come on, activate the forbidden technique, completely empty yourself, and welcome the coming of the true god!"

"You talk too much..."

Lu Chen took a deep breath and let out a long mouthful of scarlet mist, "I will never spy on the Abyss of Secret Blood again."

"Heh, based on who you are now, there is still hope to fight against me who was born as an incarnation in the same realm, but in this trial of the rules, it is very difficult to fight against me across a small realm. I really think that I will kill you now! Won't you drop me?"

' Lu Xingtian sneered, "I'm tired of it, if you don't liberate your nature and let him come out and fight with me, then I will end this battle, and after I go out, I will kill your friends, your relatives, your Lovers and unborn children are all devoured and killed."

Lu Chen breathed calmly, and the anger in his eyes fluttered, but he didn't get angry in the end.

He came down from the stone wall and stood on the floor of the main hall, the black evil spirit was still surging, it was as if they were standing in a swamp.

"If you want to kill me, just come here, isn't this your peak?"

There was an inexplicable light in Lu Chen's eyes. The will to fight did not weaken because of the decline, but was boiling. His murderous intent became more and more fierce, his fighting spirit was rising, and his body trembled from the long-lost battle that made him excited , stimulated his nerves extremely quickly.

"Show your words, it seems that you have resigned to your fate, anyway, end this battle, and I will travel the world!"

'Lu Xingtian sneered, and rushed up again, each knife caused wounds to Lu Chen, but the damage transmitted by Lu Chen's root soul can hardly reach his body, because there is a gap in the martial arts realm between the two sides.

But in his stormy offensive, Lu Chen retreated again and again, but still stood firm. He still failed to cause fatal injuries to Lu Chen.

Boom one by one

Finally, one time, after more than three months of the war, Lu Chen's regicide collided with the gray blade, and the chest of 'Lu Xingtian' was bleeding, and the blood of gods mixed with the blood of all races flowed.


After withdrawing, Lu Xingtian stood still, looking at his chest in surprise, "It doesn't seem like a coincidence..."

Lu Chen held Kingslayer in his hand and stared at his opponent, "I said, you are right about some things, I did temporarily stop the breakthrough of the realm because of too many worries, but it doesn't mean that I can't change because of those concerns. powerful."

He looked at the knife in his hand, "I want to thank you. It's been a long time since I found the joy of fighting without distractions. You are right. The abyss of the secret blood warrior does contain powerful power, which seems to be born perfect. A fighter who can fully activate the combat potential of a physical body..."

Lu Chen's tone was full of emotion, but his eyes were full of uncontrollable excitement and frenzy in the battle, "But the power beyond my control is nothing but

Waste, the power to hurt the people you value, is waste among waste. "

He looked at 'Lu Xingtian

,, "No need to wait, I know that you still haven't used your full strength to force me into the abyss of the mysterious blood of the gods. Your power is not enough, and I will never use that power."

He didn't know what the opponent's purpose was, but it seemed that he was eager to fall into the abyss of secret blood. The opponent did have several chances to kill him, but in the end he just put pressure on himself and didn't kill him.

What good does it do for Lu Xingtian in front of me if he has fallen?


Lu Xingtian sneered, "If you don't reach the abyss of secret blood, how can you touch the true realm of martial arts? This is our innate power. If you discard it, you will be reckless. If you don't use your deep self to release the one who was born to fight beast, how can you match me!?"

Lu Chen shook his head, "Unconsciously, is pure instinct powerful? Then why do all living beings still pursue their own way, and just learn from the prehistoric beasts, but no matter how talented the beasts are, they are still defeated by powerful beasts." Practitioners are suppressed, you are also a martial arts expert, don't you understand, the most powerful force..."

Lu Chen pointed to his heart, "" "Even if it is the same spirit, the winner can be distinguished, even if it is the same realm, there must be a difference. In the line between life and death, only that can win." Creatures that bring out their full potential and talents can win, but you want to say that the heart is really strong? Don't make people laugh..."

Lu Xingtian said indifferently, and then put on a crazy smile, "What is really powerful is... instinct!"

After all, he seemed to have turned into a crazy beast, completely different from the previous offensive mode, and it just destroyed Lu Chen's defensive posture in an instant.

Fast, extremely fast, and in terms of agility, it can make moves that Lu Chen can't understand, or that he has never thought of before.

It's almost impossible to defend against. It's not like I'm fighting a humanoid martial arts expert, but an ultimate instinct killing machine. The opponent can be in any form, and the martial arts moves are ever-changing. There are no rules at all.

boom boom boom one by one

The pillars in the hall were knocked out one by one by Lu Chen's body, and he was almost blown to pieces, but Lu Xingtian in front of him was filled with crazy laughter and crazy whispers, " Kill, kill, kill, kill, kill, kill..."

Lu Chen didn't know how the other party did it, but it seemed that he had entered the berserk state of the mysterious blood of God. If it was **** difficulty before, now it is death difficulty.

He finally felt the helplessness of Shi Hao and the others when they faced him at the beginning. This is a monster born purely for killing. If he hadn't still had self-awareness to resist at that time, Shi Hao and the others would have been torn to pieces by him long ago. .

Equipped skills have CDs, not eternal, and some of Lu Chen's abilities are not always at their peak. The moment they arrive, they will fall into an absolute disadvantage, and their limbs will be scattered in the air.

"To protect everything you value? To overthrow a tragedy that you don't recognize? It's all meaningless. Only strength is the truth, only standing at the top is the supremacy, only nature is your essence...

‘Lu Xingtian whispered crazily, “Your surface has a limit, don’t you understand? Give up the hypocritical surface, liberate your nature, and only then can you climb to the pinnacle of divine blood!”


Lu Chen struggled to resist Lu Xingtian's slash in the gap. Under that irresistible force, he was knocked and flew to the wall of the hall, and was deeply embedded in it.


Lu Chen coughed up blood. If he hadn't studied in a high school and was passive, he would have been completely blown away by the blow just now.

In the face of desperation, his gaze was not distracted, but with a different kind of firmness, UU reading www. and a hint of bloodthirsty excitement.

When was the last time you fought like this, was crushed by the enemy, and was so suppressed by a martial arts expert?

Lu Chen couldn't think of it, so he didn't think about it either. He climbed out of the pit, "I want to thank you for your goal, but I won't fall into the abyss."

"If you don't liberate yourself and release your instinctive monster, how can you fight me?"

Lu Xingtian, covered in black and red all over his body, walked in a strange and extremely abnormal posture, "It seems that you are lying when you keep saying that you want to protect the people you value, otherwise you should have realized it long ago, released your instinct, and here with me Let go and fight, no matter what the result is, even if you win, you can't go out and hurt them, isn't it the best ending?"

He sneered and said: "You are just hoping to defeat me in the normal state, save your life, and then go to your relatives and friends, holding unrealistic fantasies, waving immature saber skills, that struggling posture makes me Nausea."

Lu Chen shook his head, "'re wrong." Instead of decreasing, his fighting spirit increased steadily, "If the instinct of the blood-sacred monster can defeat you, I just need to surpass him."

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