Space Speed Xing Hen - Chapter 208 Destruction of black holes (below)

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Chapter 208, The Destruction of Black Holes (Part II)

The light of various colors looks so beautiful, and after getting the power of the water **** Alam, the blue is already the most powerful among the women. The Alam Scepter will take away every time. Hundreds of demons' bodies, strangely, did not see the existence of the demon king in this huge battlefield, the strongest, only a few silver and white demons.

The most tragic battle occurred between the Warcraft and the demons brought by the end of the world. The melee caused the blood and limbs of various colors to appear constantly in the air. Under the effective command of the end times and the separation, Warcraft destroyed at least the damage of itself. Times the enemy.

The day marks saw them, and everyone in the battlefield also noticed the coming of the sky mark. Lily surprised and greeted him. "Heaven marks, how did you bring him over?"

Heavenly Mark: "How did the Devil King not appear here?"

Lily said: "There were several dark blue demon kings that appeared before. After being seriously injured by our two solar reflex guns, they were killed by the blues."

The cold voice rang from behind the sky mark. "Are you looking for the demon king? They hear my call and will come soon."

The sky marks instantly understand, the reason why the demon king and the big demon king did not appear completely, I am afraid that because of the previous consumption of the demon monarch, a large amount of death energy was consumed, and the place was made up. Now, if they appear, the situation will immediately fall into one side. The solar reflex gun may have a devastating effect on the ordinary demons, and even kill the demon king. However, the four demon king-level demons may not be affected, let alone There is also a powerful unmanned demon monarch. Blue, although they are strong, how could they be the opponent of the demon monarch? Thinking of this, it strengthened his previous determination.

The demon monarchs were not eager to launch attacks on them. They flashed into the huge demon army. Since they were converted into individual battles, they should also include all the devils. They are all mobilized.

The hands of the day marks grabbed the shoulders of Lily and slammed their teeth. The whole body suddenly burst into golden light. Lily suddenly felt the sudden and clear feeling of energy in his body. It was the ability to belong to the darkness. The darkness swallowed up. The use of the day marks in the hands, the effect is so powerful. In the surprise she wants to resist, but at this time, her energy is out of proportion to the sky mark, and how does it resist? The sky marks a sigh, and the spirit is connected with the lily. "You also saw that the demon family is now in an all-powerful position. Once the demon kings are all there, we have no chance at all. Only one defeat. Now, there is only one way. Destroy all the enemies, so I need to use your strength, lily, sleep, when you wake up, everything is over."

Lily clearly felt that the sound of the sky mark was full of sorrow. Although she did not know what the sky mark should do, she definitely felt that what he had to do was the last thing he wanted to see. She wants to call out loud, but what is she calling out at this time?

The loss of energy caused the lily to fall into a coma, and the sky mark hugged her delicate body, and a flash came to the blue.

The blue sky has already seen the sky mark, and the gods in the Alam Scepter are full of light. All the gold armor warriors appear at the same time, and continue to destroy the demons instead of her. "The mark, what is the lily?"

Tianzheng handed the lily to the blue hand, calmly said: "Protect her and take care of myself." If he left the blue and did not respond, he quickly rushed out, and the golden light curtain that dealt with the glacial fleet appeared. However, this time the scope of the light curtain is even broader, almost covering the entire battlefield, and the sky mark, with its own power, has completely separated the enemy and the enemy.

"Burn it, all my life flames." The golden light makes the sky mark a sun-like existence, and the incomparably powerful energy is enhanced by geometric multiples. This increases energy and consumes his enormous vitality. Spirituality, and, can only last for a few minutes.

The day mark became stronger. The first one felt the demon monarch. He had just summoned his own hand and was about to rush out to destroy the sky mark first. But when he saw this, he immediately dismissed the thought. Death can be a higher intelligent creature. There is nothing more important than survival. He is not willing to let himself suffer any damage.

