Star of Civilization - v2 Chapter 182

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【Star God Tribulation of Civilization】【】

Extra Story 182. Undercurrents (2), the Star God of Civilization

"It sounds very attractive, but I still can't accept your statement." Morgana retorted.

"Normal." Li Yinlong didn't care, but said, "Anything, when you doubt and try to explore it, is the most attractive stage. You are like this now, join us, I will let you understand those things .”

"Dream! Who wants to join you!"

She blurted it out without thinking.

Morgana felt a little remorse after she finished speaking, but it was fleeting. She had a feeling that what Li Yinlong said was surprisingly consistent with what she had once felt. Hearing his words, she even resonated in her heart.

At this moment, her mind was in a mess, her will was almost completely destroyed, but she still tried her best to maintain her superficial strength.

Li Yinlong smiled charmingly, and said, "So, people like you don't bother to be recruited by our organization? This is why you must be destroyed by punishment."

"You want to destroy me? It's too late!"

"Late? I don't think so." Li Yinlong looked at her sideways and smiled lightly.

"Do you think we don't know what you think? Your IQ is extremely high, and your plans are methodical, but in the eyes of the Supreme Will, you are no different from an ant. Your ambition is great, and your thirst for knowledge is no less than that of any era. You are a great figure, but you are a crazy scholar, and you can’t control everything you do. Take your research as an example, all the things you spread out are waste and semi-finished products, which we will not allow.”

Semi-finished products? This guy actually said that the tn38 she has been researching for several years is a semi-finished product?

What is the finished product?

The muscles on Morgana's face trembled, her eyes widened, she looked at Li Yinlong in surprise, her emotions fluctuated violently.

Li Yinlong didn't care about Morgana's reaction, and continued, "As I said before, the 'Titan Project' is the way to open it with a pattern, and it is also the way we approve. What you have done is only a modification, not a change of the existing one. Law. Forcibly pursuing the eternity and immortality of life is ridiculous, and it is not a mystery that you can understand."

It is okay to deny other things, but Morgana is naturally not satisfied with denying her research results.

So he asked, "Then what qualifications do you have to comment on my research?"

"Eligibility, of course I have..."

Li Yinlong's voice was very calm, yet aggressive, making people uncomfortable to hear.

"It's very simple, just like you build an ecology that you think you can control. You want to be the master, but you don't realize that it is impossible to have two masters in a world. It is not you who really dominates the consciousness of all things. "

"Who is that?" Morgana asked.

Li Yinlong looked at her and said, "Hehe, I've said so much, it shouldn't be difficult for a smart person like you to understand, right?"

"The master you are talking about is the supreme consciousness...the divine master?"

"Yes, but you are not one of us, and there is no need to know this now."

Morgana trembled all over, it was nothing more than killing people!

"But why should I believe your nonsense? What about the evidence?"

Morgana is a materialist, a rigorous scientist.

She only believes in numerical values ​​and quantitative statistics, and never delves too deeply into things that are unfounded and beyond cognition, and naturally she will not believe Li Yinlong's words.

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【Star God Tribulation of Civilization】【】

But now, deep in her heart, countless questions and guesses surged up, impacting her cognitive system—just like the mysterious whispering voice that often appeared in her mind after she personally felt the infectious power of tn38.

Episode 182. Undercurrent (2) In her subconscious mind, she felt that Li Yinlong was not putting on airs, but piercing her heart with every sentence, revealing something she didn't know. And he is fully aware of his secret, this is a real and unavoidable thing!

"It's up to you whether you believe it or not, but it's useless to be stubborn, you know it very well in your heart."

It is not easy to tell the truth, Li Yinlong's voice was extremely cold, "Do you think there is a disagreement between us? Or is the disagreement serious? In fact, it doesn't matter whether you admit these things or not. Your thoughts are like ants. It has no effect on the Supreme Will."

"You're a bastard, the most arrogant and ill-bred guy I've ever seen!"

For the first time, Morgana was so angry that she cursed.

Even when Rogge was against her, she had never been so angry, because she knew that Rogge was not her opponent.

But now, she felt a deep sense of powerlessness. She had always been the one to plot against others, and she never thought that she would be plotted against!

"Ha, I didn't expect you to swear? Congratulations, Dr. Morgana, you have grown up." Li Yinlong's muscles pulled the corners of his mouth, and the scars on his face became even weirder. "I like it that way."


Morgana spat, and she felt that most of her strength had been recovered. As long as she secretly delivered a fatal blow, monsters like Li Yinlong might also be doomed!

"I know that you don't lack the courage to face death, but I advise you not to act rashly, because even if you regain your strength, you can't be my opponent."

A bright light flashed in Li Yinlong's eyes, and he guessed the opponent's plan. At the same time, a layer of steaming black mist appeared on his arm, making people shudder.

"Tell me, what exactly do you want?"

"It doesn't matter, I know you have the code of the gene fragment, give it to me, maybe I will let you go. If you don't give it, it doesn't matter, we can get it by ourselves... just take more time That's all."

While talking, Li Yinlong paced slowly beside her, with a relaxed expression on his face, he didn't even look at The code of the gene fragment!

Morgana instantly understood that the other party wanted to copy the "zero serum" and use reverse genetic engineering to mass-produce vaccines. However, Li Yinlong's words made Morgana even more puzzled. Since the other party could find the genetic code by himself, why did he come to **** it? It's so strange.

Morgana couldn't help frowning, and with her ingenuity, she quickly thought of the reason.

The key to the problem is time!

"You don't have time for your own research, do you?"

"Hehe, as expected of you, Dr. Morgana, I guessed it right away!" Li Yinlong clapped his hands lightly, without seeming surprised, and said bluntly, "I said that time has a little influence on us, but it's not that important. point."

"Are you trying to use the genetic code to create more No. 0 serums and terminate my plan?" Morgana asked.

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【Star God Tribulation of Civilization】【】

"Not really."

"what is that?"

"Sorry, this question is beyond the scope of my authority, so I can't tell you."

There was a slightly mysterious arc at the corner of Li Yinlong's mouth, and he shook his head.

Morgana looked at the flickering electric fire in the distance, which was a signal of equipment overload after the energy interruption. Under the laboratory, there was a spare nuclear reactor that was about to melt down.

Suddenly, she had a thought, came up with an idea, and said, "I can give you the genetic code, but you have to convince me, otherwise why should I trust you?"


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