Scoring the Sacred Body of the Ancients from the Get-go - Chapter 2355 Lu Yuan appeared, fate fluctuated in nothingness, killing chickens to scare monkeys

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Seeing that the fight is getting bigger and bigger.

Huo Xuan said: "Ling'er, that's enough, it's just a discussion, why use tricks?"

"Just try."

Huo Ling'er thought out of her mind, wanting to try the power of the flame.

At this time, Jun Xiaoyao said: "It's almost there." Hearing Jun Xiaoyao's words, Huo Ling'er suddenly froze.

"Oh." She stopped. "Huh?"

Everyone present was incredible.

Even his elder brother Huo Xuan couldn't talk, but this young man in white can make Huo Ling'er so obedient.

Feng Luohan also stopped, and his expression became even more strange.

But she still took the initiative to open her lips, and said with a decent smile: "Thank you, young master, otherwise Luo Han will make a fool of himself."

Jun Xiaoyao took a sip of the tea in his cup and said with a calm smile.

"Why should Feng Tiannv be self-effacing, with the ability of Tiannv, there will definitely be no problem."

"By the way, I don't know who this young master is..." Feng Luohan said.

When Huo Ling'er heard this, a little vigilance suddenly appeared in Liuli's red eyes.

She knew Jun Xiaoyao's charm. Otherwise, he wouldn't have tried every means to abduct Jun Xiaoyao back to the Fire Clan.

Could it be that Feng Luohan is also interested?

Thinking of this, Huo Ling'er said directly: "This is my master!"

"What, Master?" Everyone was surprised.

With Huo Ling'er's status, even a great emperor can accept her as a disciple.

In the end, this young man turned out to be her master.

People around looked even more suspicious.

They really doubted whether Huo Ling'er chose her master based on her face.

"I see."

Although a hint of surprise flashed across Feng Luohan's beautiful green eyes, she didn't question her like the others.

She could feel the extraordinaryness of Jun Xiaoyao. Not to mention, Huo Ling'er's cultivation breakthrough, and that strange flame.

If these are all thanks to the young man in white in front of him.

Then he will appear even more mysterious and unfathomable.

A ray of curiosity arose in Feng Luohan's heart. Afterwards, the banquet began, everyone enjoyed themselves and congratulated Feng Luohan one after another.

Feng Luohan also responded with a smile. And just when the atmosphere was harmonious.

Suddenly, a figure slowly walked over.

It was a young man with a straight face, just walking alone, with a calm expression on his face.

"It's Lu Yuan, the foolish young master of the Lu family!" "Why is he here?"

This young man is exactly Lu Yuan who came to Feng Clan from the ancient Lu Clan!

Seeing Lu Yuan's arrival, the atmosphere instantly changed!

Everyone knows that the ancient Lu family, through an ancient decree, allowed Lu Yuan and Feng Luohan to marry each other.

But no one cares.

But they didn't expect that Lu Yuan would appear at the banquet alone.

This is a bit bold.

Feng Luohan also looked at Lu Yuan with her beautiful eyes.

This was the first time she saw this young master of the ancient Lu clan who was going to marry her.


Why does it look like the foolish look in the rumors?

Moreover, this place is the banquet place for core distinguished guests.

As Lu Yuan, he should be stopped by the Wind Clan guards, right?

How did he come in without a sound? A ray of doubt flashed in Feng Luohan's eyes.

However, her complexion was generally calm, without much turmoil.

But there was one person present, his face paused for a moment, and he was instantly gloomy.

Naturally, Huo Xuan.

"He really dared to come, but it's okay..." Huo Xuan clenched the hand holding the wine glass, and the wine glass instantly turned into dust.

Jun Xiaoyao has been sitting quietly drinking tea. He also took a look at Lu Yuan.

A strange color flashed in his eyes. interesting.


This Lu Yuan is the so-called son of the world, not to mention the son of luck.

The reason why Jun Xiaoyao finds it interesting.

