Space Speed Xing Hen - Chapter 208 Destruction of black holes (on)

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Chapter 208, The Destruction of Black Holes (I)

The demon sun entering the red giant stage shows the benefits of its extremely high density. If you can see through the green flame, you will see a huge deep pit with a diameter of more than 10,000 meters. A deep pit created by energy fluctuations. Its depth has broken through the crust of the demon sun's surface. Although it has not touched the core, the rays of the entire demon sun have changed drastically, because the appearance of the deep pit has made its density even larger. The molecules of the kernel have been destroyed, and unstable factors may break out at any time.

The cosmic storm of the explosion of two planets is accompanied by the energy left by the first planet, constantly raging in space. However, the shock wave that appeared earlier suddenly dissipated and dissipated in an explosive situation. The weird situation reappeared, and the otherwise powerful cosmic storm completely disappeared at the moment of the shock wave. The entire demonic galaxies have returned to calm, if not the three planets closest to the demon sun, perhaps, nothing has happened here.

Are the three figures still there? Yes, they are still there. Moreover, I have never left a place where I am. The armor of the demon **** is covered with cracks, and the golden liquid continues to flow out from the mask that still exists in the helmet of the demon. It is blood, which belongs to the golden blood of the demon god. The sword of the gods disappeared and disappeared into nothingness. If it was not the last moment, the shield of the demon shielded the strongest impact with its own broken fate. I am afraid that the gods at this time have disappeared.

The power of death is horrible, unpredictable horror, and he still stands there, at least on the surface, there is no change other than the dark green body that turns black again.

The arm of the sky mark was lifted up reluctantly. As the Demon Shield was broken, the demon **** armor with the left arm disappeared. His arm was covered with silver scales, which was the product that appeared after the star mark. In order to protect the lily, in order to protect the star marks in the body, the sky mark bears 70% of the attack. If the effect of the super-recovery medicine is still there, I am afraid that he has lost all the fighting ability. The arm was put on the shoulder of Lily, and the head was raised. Two golden rays were shot from the eyes. Looking at the devil in the distance, the hoarse voice sounded, "Everything is not over yet."

Suddenly, Guanghua illuminates the entire demonic galaxies, attracting the eyes of two people and one demon. With such a huge light, only the solar reflex gun can be sent out. The sky marks a slight smile. "Come on, our partner is here."

The **** of death looked coldly at the sky mark. His white eyes had turned gray. "Do you think they are useful? I am still a **** of death. Your wounds are much heavier than me."

Tianzhen looked at him and said indifferently: "Yes, I admit, you are even more embarrassed than we think. It has absorbed some of the radiant heat in the demon sun's inner core and attacked us with its own energy. But, you think, we Is there no power to compete with you? No, you are wrong. At least, your body can't move in three minutes. The cost of exploding the Devil's items is to temporarily seal your body. My injury is very heavy. However, the super-recovery medicine I took can make me use it for a short time in the case of the fire of life. For three minutes, it is too long for us. Isn't it? If you destroy it, the demon will be finished. ""

The demon **** looked coldly at the sky mark. "Then you can give it a try. I can only say that you don't know enough about the demon family."

The sky mark said coldly: "So, let us give it a try. Burning..." He just said that the voice was suddenly interrupted and interrupted by Lily.

Lily smothered the mouth of the sky mark, and constantly used his life to nourish his body. He shook his head with force and tears his eyes. "No, you can't do that. It will be very damaging to you."

The sky mark shook his head and said: "Do not worry, just destroy it, isn't it? For more people to live well, I will sacrifice something. I still have the demon arrow, don't fight with me. Opportunity is not More, just in front of you."

Lily looked at the sky marks intricately. At this time, the two of them had the same connection. Of course, she knew what the sky marks should do. The light flashed, her hands were high, and the plump chest came forward. A big drink, "to - body - for - bow -." Milky white brilliance instantly wrapped the body of the lily, she burned all the energy she has. The bow-shaped body gives birth to the source of the **** of life, and the soft light gives a calm feeling.

