Six Realms Conferred God - Chapter 4599 Destroy the group

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Chapter 4599 Destruction

The warriors who followed to watch the lively saw this scene, and they all took a breath. They now fully understand.

The reason why Xiao Han and the others were wandering in the Zeng Clan's ruins was entirely intentional, they just wanted to lead Zhou Hua and the others to come over and then counter-kill.

Thinking of this, they felt that Xiao Han and the others were too bold.

If ordinary people encounter such a situation, they will think about how to leave Tianzhou, how can they be found, and how can they think of killing the other party?

These people couldn't think of it, and naturally Zhou Hua and the others couldn't think of it, so they ran over when they learned of the whereabouts of Xiao Han and the others.

"If this really kills people like Yan Hai and Zhou Hua, the Yan Huangfu and Zhou Huangfu are estimated to be fried, and there may be emperors who will take action." Some warriors said.

"It's really crazy. There are warriors who can't understand such crazy behavior.

In the formation, all the auras of Yan Hai and Zhou Hua burst out, and the defense was running to the limit.

At this time, Xia Mu, Qiu Lanqing, Su Qiu, Barbarian, and Mei Liangde also started to attack, and they bombarded the formation one after another.

Even if the defense of the people in the formation reaches the limit, it is difficult to withstand the attacks again and again. In addition, the phantom formation is aimed at the attack of the martial soul.

They also have to defend Martial Soul and the Soul Extinguishing Lamp. Not to mention their limited energy, the Soul Extinguishing Lamp is completely insoluble and cannot be prevented.

Xiao Han held the Sky Thunder Stick and bathed his body in thunder light, then summoned nine thunderbolts and bombarded Zhou Hua.

In the face of Xiao Han's attack, Zhou Hua was completely unable to perceive it in advance. He only knew when the power of thunder struck his defense.

Zhou Hua was shocked, if it wasn't for his strong defense, if he was hit by thunder, he would be completely finished.

Seeing Zhou Hua endure the attack, a majestic force rushed out from Xiao Han's brows, and this force turned into a sword with the flame of Martial Soul and killed him.

Zhou Hua could never have imagined such a powerful Martial Spirit attack. The power of Martial Spirit Flame was too powerful, and Zhou Hua could not see the attack coming.

At that moment, Zhou Hua's Wuhun defense fell and was broken by the soul sword with Wuhun's flame.

Zhou Hua was shocked and wanted to resist, but under the strength of the flame of the martial arts, Zhou Hua's martial arts was instantly wounded by the flame of the martial arts.

"Ah..." Zhou Hua screamed, the flame of the martial soul completely surrounded Zhou Hua's martial soul, swallowing and burning Zhou Hua's martial soul.

"What a powerful martial spirit, Zhou Hua is finished." Some martial artists were stunned and heartbroken.

"This guy's profound energy, martial spirit, and fellow practitioners from outside practice are still so powerful. He's really a monster."

"What a terrible method." Many people began to be extremely jealous of Xiao Han.

Xiao Han saw that Zhou Hua was dying, so he ignored it and turned his target directly to Yan Hai.

Xiao Han sacrificed Zhige, and then the power of the martial soul urged Zhige, Zhige's first form changed, and then Zhige suddenly changed into countless soul blades.

This is Zhige's second form, Wanjian Soul Blade, which is very similar to Xuanyouji's third form.

Zhige's second form can transform into nine hundred and ninety-nine soul blades. If each soul blade is blessed by the flame of the martial soul, it will be even more powerful.

Xiao Han did not allow Zhi Ge's transformation to produce nine hundred and ninety-nine soul blades, because with his current martial soul power, he could not make the nine hundred and ninety-nine soul blades very powerful.

Therefore, he only changed ninety-nine soul blades, ensuring that the ninety-nine soul blades are his strongest attacks.

Xiao Han killed Zhige out, and the ninety-nine soul blades were wrapped in the flames of the martial soul, killing Yan Hai.

Yan Hai was constantly bombarding, trying to break through the Illusory Formation.

However, due to the constant attacks, they were unable to concentrate on breaking the formation.

This is also the reason why Xiao Han and the others keep shooting, that is, to trap all these people inside.

When the soul blade came, Yan Hai's defense was completely unable to stop it. The soul blade pierced through Yan Hai's head and wiped out the martial spirit directly.

Yan Hai screamed constantly, and his body fell into the formation.

"Yan Hai is also dead..." Many people took a deep breath.

After killing Yan Hai, Xiao Han kept attacking and continued to attack with his martial spirit. This kind of attack was the most effective and direct.

Moreover, the longer these people stay in the formation, the greater the consumption of profound energy, and the greater the damage to their spirits, and their combat effectiveness will continue to decline.

In the formation, the kings fell one by one, and they were extremely unwilling at the moment they fell.

The warriors who were watching the battle were extremely shocked. This was perhaps the craziest thing they had ever seen.

After Zhou Hua, Yan Hai and the people they brought with them were all beheaded, Xiao Han and the others began to collect the will of the emperor on them, and many people were envious.