The next move of the Sky Mark was even more shocking to the demon monarch. The golden light suddenly made an anti-swallowing, and suddenly all the human legions were shrouded. No one understood what he was going to do, only heard an explosion of roar.

"Time - empty - turn - move -." Jin Guang, wrapped in hundreds of thousands of Warcraft and the remaining 10,000 warships, it disappeared. No warnings have disappeared.

The golden streamer is still so beautiful, the figure of the sky mark reappears, but he still burns like a golden sun.

The demon monarch appeared. "Do you think it makes sense to let these humans escape temporarily? When I kill you, they still can't escape the fate of death."

The sound of the sky marks is very cold and calm. "No, I am not letting them escape, but let them avoid death. Because the demons are from today, from this moment, they will completely disappear in the universe."

The golden glow fills the entire star field. "At the expense of my life, my soul is a ritual, bursting out, the energy of space and darkness." The golden meteor, with a beautiful tail flame hit the demon monarch go with.

The demon monarch snorted, "So energy is consumed, even if you can hurt me, the energy released after your death is enough to make me recover stronger." The huge death breath turned into a vortex to meet the attack of the sky mark. . The two figures staggered in midair.

The golden figure continued to fly, while the black figure was stagnant. The demon monarch clearly found that he did not suffer a trace of damage. Just when the energy was about to collide, all the energy erupted by the sky mark was actually wrapped in 90% and wrapped him. Although there was nothing on the surface, The current demon monarch has been completely sealed, and even the spiritual signal can not be transmitted.

What does he mean by this? Has it consumed 90% of the power to temporarily seal me? The demon monarch raised a strange feeling in his heart. He felt that something was wrong, but he couldn’t say where it was. All the demon kings have already flown out at this time. They find that their king's energy is sealed, and they quickly release their own breath of death, trying to help the demon monarch to be freed from here. However, everything is in vain. The sky marks released 90% of the demon monarch after completely burning its own energy. Although the seal time is only twenty minutes, the energy of this seal is almost absolute. No one can break it. .

The demon monarch wants to let the subordinates find the traces of the sky mark, but he can't send any information now. What he can do is wait, waiting for himself to get out of the seal.

Will the sky mark give him a chance? No, of course not. Everything has been designed, this is the last step. The day marks are not willing to go, but have to take a step. Not for humans, he has to do it just to make his loved ones and friends continue to survive. Survive forever. Because only they can make the sky mark the greatest sacrifice at the expense of life.

The demon sun still emits unstable radiation. When the golden figure jumps out of the space, it is in the position above the devil's sun. It consumes 90% of the power to seal the demon monarch, just to prevent him from disturbing his actions.

"The last energy, go, farewell, the people I love." The demon sword, with the last energy of the sky mark, flew to the center of the demon sun. The last purpose of the day mark is only one, that is, destroying and destroying the entire galaxy to destroy the entire demonic family. Perhaps the demon monarch is strong enough, but even in the powerful creatures, it is impossible to compete with the black hole. The energy generated by the explosion of the red giant star, under the compression of the universe, will the black hole be formed under the stimulation of the power of the gods? The answer is yes.

Broken cracks appeared in the center of the demon sun's sun. The rays of death scattered and separated. The sky marks turned and looked at the demon monarch who was still unable to move. He smiled and smiled with tears. "Sorry for the star mark, Let you accompany me along."


The demon sun exploded completely, and the spurt of energy bounced the body of the sky mark like a cannonball. However, the broadcast of this energy only lasted for a moment. The next moment, the whole space collapsed, and all the energy was at the center of the demon sun. The point is infinitely compressed, and even the black hole that the light can be swallowed is finally formed.

A golden light was first invested in the deep cave.

Green, blue, gray, silver, white, dark blue, dark red, plus the black of the demon monarch, no matter which class of demons, under the most powerful celestial body in this universe, there is only one result, devour. Infinite engulfing. Any spiritual branding can't be preserved in the compression of black holes, and it's over, and everything is finally over.


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