Seeing the milky white light, the demon death has a kind of ominous premonition. Although he can't move, his spiritual power has begun to be released outwards, striving to break out of **** in the shortest time.

"To - body - for - arrow -." The body of the sky mark suddenly becomes horizontal and floating, under the golden light, it is impossible to distinguish his form, completely transformed into a golden stream of light. Golden light and milky white light cross in the air, behind the milky white bow, a faint silver line outlines the golden streamer.

The day marks and the sound of the lily sounded at the same time. "With the body as the bow, the body as the arrow, the fusion of the soul and the life, turned into the arrow of the invincible demon, destroying, demon death." In the previous two used the demon At that time, the mystery left by the demon gods has been realized, which they left behind in order to deal with the devil's death.

The curvature of the bow body is constantly increasing. Every second, their breath is blending. Life and life, soul and soul are completely integrated into this moment. The light is shining, but it is completely introverted, and the whole of the gods and devils. Energy, what kind of murder will they create?

The bow is full.

The arrow turned into a golden light like a diamond.

String tremor.

The arrow moves.

It is the arrow of the gods that smashed the space and the space. The diamond-like golden light passed through the chest of the **** of death. Within three minutes, he could not dodge. He could only watch the golden light running through himself. body of. The screams of sorrow brought a black rain of energy. After the golden arrow was fired, the body of the entire demon stagnation was stagnated for a short second to become black smoke.

However, there is no excitement from the sky marks that he wore through his chest. Because, he clearly discovered that this enchanted the magical arrow of his own power with the lily, and did not really attack the spiritual brand of the demon death. The golden light and shadow fell in the distance, and because of the excessive energy consumed, the sky marks a constant sigh on the ground.

The black mist condensed in the air. At this time, the lily has lost 70% of its energy, and the efficacy is gradually declining.

The black mist formed and the demon death appeared again. His face looked pale, death, day marks and lilies. The two were a demon. At this time, they became the shape of a horn. In the eyes of the devil, there is a strong hatred. "Good, good, good, it seems, I still underestimated you. Just this blow must have been studied by the two old things of the demon and the gods. Yes, this is indeed Completely destroying my way. The improved version of the Spirit Magic Arrow is very powerful. But don't forget, I am no longer the original demon monarch. Although I am throwing away the evolution and being beaten back to the original shape, the ability to lose the **** of death. However, you don't have any chances now, unless you still have the energy to launch this so-called **** magic arrow again."

In the eyes of Lily, she showed the color of despair. She never imagined that in such a lore situation, the demon monarch could use the golden scorpion to take the shell and sacrifice his own evolution of death to eliminate the power of the gods and arrows. Obviously, the strength of the demon monarch has weakened a lot. But who else can compete with him now?

The strong light once again illuminated the entire demon galaxy, and the second solar reflex gun appeared. However, the day marks and lilies have not been able to care about how many demons died in its powerful attack. In the face of this almost incomplete demon monarch, what are they going to do?

The sky mark that panted in the air suddenly stood up at this time. He seemed to say to himself: "Thank you, let me teach the rest." He turned slowly, the golden light flashed, the sky mark Already came to Lily. "Give me everything. Lily, you go to help us."

Lily, "The sky marks, you..."

In the eyes of the sky, the gods flashed, "The devil is stunned." The golden light suddenly rose, and the golden sun behind it reappeared. The original broken demon armor miraculously healed and re-covered every inch of his body. The strong breath made him reach the peak of the devil's energy. The king returned, he is still the demon.

Whether it is death or lily, the eyes are full of incredible light.

Tianzheng smiled and looked at the **** of death. He said faintly: "You should be glad that if two of them can appear at the same time, then you have already perished in that arrow. Unfortunately, our body can only come from one mind. Control. So, you are still alive. Just, I want to know now, is the demon monarch after the injury still able to cope with the demon in the state of prosperity?"