It was because he noticed a special breath fluctuation.

Fate is nothing!

Although Jun Xiaoyao is not sure whether the so-called Destiny Nothing is a time traveler like him.

But obviously, Destiny Nulls are rare, very rare.

Jun Xiaoyao has never met anyone other than him so far.

Before, when Jun Xiaoyao was in Nine Heavens Immortal Realm, he was reincarnated in Jiehai.

He had sensed a wisp of air fluctuations in the emptiness of fate.

However, what made Jun Xiaoyao think a little bit.

He also felt that Lu Yuan's so-called emptiness of fate seemed incomplete.

Gives a very broken feeling.

This is very strange and worth thinking about. But whatever.

This Lu Yuan is at least the most interesting leek that Jun Xiaoyao has encountered in Jiehai so far.

In other words, the most secretive leek. Jun Xiaoyao looked as usual.

He felt that he had found a great joy. If it is the so-called Destiny Void, then it is very important to him.

Maybe it can make him change again. "Feng Tiannv, first meeting."

"However, I didn't bring any presents, I hope Feng Tiannv won't mind."

Lu Yuan, with his hands behind his back, said in a calm tone. Lu Yuan is the only one who can speak so confidently without being polite.

However, it was not this that shocked everyone present.

Rather, Lu Yuan is not stupid?

"What's the matter, is the fool young master not stupid anymore?" "Could it be that the Lu family cured him?"

"It's weird..."

Many people are incredible.

The name of Lu Yuan's foolish young master has long spread throughout the entire mountain and sea star world.

Now it's not stupid anymore, which is unexpected.

"Luo Han doesn't mind anything, but Young Master Lu's illness seems to be resolved, congratulations."

Feng Luohan is very reserved and doesn't care about such things.

She was also a little surprised that Lu Yuan's illness was cured.

"It's just an accident."

"Of course, although I didn't bring a gift, I can give some advice on the cultivation of the goddess. Lu Yuansha said in a serious way.

He found that this Feng Luohan had a good temper. It doesn't hurt to accept her as a concubine in the future.

It can be said that Lu Yuan really thinks highly of himself now.

And the whole audience looked at Lu Yuan with the eyes of a fool.

This Lu Yuan, really drifting to nowhere, even said that he was not ashamed to point out Feng Luohan.

Jun Xiaoyao smiled lightly.

It's normal to pretend. Some people couldn't sit still.

"Lu Yuan, is there any account between us that should be settled?"

Huo Xuan got up, his whole body was filled with aura, entwined with flames.

Flame was burning in the eyes.

His followers cannot die in vain.

"It's just looking for a dead end. It's none of my business." Even facing the noble son of the Fire Clan, Lu Yuan's expression was indifferent.

"A small Lu family, what confidence do you have to dare to say such things to me?"

Huo Xuan's expression was indifferent, and a killing intent flashed in his eyes.

Sensing this murderous intent, Lu Yuan's lips curled up in disdain.

"If you dare to attack me, you will be responsible for the consequences!" As soon as these words came out, the audience fell silent.

Everyone's face was slightly dull.

They really doubt whether Lu Yuan has become normal from a fool, or has become more stupid.

After offending Young Master Fire Clan so much, does UU Reading really want to live?

"court death!"

Being provoked by Lu Yuan like this, with Huo Xuan's temper, how could he bear it?

He shot directly.

Lu Yuan, on the other hand, had a playful look in his eyes. In fact, this is exactly what he wants.

He just wanted to provoke Huo Xuan on purpose.

Then suppress it forcefully, to make an example to others, so that the rest of the people will be afraid.

At the same time, let the Wind Clan see his strength and potential.

As long as the Wind Clan protects him, the Fire Clan will do nothing to him. As for Feng Luohan, with his ability, he can give some pointers casually to enhance his relationship, and it is not easy to think of a strategy.

Therefore, Lu Yuan felt that everything was under his control and arrangement.

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