Start With Contracting Sprites - Chapter 299 - Challenger From The Korean Nation

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Chapter 299: Challenger From The Korean Nation

Whale Island University’s No. 1 battle hall was the largest and most prestigious battle hall in the whole school.

It wasn’t appropriate to call it a venue. The entire battle hall was made up of four pillars and was a huge battlefield that was 500×300. On one side of the battlefield, there was a group of insignificant audience.

On the field, golden flames and blue-purple lightning could be seen from afar.

When Liu Ren arrived, he grabbed a student and asked.

Then, he turned around and said to him, “They are from the Korean Nation! I didn’t expect the Korean Nation’s Sprite Trainer to be so strong… I heard that he has already defeated two people from our school consecutively!”

But Liu Ren couldn’t get much information either. Those students who came early also knew very little about the Korean team and their Sprite Trainers.

“Ask an instructor.”

Su Hao glanced over the venue.

Ding! High-level NPC Heavenly King Vast Ocean has been discovered.

In the center of the spectator seats, some of the other instructors and students from the special training camp who looked a little familiar were also there.

Not far away was the Korean team. There were many young women in the team waving their arms and shouting, “Come on, Yan Yan! Come on, Oppa!”

A little arrogant… Su Hao stroked his chin.

Many students gritted their teeth. On the other hand, the Heavenly King of the Vast Ocean and some instructors were relatively calm.

“Heavenly King Wei.” Su Hao greeted Heavenly King Vast Ocean and asked what was going on. Was it related to the Supernova Cup?

“It’s related to the Supernova Cup,” Heavenly King Wei Mingyuan said. “In fact, as a large Sprite Trainer nation, every day before the Supernova Cup, teams from other nations would come to our nation’s universities and training halls to challenge each other. We also welcome these challengers. Battles and exchanges are good for both of us.”

“However… Normally, each Sprite Trainer will take turns to go on the field so that everyone can gain experience… Of course, they may keep one or two trump cards.”

“But the Korean Nation is different. The Sprite Trainer in the field right now… who gave himself the title of ‘Golden Flame’ should be the strongest in their team under the age of 30. And the others don’t seem to have any plans to challenge him.”

Heavenly King of the Vast Ocean shook his head slightly.

Su Hao looked at the instructor who was fighting on the field. He also recognized him.

It was Zhu Dong, a third-level instructor in the school.

His ace sprite was a Lightning Leopard Cat.

It looked about the size of an ordinary leopard. Its body was covered in beautiful blue lightning patterns. Its tail was also folded into the shape of lightning. It could act as a lightning rod in the thunderstorm to absorb the energy of natural lightning.

On the opposite side, the sprite of the Korean contestant wasn’t holding a korean flag, but a sprite that Su Hao was very familiar with.

Flaming Spirit Crow.

“But I have to admit that his Flaming Spiritcrow has its unique points. It’s already top-notch among the extraordinary.”

Heavenly King of the Vast Ocean said.

At this moment, the Flaming Spiritcrow’s entire body was bathed in golden flames, and it was like a golden fire god that sprayed down monstrous flames.

Golden Flame Mode!

And nearly endless energy!

It was how the Flaming Spiritcrow suppressed the Lightning Leopard Cat.

“Why is its spiritual force so abundant!” Some students didn’t understand.

“Did you see the gem on the top of the Flaming Spiritcrow’s head? It must have been fused with the Flaming Source Essence and Flaming Spiritcrow under some special circumstances, allowing it to possess energy reserves several times that of its peers.” The fire-element instructor Sun Gaoang analyzed.

If Su Hao were to use Butterfly to sense it, he would discover that there were two energy reactions on the Flaming Spiritcrow.

The energy reaction of the gem above its head was even higher than its own.

Su Hao understood after a glance at the interface. “Such a fusion is equivalent to an external equipment. Its growth rate is very poor, but for the Flaming Spiritcrow at this stage, the improvement is definitely huge.”

The Lightning Leopard Cat adopted a strategy to dodge and stall for time.

Its own consumption was smaller than the Flaming God Crow that was recklessly spraying golden flames, but the lightning around its body had already thinned a little, while the golden flames on the spiritcrow’s wings were still burning brightly.

It forced Instructor Zhu Tong to change his strategy and to fight offensively.

He changed his strategy.

The Lightning Leopard Cat let out a whimper, and the lightning glow surrounding its body erupted again. It leaped into the sky, and when its momentum slowed down, the meat claws wrapped in lightning lowered again, as if stepping on the air. It turned into a stream of light and suddenly appeared dozens of meters away.

Its four meaty claws shuffled continuously as its figure changed left and right. It flew in the air like lightning, changing forms as it attacked the Flaming God Crow flying in the sky.


A student called out.