Lily looked deeply at the sky mark, she did not say anything more, the colorful light wrapped around the moving body, disappeared into space in the blink of an eye, her destination is the front line on the other side. Even though the **** is only 30% powerful, her strength is still terrifying for the demon family other than the demon monarch.

The demon monarch did not move, because the spiritual power of the day mark was firmly locked on him. Under the traction of the air machine, it is possible to provoke a full blow of the sky mark at any time. How can God's magic arrow be easy to block, although he gave up his death evolution, but the spiritual brand has still suffered a certain degree of trauma, and the gap between him and the sky mark has been narrowed.

How does the sky mark regenerate energy? In fact, this is a strategy he has already thought of. Previously, it was not his body that had been fighting the demonic monarch, but the avatar obtained in the temple of the demon. Originally, the sky mark thought that he could appear at the same time as the avatar, and the avatar had the same strength as him. If so, then Plus a **** lily, then the demon monarch will be hard to escape. However, just as he raised this idea, the avatar told him through his mental power that his body was completely integrated with the sky mark. The real control of the avatar is the celestial being, not its own, so the body and the body are It is impossible to appear, the avatar can only be equivalent to another life of the sky mark. Therefore, in the initial battle, it always appears to be a avatar. When the super-recovery medicine absorbed energy in the day, the energy of the body was recovered and improved, and the body of the sky mark was also improved. In the case of releasing the demon arrow without completely killing the demonic monarch, in order not to let the avatar be destroyed, the real sky mark finally appeared. The devil's armor was also restored by the enormous energy in the process of his rebirth.

The demon sword slowly lifted, and the golden figure rushed to the demon monarch, and the sky mark would not give the demon monarch a chance to recover.

The black light of the demon monarch's body rises and rises, the death breath suddenly bursts, the body of death is destroyed, and he has entered an unprecedented state of violent walking.

Booming and banging, the loud noises came one after another, and the frontal collisions again and again provoked the full potential of one person and one demon. They roared in anger and attacked each other in anger. Their purpose There is only one, that is to completely destroy the other party.

In the light and shadow flickering, the golden and black figures suddenly separated, and they looked at each other with no gaze. The golden liquid flowed out from the helmet of the demon god. The chest of the sky mark undulating in the gasp. He knew that although he had fully utilized the form, he was still not the opponent of the demon monarch, although he had the demon shield under full attack. Try to reduce the strength of the opponent's attack, but after all, it is still hurt.

The demon monarch stares at the sky mark, cold and cold: "How is one, how about two, you are not a demon after all, killing you, absorbing your death energy, I can still return to the state of death, then, come The human beings here don’t want to leave alive."

The sky mark slowly lifted the right hand holding the demon sword. "Is it? Do you think you have a chance to kill me? Then, come with me." At this time, he has made a decision, a no return. decision.

The golden light suddenly appeared, and the sky mark raised its speed to the limit and flew in the direction of the disappearance of the lily figure.

The demon monarch has an advantage at this time, how can he let him go, the demon wings suddenly appear, quickly chasing away to the sky mark. Compared with strength, perhaps the sky mark is not as good as him, but after the combination with the star mark, his speed is not worse than the demon monarch. In the rapid flight, the demon monarch always refutes a certain distance, flickers through the different space, and advances quickly. .

Soon, Skymark saw a huge battlefield. The entire battlefield could only be described by the word gorgeous. The millions of demons were madly attacking the Earth Corps. At the forefront of the Legion, he was Familiar figures, Lily, Blue, Roga, Melis, Xuemei, Purple, Wind, Night, Red, and the sacred judges. The light of death is constantly ejected from the battleships, especially the Holy League, although the number is inconspicuous, but under the effect of crystal reflexology, the light they emit can always bring the greatest damage to the demons.

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