Starting From the Dragon Clan To Penetrate the World - v2 Chapter 1722 : Mysterious Blood

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Lu Xingtian seemed to be stunned for a moment, and then laughed wildly, "Hahaha, so and so, he is my descendant, and he is the domineering that a secret blood warrior should have!"

He stared at Lu Chen, his expression became serious, and his voice was low, "Boy, do you know who you are talking to?"

"Isn't it Lu Xingtian, the ancestor of the secret blood in this world? It's not like I've never been to the supreme world. You can't be considered the oldest secret blood warrior..."

Lu Chen put one hand on the hilt of the regicide, grinned and said: "Some things you said are right, I may indeed have too many distracting thoughts in my mind, so that I become weak and my realm stagnates, but this does not hinder me Still invincible."

He walked forward slowly, the evil spirit under his body surged, and collided with Lu Xingtian's evil spirit, the dark fog was like two waves, meeting in the center of the hall, rolling up a dark curtain.

In the majestic crimson huge hall, there are many sacred pillars, and the circular temple is filled with the evil spirit of the two strong men, and the evil spirit surges and hits the walls in all directions.

The black mist began to rise, filling the gullies on the wall. On the crimson stone wall, those gullies were stained with black, and a picture of the battle of gods emerged.

I saw that on the mural, there are secret blood warriors fighting against the powerhouses of the heavens, and there are also powerhouses beating the heavens, fighting against the overthrow of reincarnation.

The penetration of the black mist is a slow process, and only a part of the murals appear. In the turbulence of the black mist, more and more scenes emerge, just like the real return of the ancient times.

At the same time, the energy and blood on Lu Chen's body gushed out, and Chi Xiao rushed up, entering a full-scale fighting stance, with the regicide in his hand screaming, full of excitement.

"Yes, the invincibility is not lost, but boy, has no one taught you to run away when facing the absolute strong?"

With a playful smile on the corner of Lu Xingtian's mouth, he also put one hand on the scabbard of 'King Killer'.

He just let out his breath slightly, and a crimson and black entangled frenzy pressed forward, completely suppressing Lu Chen's evil spirit and blood, like a tsunami hitting the waves, drowning it instantly.

This hall instantly turned into Senluo Purgatory, in the deep red mist, only the breath of blood.

"I understand. You are not Lu Xingtian. If Lu Xingtian really wants to leave behind Fuze's descendants, the inheritance relics that give secret blood warriors a chance to rise again, then the Xianwu relics should not be like this after opening."

Under this frenzy, Lu Chen was like an unstoppable reef, and his voice was flat.

He felt that something was wrong before, and it would be too weird to say that the blood of the strong men of various races in the front hall was deliberately left behind by the strong men who created the ruins of the immortal martial arts.

Just like if he wants to leave some inheritance, if he leaves something for the younger generation, if it's true blood, it must be packaged in a jade bottle that can be preserved intact, and he won't say casually sprinkle it on the ground.

In that kind of scene, it could only be that a strong person was directly beheaded in the hall, and he didn't clean up after the attack.

However, if the legend of the Xianwu ruins is correct, it is true that they have not been opened, so these strong men can only be in the Xianwu ruins in the first place.

Therefore, Lu Chen came up with an inference, that is, there were once a group of strong men who were at the super **** level and above, who were sealed here together by the owner of the Xianwu ruins.

This immortal martial arts relic may not only be a place of inheritance, but as a place of inheritance, it is too strong. Lu Chen even suspects that even taboos are difficult to break into. It is simply a miracle building in this world.

Thinking about it this way, this Xianwu relic is likely to be a civilization library, or in other words, a 'Noah's Ark', which carries the hope of civilization of a certain era and is passed on to future generations.

Lu Chenyao thought that in the distant ancient times, there was a secret blood warrior who fought against the sky, but the reincarnation was about to fall, and even that powerful secret blood warrior himself was not completely sure, so before the battle, he gathered his countless samsara warriors to fight against the sky. The collected materials, combined with his lifelong attainments in martial arts, created this Xianwu ruins.

That secret blood warrior may be thinking that after millions of epochs, the relics of immortal martial arts can be opened again by future generations.

