Road Survival, I Have a Hint System! - Chapter 1396 Pioneering game

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Under Su Mu's drying rack, Su Qi honestly told the whole story.

It turned out that Su Qi was in a similar situation to her this morning.

While going to the bathroom, I suddenly came to a strange place.

However, Su Mu went to a desert road, while Su Qi was in a house made of candies.

Facing the unknown, Su Qi felt terrified, but fortunately, she awakened the system in an emergency.

Prompted by the system, she followed the fireplace all the way to the attic, and finally found a silver box.

In the box, there was a note saying that 500,000 yuan would be transferred to her as a reward within three days.

After Su Qi came back, she checked and found that there were really 500,000. She was shocked.

She felt that she had finally turned herself around, and that the system she had been waiting for had finally arrived. To celebrate, she decided to play games at home for a day.

"It's almost the same?"

Su Mu rubbed his chin and thought.

"What's the same?" Seeing that her sister didn't hit her, Su Qi became more courageous, so she came over.

"We're in the same situation."

As Su Mu said, he recounted what happened to him today.

"Sure enough, they are all the same, except for the content."

Su Qi nodded.

"Sister, tell me, is this system unique to us? Is it that aliens are experimenting? Or, we have arrived in a place similar to the space of the Lord God, going to various worlds to complete tasks, and then give us rewards. No, the space of the Lord God can be exchanged, this is only real money, it seems that the standard is a bit low."

Su Qi said.

"Did you hear that, someone complained about your poor design." Above the clouds, Lilith poked Zhang Tuohai and said with a smile.

"What can I do? There are only so few resources available in my hand, how can I have everything."

Zhang Tuohai spread his hands.

"Besides, there is a reward of 500,000 yuan for completing a task. Isn't that low? How many people want this opportunity, but they still can't find it."

"However, two people have discovered so many problems. If there are a few quick-thinking people, I'm afraid there will be more loopholes."

Lilith said.

"So what if a loophole is discovered? What can they do with us?"

Zhang Tuohai said indifferently.

However, after all, the problem still needs to be solved.

Zhang Tuohai began to study how to solve the immediate problem.

"First, you need a title."

Zhang Tuohai decided to hide his plan first, it would be better to look harmless to humans and animals.

What is the easiest to accept?

Of course it's a game.

As long as it is under the banner of the game, people's vigilance will naturally be reduced by three points.

It is also easier to accept.

After deciding on the theme of the game, Zhang Tuohai needed a name.

After much deliberation, he decided to borrow the name of New World Pioneering Group.

However, the name is too long. To put it simply, it is called Pioneering Games.

After deciding on the name, Zhang Tuohai began to design the game structure.

The basic rule is that the player enters with a real body, and Zhang Tuohai can provide paid injury treatment and body repair.

Of course, these are all done by medical equipment and medical robots.

Some weapons are also allowed to be purchased, but for the time being, only modern individual weapons are supported, and supernatural weapons and various powers are not provided for the time being. Moreover, these things are only allowed to be used in the game, and are not allowed to be used in real life.

As for the purchase price, it is points.

There is only one source of points, and that is to give according to the performance after completing the task.

However, Zhang Tuohai can decide how many points each time he completes the mission and how many points each weapon is worth.

Of course, in order to draw a pie for these players and let them play the game with all their strength, you can set a purchase permission.

Every player can use credits to unlock purchasing permissions.

The purchase authority is graded, the first level is ordinary cold weapons, the second level is simple hot weapons, such as three-eyed guns, made in Hanyang, and the third level is some World War I weapons...

As for the highest level, life and supernatural power can be purchased.

These things can even be used in reality.

What Zhuxian Sword, Star Destroyer Cannon, Vampire Ancestral Blood, Superman Serum, Psychic Power, Floating Cannon, Immortal Cultivation Skills are all listed above.

Bragging, anyway, those players can only see it, they can't unlock it, and they don't know if it's true or not.

I believe that with these things, the enthusiasm of those players will be high.

Since it is a game, there must be a novice trial.

After entering the game for the first time, there is a trial to determine whether the player is eligible to become a game player.

If you pass, you will be given a monetary reward and the qualification to become an official player.

Those who cannot pass, erase the memory and kick out of the game.

Those who behave badly will be killed directly.

Players who pass the trial will be given a face plate.

The function of the initial panel is very limited, that is, when recruiting players, it will give an advance reminder so that players have time to prepare.

In the later stage, Zhang Tuohai can use the panel as a basis to add some other functions, such as storage space.

Moreover, this panel is also a locator for all players, as long as the panel is still there, he can know the position of any player.

As for hints, they are some benefits given to some talented players.

Currently only open to some familiar friends.

Zhang Tuohai perfected the rules one by one.

Because, when he built the spirit space, he had built similar things before, and he was quite familiar with the relevant rules.

Soon, the basic rules were constructed, and the rest will be gradually improved in the future.

At the end, Zhang Tuohai added one, Zhang Tuohai himself, as the controller of the rules, can punish some unaccustomed behaviors in the game.

As for the punishment standards and punishment methods, all interpretation rights belong to Zhang Tuohai.

After writing the requirements, Zhang Tuohai transferred the requirements to Lilith.

"Can it be done?"

"Just know how to order me." Lilith pouted, but still accepted the request.

"There was a template before, just set it up."

Lilith built the frame.

Some plug-in interfaces are even reserved, for example, a special city can be opened up, and UU Reading allows players who need it to live directly in it.

However, because the broken world they currently control is limited, there is nothing suitable for transformation, so they can only temporarily put it on hold.

"do you think it's okay?"

Lilith gave Zhang Tuohai the newly released development game.

"Not bad, let's start like this."

Zhang Tuohai looked around and was very satisfied.

"Start the game!"

Lilith clicked Run.

A golden light pierced through the sky.

At the same time, a message popped up in front of Su Qi and Su Mu who were eating hot pot.

[Congratulations, after a comprehensive evaluation, you have successfully passed the trial and become an official player of the pioneering game. Click on the panel to learn the detailed rules. 】

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