Rubik’s Cube Heavens - v6 Chapter 182 assemble

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There was only the sound of tinnitus in the dark vision.

It wasn't until the back felt touch that Thanos realized that he had been smashed by Natasha with a hammer.

Eyes refocused.

Thanos saw Natasha who was dropping a hammer from the air.

The conditioned reflex was normal, and Thanos suddenly made a move like a rabbit kicking an eagle.

With a muffled sound of 'Peng', Natasha's fallen figure turned back instantly, and was kicked upside down by Thanos.

Taking this opportunity, Thanos turned over and half-kneeled.

He covered his face and shook his head, causing the dizziness in his eyes to quickly recede.

Looking back at the three of Natasha who had gathered together again, this time, Thanos' eyes were no longer calm at all.

Anger emanated from his eyes, and the tight cheeks represented that Thanos was clenching his teeth.

Slowly stood up from the ground.

Thanos stared at Natasha and the three of them. He drank in a low voice: "Congratulations! You have succeeded!"

Raising his **** right arm, Thanos waved it lightly.

In the next instant, the main ship spaceship high in the sky suddenly projected a large number of tractor beams.

The Obsidian Generals, the Chitarians, the Vanguard Monsters, the Leviathan Biological Troop Carriers, the Cree Fleet, and all the grotesque monsters.

All the troops under Thanos officially appeared.

Looking at the dense alien army, the three Natasha gathered together were completely silent.

In their hearts, the only remaining consciousness is supporting the collapsed confidence.

At this moment, Thanos looked at the injured arm.

Immediately, he said in a low voice: "In the road of conquest for so many years, whether it is tyranny or killing, I have never mixed any personal emotions."

"But now..."

Thanos stared at the three of Natasha, and there was hatred in his tone: "I want you people who are not solidified and annoying to know! What I will do to your planet in the future is How much fun it would make me! How enjoyable!"

"You won't succeed!" Natasha responded in a deep voice.

"That's right! You won't make it!"

Tony Stark's voice suddenly appeared.

He got up from a distance and finally got out of the coma.

The emergency function in the "Patriot Armor" was remotely controlled, and Tony Stark woke up Colonel Rhodes, who was still in a coma.

Then he walked towards Natasha and the three of them converged.

At the same time, Clint and Rocket Raccoon in the distance also rushed over.

Including Ant-Man Scott also suddenly appeared beside Steve out of thin air.

"Sorry Captain..."

Scott said frustratedly: "When you were fighting, I kept attacking him, but he didn't respond at all, I was too weak..."

Steve shook his head slightly to indicate that it was okay.

At this time, Tony Stark had already stood still, he ignored the countless alien army, stared at Thanos and said: "Do you think these army will make us afraid?! No! We have Cowen! Your army is dust to him!"

When the words fell, Tony Stark raised his hands and put his hands in front of his mouth, turned his head and called out to the only intact building: "Kewen! Come out with your insecticide to exterminate the insects!"

Seeing this, everyone turned to look at the building, and even Thanos frowned and looked over.

One breath passed, two breaths passed, but there was no movement in the building.

Just when everyone's mood was sinking, a figure finally appeared at the door of the building.

This made the Avengers look happy.

But the next moment they were disappointed again, because it was Nebula who came out.

Everyone was stunned, but Tony Stark immediately exclaimed: "Sister Lan! How did you bring out the gloves!

! Go back now!

! "

"I think you should need it!"

Nebula said as he walked towards the battlefield: "There are too many enemies, and it's simply not something you can deal with! I think the power of gems should be borrowed!"

This made the Avengers hesitate.

Taking this opportunity, Nebula finally came closer.

She avoided the eyes of the Avengers and cast a hint of a glance at Thanos.

Then she raised her gloves and shouted threateningly: "We have all the gems! No amount of troops will be our opponent!"

At this point, the Avengers couldn't think calmly at all.

After listening to Nebula, the Avengers temporarily ignored the fact that the other party sent the gem to Thanos.

Just when Tony Stark was about to take advantage of the situation to threaten Thanos, a loud reminder sounded.

"Be careful! She's not the Nebula you know at all!"

Everyone looked at the direction where the voice appeared almost at the same time, and at a glance, everyone was suddenly stunned.

Two women in a green and a basket are rushing towards this side, the one with green skin is unknown to everyone, but isn't the one with blue skin the Nebula?

"Be careful-"

At this moment, Nebula rushed over and shouted in a hurry: "She pretended to be me! Thanos is the one who brought this universe! Be careful of the gem—"

The Avengers turned their heads in panic and looked at the nebula beside them.