The chosen ones with noble characters can be born again and guide all living beings to prosperity


But the reality is that Emperor Wu's two keys have been incomplete for a long time, and one of them was completely lost. After Emperor Wu woke up, even Emperor Wu could not open the Xianwu ruins.

What's even more tragic is that in the Xianwu ruins, the trace of true spirit left by that strong man has already changed in a long time, and he personally killed the strong man of the thousand clans he had chosen, and It was a massacre that spanned a long time, because those strong men did not fall in the same era.

Lu Chen's own brain is not very good, and he thinks that most of his guesses are not all right, but there must be something right.

In short, he could feel the evil spirit emanating from the figure in front of him, it was indescribable, it was by no means a normal secret blood warrior.

If it was under the same evil spirit and charisma as him, Lu Chen would not feel anything unusual, but the existence in front of him was obviously abnormal, a bit crazy, and when it revealed its aura, it was a bit weird.

I failed to find the supreme opportunity in the ruins of Xianwu, but encountered the hidden danger left by the strongest secret blood warrior in ancient times, the strongest devil in history!

At this time, the corner of Lu Xingtian's mouth was playful, "Then who am I?"

The earth, naturally, was gradually corroded by the characteristics of the secret blood, and became a monster after a strange change. You killed those creatures in the front hall, right? "

Lu Chen's voice was low.

"Hahaha... boy, as a secret blood warrior, you are really rare and you will think a little more."

Lu Xingtian laughed loudly, and then there was a ferocious smile on the corner of his mouth. When he grinned, he could see the bloodshot and fleshy teeth, "I ate them all, and helped me reunite my body. , has become a real living being, Lu Xingtian is just a reckless man in the end, he does not think so far-reaching at all, future generations can even lose the key, and the opportunity to open the Xianwu Ruins has long been missed."

He raised his hand and picked his teeth, "However, I would like to thank him for his trans-generational plan full of loopholes, otherwise, how could I have been born in this airtight Taoyuan as an independent life?"

"How long has it been?"

What Lu Chen asked was how many epochs had passed since the other party became like this.

"There is no concept of time here, just like we are talking now, the outside world may have passed a thousand years, or it may have been less than a second. It is meaningless to discuss the time of my birth."

"Lu Xingtian said with a smile, and at the same time took a step forward, which made Lu Chen feel more pressured, "But no matter what I have become, the original mission is still engraved in my soul, as long as I can complete this mission , and I can go out."

There was a ferocious smile on his face, and the blood flowing from his teeth made people seem to be able to see the picture of him tearing up those strong men with his own mouth, "As long as I kill you, I will be free." "So you just now Are you waiting for me to turn around?"

Lu Chen sneered, he was afraid that he would not be able to leave the Xianwu Ruins at all. The other party said that he was not qualified and could not get the opportunity, so he asked him to leave, but in fact he couldn't get out.

If he turned around in frustration just now, he might be attacked immediately by "Lu Xingtian", and he would be beheaded directly.

"That's right, are you disappointed? Or desperate?" Lu Xingtian let out a strange laugh, "Or, are you really going to fight me?"

Lu Chen stared at the other party with his martial arts eyes, "Stop putting on airs, the reason why you want to sneak attack me is because you don't have the confidence to take me down directly, you are not that strong at all, or in other words, facing me as a tester Not that strong, you are still obsessed with senior Lu Xingtian, you have to follow the most basic rules."

Lu Chen was very calm, and all his nerves were in a state of peak vigilance, "I don't know what the original trial was left by Senior Lu Xingtian, but if it includes the part of fighting against his incarnation, then it will definitely be a relatively fair test , If you simply suppress people with realm, then the meaning of trials will be lost, so you can't suppress me with realm, you can only bluff me with arrogance."

'Lu Xingtian was stunned for a moment, the magma cracks in the hollow pupils changed light, as if it was very unexpected, "It shouldn't be, Mysterious Blood Warrior

The author should not have such analytical ability! "

But in the next moment, he seemed to be crazy again, showing a strange smile, "The analysis is very good, but you guessed wrong, 'Lu Xingtian, the original plan for me is indeed to fight against the tester in the same place, This is also the last round of trials after many opportunities have passed, but since I am already independent, this rule no longer restricts me completely, that is to say..."