But the instructors weren’t optimistic.

The Flaming God Crow let out a cry. The countless golden flames that it had scattered all over the sky seemed to come alive in an instant. Endless golden flames gathered from all directions, like a big hand, wanting to close the Lightning Leopard Cat.

The sky above the whole arena was bright gold. Lightning was like a candle in the wind, and the sound was drowned in the roar of the sea of fire.


A huge Thunder Leopard Cat rushed out of the golden flames. Its body made of lightning was stained with a lot of golden flames. The lightning collided with the flames and destroyed each other continuously.

In the blink of an eye, the huge Lightning Leopard Cat was riddled with holes, revealing the normal-sized Leopard Cat inside.

“Its energy is insufficient.”

Instructor Zhu Tong had lost.

The youth from the Korean Nation pretentiously said “thank you” in a not very fluent Dragon Nation language before bringing the Flaming Spiritcrow to the spectator seats.

“Who else from your Whale Island University can fight me?”

He raised his chin slightly and was in high spirits.

Sunlight shone on the side of his face, and his handsome face made a group of female Sprite Trainers in the Korean team scream.

Was he here to train or to do an idol event?

Many people were speechless. Then, they saw the Korean team quickly take out recovery items, and together with the healing sprites, they healed and massaged the Flaming Spiritcrow. Before long, the Flaming Spiritcrow’s condition returned to its peak.

It was the same after the previous two battles!

The corners of the students and instructors’ eyes twitched.

They were all very angry, but couldn’t do anything!

Seeing that no one was going up for a long time, the Korean leader looked over. “We came all the way to Dragon Nation, why do you all look like you don’t welcome us? You’ve only fought three rounds, and you’re already not playing?”

A student couldn’t take it anymore. “Where are the others? Why aren’t the Sprite Trainers of your team coming down? I challenge the other people in your team!”

“No, no, no.” The Korean leader said, “Only when I am defeated will the others go on stage.”

It sounded as if he was the weakest person in their team.

But they clearly saw the whole team serving Golden Flame alone!

However… in the face of the Korean team’s shamelessness, the students and instructors present really couldn’t do anything about it.

They couldn’t win in a fight, and in terms of shamelessness, they were inferior to the other party.

“Heavenly King Wei, where’s Instructor Gu?”

Su Hao had just learned from the others that the first of the three people defeated was a senior he didn’t know.

After graduation, this senior had stayed in school and worked in the Dragon Court Lake area.

The second and third were Instructor Yang Deyu and Instructor Zhu.

The second and third were Instructor Yang Deyu and Instructor Zhu.

Whale Island University had a lot of people qualified to participate in the Supernova Cup, but the only ones who could qualify for the Dragon Nation competition were Yang, Zhu, and Gu.

From this, it could be seen that the young Sprite Trainer from the Korean Nation indeed had some skills.

Instructor Yang Deyu and Instructor Zhu were both suppressed.


Among the three instructors, the strongest was still Gu Feiyang, who became a second-level instructor at such a young age.

If he went on stage, his chances of winning should be pretty high.

“Mentor Gu…” Heavenly King Wei said helplessly,” Mentor Gu is someone who spends nine months in the New World every year. I don’t know where he is right now. I can’t contact him at all. ”

So that was it.

Besides, Whale Island University was only just a university after all. It was also normal that it couldn’t defeat the genius experts of the Korean Nation… Su Hao thought.

Didn’t you just return to school? Why do you seem to know everything… Liu Ren’s little eyes widened on his pancake face, and he became suspicious of Su Hao’s ability to gather intelligence.

“Is there no one left at your Whale Island University?” The leader of the Korean Nation’s Heavenly King shook his head pretentiously. “It’s the same for Fiery Bird University, and it’s the same for your Whale Island University. Why are you so lacking in courage? Compared to our Great Korean Nation, your Dragon Nation’s prestigious schools really aren’t that good…”

Heavenly King Vast Ocean’s gaze suddenly became sharp as he looked at the Heavenly King of the Korean Nation.

“Why don’t we have a go?”

“No, that’s not very appropriate.”

“We’re both Heavenly Kings, we’re about the same age, what’s wrong?”

Heavenly King of the Vast Ocean took a step forward, as if there were raging waves exploding.

The Korean Heavenly King smiled embarrassedly. “This is a stage for young people.”

They restrained themselves a little and didn’t dare to be too arrogant.

Whale Island University had regained some face.

But after all, the school had already lost three rounds in a row.

The other Sprite Trainers under the age of 30 didn’t have much confidence and didn’t dare to go on the field. There were also other students who were befuddled, and they were just wondering why there was no one in the school who could take the korean trainer..

In the audience, the instructors and students didn’t look too good.

Su Hao considered for a moment. “Why don’t I fight him?”

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