But the scene that appeared in the next moment made the Avengers split their eyes.

I saw the smirk that the conspiracy succeeded on Fake Nebula's face, and with strength, she threw the glove she was holding at Thanos.

"Do not-"

The Avengers exclaimed at the same time.

In the midst of this exclamation, Thanos raised his left hand playfully, stretched out his five fingers and grabbed the glove.

In the eyes of the Avengers, this moment has become extremely slow.

Everyone's vision seemed to be overclocked, causing the glove's falling process to become slow motion.

Just when the hearts of the Avengers were about to be filled with despair, an accident occurred.

A hook lock suddenly flew out, and the three-pronged hook instantly grabbed the glove, and then the rope tightened and the hook quickly retracted.

In an instant, the sounds and pictures in everyone's perception all returned to normal.

Everyone turned to look at the source of the hook lock, and saw Clint holding the gloves in an unexpected way, as if he didn't even think he could successfully retract the gloves.


! "

Tony Stark exclaimed: "You've done a great job!

! No wonder Cowen said that the battle with your participation will definitely win!

! "

Clint finally came back to his senses, he showed a happy smile, and immediately hid the gloves behind his back.

Seeing this, the others moved sideways to block their bodies between Clint and Thanos.

"The ants—"

At this time, Thanos was very angry.

Retracting his froze arm, Thanos said bitterly, "You angered me!


With that said, Thanos raised his right arm again, and was about to issue an attack order to his army.

At this moment, a yellow spark suddenly appeared behind the Avengers.

The sparks spun and expanded, quickly forming a wide portal, and a large number of figures appeared from the opposite side of the portal.

"Can the captain hear me?"

A voice appeared on the headset's public channel, and Falcon Sam called out, "Is this the channel? Captain, I'm Sam."

Hearing this call, the Avengers were stunned.

Steve slowly raised his hand and turned on the voice input function in the headset.

Immediately, his gasps entered the interior of the public channel.

Hearing this gasp, Falcon Sam couldn't help chuckling, and he said again: "Watch to the left."

Steve was stunned.

Thinking of how he and Falcon Sam got to know each other because of these words, he couldn't help but twitch the corners of his mouth slightly.

Turning to look at the light behind him, Steve and the other Avengers saw the Wakanda people walking out of the portal at the same time.

The sound of engine jets sounded, and Sam Falcon, who disappeared five years ago, flew out of Wakanda's portal.

Passing over to Steve's left, Sam hovered high in the sky.

The eyes of everyone followed, and as a result, they discovered the portals that were appearing one after another in the sky.

The small space battleship slowly flew out from the portal.

Rocket Raccoon cheered excitedly: "That's Xandar's Nova Fleet!

And looters!



A voice sounded, causing Rocket Raccoon to instantly withdraw his gaze from the air.

He turned his head to look at the portal of Wakanda, and looked at the tree man who was running out. Rocket Raccoon's eyes moistened instantly.

He was extremely pleasantly surprised, and immediately rushed over with all four limbs, jumped up and threw himself in the arms of the little tree man. UU reading www.

A neat battle cry rang out.

The army of Wakanda slowly advanced from the portal.

All the people who disappeared in Infinity War a few years ago have appeared.

Bucky the Winter Soldier smiled at Steve with his rifle, Wanda used his ability to fall from the air, and his hateful eyes were fixed on Thanos for the first time.

There are several other portals on the ground.

In the basketball-sized portal, Wasp flew out of it and landed back to her normal size. She immediately found Scott's position and showed a relieved smile.

In the portal of Titan, Strange slowly fell from the sky in a spellcasting posture.

The members of the Guardians of the Galaxy followed, and the little spider Peter Parker jumped out of the door with his spider silk.

The portal next to it is linked to 'New Asgard', and all the remaining warriors stepped forward, led by Valkyrie, who was sent back by Cowen at an unknown time, and walked out of the portal in unison.

Valkyrie landed on a Pegasus, she glanced at Thanos' army, and immediately despised Sol: "I've left for such a short while, and you've become so embarrassed?"

"I, I drank too much..." Sol found an outrageous excuse in embarrassment, and immediately asked back: "When did you go back?"

"The moment the missile struck, the mantra opened a portal under my feet and let me fall back to Asgard."

"Have they all arrived?"

At this time, Master Lao Wang commanded the mages he brought: "Close the portal when everyone is ready to fight!"

A group of mages responded, closed the portal, summoned a magic shield, and assumed a fighting posture.

At this moment, Natasha's silhouette flashed, and Kewen teleported out of nowhere with Bruce Banner, whose arm was healed...

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