Lu Xingtian walked around the hall like a leisurely stroll, his aura still exuding undiminished, "I can suppress you at least two small realms, and in the ancient history of Ten Thousand Realms, there is no existence that can cross two small realms and defeat Lu Xingtian ""yes…"

Lu Chen grinned, "Does that mean that if I defeat you, I will be number one in the same realm?"

Lu Xingtian laughed wildly when he heard the words, "Hahaha, boy, you seem to know a lot about the secret blood of the gods, but you don't know anything about it. You rarely fight against true atavistic geniuses, right? That's why you think you are invincible? As a matter of fact, your current level in the same realm can barely reach the level of Lu Xingtian when he was young, if you lose the new talents and equipment brought by the mysterious space, you are nothing!"

"Equipment is a foreign thing, but it was also cultivated by me all the way. Fighting with me, we have long been indistinguishable from each other, and my talent is nothing but space

Activation is not endowment, so why do you provoke me? "

Lu Chen sneered. Regarding talent, he had already figured it out. It wasn't given to him by the space. The so-called talent was what he had originally, but the space was responsible for activating it.

In the original journey, if he was an indigenous creature practicing in the big world, even without the help of space, as long as he could live for a long time and continue to fight and learn, his talent could always be awakened.

"Boy, you don't understand me, I mean..."

As Lu Xingtian said, his figure suddenly disappeared in place. Accompanied by the strong tide of evil spirit and Chi Xiao, the gray-white knife light flickered, and in the flickering murals of the temple, dazzling sparks flashed away, and then came Strong shock wave.


Lu Chen was repelled in just a split second, and hit the stone wall behind him. The King Killer in his hand was still trembling and screaming, and the strength had not faded.


Lu Chen coughed up blood, with a little surprise in his eyes. "Understood, it's only a small difference in realm, and you are completely at a disadvantage. There is no shortage of talents in the secret blood lineage, and you are by no means unique."

'Lu Xingtian, standing with a saber in hand, just now when he took out the saber, the realm level he used just suppressed Lu Chen's comprehensive attributes by a little bit.

"Ha ha…"

However, to Lu Xingtian's surprise, he didn't see Lu Chen's shock, but heard Lu Chen's laughter.

Looking at Lu Chen again, there was no trace of fear on his face, and there was only mad excitement in his ghostly red eyes.

"You are strong..."

Lu Chen spit out a mouthful of **** spit, "It made me a little excited."

"Haha, yes, yes, it's much more interesting than those weak chickens of all races. Only in this way can we have the value of devouring, the fun of destroying, and the meaning of fighting!"

'Lu Xingtian also laughed loudly, with a ferocious expression on his face, "It's a pity that you can't give me supreme entertainment yet, because you are too weak and not at your peak."

In the next moment, his figure disappeared in the same place again, and only the iron tree and silver flower when the two knives collided could be seen in the hall, and the chaotic wind swept through the black mist and Chi Xiao, drowning everything.

In the cracks of time, Lu Chen was injured by Lu Xingtian's knife tremors again and again, his body burst into cracks, and blood continued to seep.

"Too weak, too weak, too weak, too weak..." Lu Xingtian let out a crazy roar. He was the craziest warrior Lu Chen had ever seen. UU Reading completely suppressed him with his super-intuitive sense and that kind of fighting style that freed himself to the fullest.

"What are you worrying about? With so many distracting thoughts in your mind, how can you let go of the battle? Mystic blood is the ultimate fighting race. Only by letting go of everything can you touch the abyss of mystic blood and gain supreme power. Only when you have no distractions can you enjoy The battle is wonderful!"

Lu Xingtian said while attacking, "Friends? Family? Wife? Children? Everything is a burden, just let it go!"

In the tense battle, Lu Chen was unable to respond at all. He could only mobilize all his nerves and cooperate with his super intuition to meet this frenzied offensive.

"Too weak, too weak, too weak, too weak... boring, boring, boring, boring..."

'Lu Xingtian kept roaring mockingly, "If you can't let go, how about I help you? The moment the Xianwu ruins were opened, I had already used my strength to infiltrate the Honghuangli, why don't we play a game."

A cruel smile appeared on his face, "If you can't defeat me in a thousand years, I will kill everyone outside!"

Lu Chen's pupils shrank, and the next moment, the dark knife light rolled back.

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