Zhou Hua and Yan Hai's imperial will is enviable enough, and there are other kings who have a lot of imperial will.

"Haha... It's really cool, this time I made a profit." Mei Liangde took the will of the emperor and laughed unabashedly.

"Fat man, don't talk, and quickly clean up the battlefield." Xiao Han said angrily.

After they took away all the will of the emperor, Mei Liangde glanced at Zhou Hua's imperial soldiers, then with a look of disdain, he said to the people watching the excitement: "I'll give you this shit, see who can get it. ."

Mei Liangde threw the imperial soldiers out, and the warriors present hesitated. This is the imperial soldiers of Zhou Huangfu. How dare they move?

In this world, imperial soldiers are top-notch, and an imperial palace will never allow an imperial soldier to be taken away by others.

"It's really timid, don't even have a baby." Meliande sneered.

"Go." Xiao Han said.

The eight people quickly left the scene immediately. Many people wanted to continue to follow, but they couldn't catch up.

After the eight people of Xiao Han left, the scene was completely exploded. Zhou Hua and Yan Hai had a total of thirty people, but they were destroyed by the group of eight Xiao Han...

The news spread in an instant, and the people from the Zhonghuang Mansion, the Mohuang Mansion, and the Wu Huang Mansion who were preparing to hunt down were all horrified.

"The group of eight killed Zhou Hua and Yan Hai's team... Is this telling a story?"

"That's all warriors from the Qi King Realm Jiuzhongtian, how is that possible? Isn't Zhou Hua still an imperial soldier?"

"It's incredible. How capable are these guys? Do they have three heads and six arms?"

Many people really wanted to meet Xiao Han and a few others. They were too curious to know what such a person would be like.

The Zhou Imperial Mansion and the Yan Imperial Mansion were both furious. Not only did each Imperial Mansion lose more than a dozen kings, but they also lost another heir, which was even more unacceptable to them.

"Whoever can kill them, I, Zhou Huangfu, will reward the emperor with one piece of imperial soldiers, and there are countless wills of the emperor." There is a reward in the Zhou Huangfu.

Obviously, Zhou Huangfu didn't want its own people to lose, so they wanted to offer a reward. In this way, even if they didn't kill Xiao Han, they would not have much loss.

However, Zhou Huangfu will not wait like this, and there will definitely be more actions.

"Xiao Han, I must kill you." On the side of Yan Huangfu, a young man let out harsh words.

This person's name is Yan Luo. He is the eldest son of Emperor Yan. He is a peak king. It is said that he has a high probability of becoming an emperor.

This time, Yan Luo's shot is also the assessment of Yan Luo, the capital of Yan Huang, and it is also paving the way for Yan Luo.

Zhou Huangfu and Yan Huangfu had different responses, and the other imperial residences also recognized Xiao Han's strength again, so they didn't dare to be careless.

"This Xiao Han has a lot of conspiracy and tricks, but in the face of absolute strength, he is just a clown." Someone commented.

"Yes, if he doesn't play these conspiracies and tricks, what is he, a Qi King Realm Seventh Layer, if those imperial palaces are really irritated, and a character like Yan Luo comes out, they can be completely beheaded. ."

"With a hundred courage from them, they wouldn't dare to compete head-on with Yan Luo."

In the entire Tianzhou, there are warriors talking about it, and many people still disapprove of Xiao Han's combat power, thinking that Xiao Han can make such a big move just because of a conspiracy.

Now they are very optimistic about Yan Luo. Once Yan Luo meets Xiao Han, Xiao Han will surely die.

"Yan Luo? If that's the case, then the next target is Yan Luo." In a city, Xiao Han and several people had already put on cloaks and masks.

In order to avoid being discovered, they divided the team into two groups, a group of four, entered the restaurant before and after, and heard the discussions in the restaurant.

Then, the eight of them got up again and left the restaurant.

"Eldest son, to kill a Qi King Stage Seventh Layer, why should you take action?" In the sky, a huge monster was pulling a chariot driving in the air.

A young man sat on the chariot and was tasting a glass of fine wine, and a middle-aged man beside him was flattering the trail.

The young man is Yan Luo, and he is now looking for the whereabouts of Xiao Han and the others.

Yan Luo took a sip of wine, tasted it, and then said, "Although it is the seventh heaven of the Qi King Realm, there are some skills. My two brothers who were not up to expectations died in his hands, and I also really want to know what means he has. "

"No matter how big the means are, it will not be your opponent." The middle-aged man laughed.

Yan Luo drank a glass of wine in one gulp and said, "That's natural. This time, when they come out, they will go back with their heads."

"I haven't heard any news about them for a while. It's probably hidden. Tianzhou is so big. If they don't show up, we won't be able to find them at all," said the middle-aged man.

Yan Luo said: "They will show up. From what I understand, they are very daring, and it is impossible for them to hide all the time, and I also welcome them to plot against me."

Yan Luo was so confident in his own strength that he didn't take anyone in the Qi King Realm because he was already a half emperor.

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