Returning to ’90s, She Became Famous in Major Surgical Fields - Chapter 2356 【2356】Xie classmate is different

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   Chapter 2356 [2356] Xie classmates are different

   "The child was born in September last year." When student Wei talked about his family, he directly broke the fantasies and misunderstandings of outsiders about the business tycoon's family.

  Every family has a hard-to-read scripture, how can it be different from a business tycoon. A lot of things can't be solved with money. The members of the big brother's family will also get sick, and will be troubled by some inexplicable diseases. Healing is not just about money. For this reason, the family of business tycoons also likes their children to study medicine.

"My brother, my sister-in-law, especially my mother, I was very excited to hear that I went to Seoul for an internship, and said that if my little nephew, Xiao Xin, is ill, it is absolutely fine to come to me." .

  Other students listened and knew that what happened to Wei Wei was not a special case, it was what most medical students’ families thought. When someone in the family is sick, it is most reliable to ask the person who is a doctor in the family. They will not think that they are just students, but will only think that they are students and still understand.

   "Yingying's words are not the same as ours." Zhao Zhaowei, who once accepted Xie's help, said, "Her family is absolutely right to ask her."

   When several other people heard what Zhao said, they remembered the news they heard before.

   It is said that the often **** of the third orthopedic department has been on the phone frequently with Xie’s mother recently. It was said that Xie's little aunt's ankle was sprained. Later, after Xie's suggestion to do an MRI, it was found that the ligament was torn.

  Everyone is speechless that this **** surnamed Chang is actually rushing to perform in front of Xie's family. It is not clear what this young master Chang is planning. Everyone knew that Chang Jiawei was ardent, but they had never heard of him as helpful and helpful like Senior Brother Cao.

   Drive to Tianfu No. 1 Community.

   When I first came to this rumored wealthy area, several classmates looked around curiously from the car.

   "It's nothing special, it's the same house." Wei said to several students, "The house is not as big as you think."

  The capital is full of land and money. No matter how rich you are, it is impossible for people to build large villas in the urban area. Only small villas stand. The total area of ​​several floors of each building should not exceed four or five hundred square meters. The big guys really want to spend money to buy a big villa with personality and live in the most comfortable only to go to the suburbs.

   It can be said that the big guy who buys a house here is more like buying a business card and buying a business status. In business circles, sometimes people buy things to build momentum for themselves and for commercial interests.

   Remembering what the second senior sister said, Xie Wanying asked Wei: "Does the father of the gold master live here?"

   "Are you talking about the boss of the National Association of China's big moneymaker, Guoneng Group?" Wei Wei's tone was a little surprised, because he couldn't see any signs of Xie's chasing stars and wealth on weekdays. Xie has always given the impression of being a high academic school, not greedy for money. People who ask about the father of the gold master may have some illusions about the father of the gold master.

   "Yingying, she is just curious. We are just as curious." Zhang Desheng told Wei not to make a fuss. He, like the other two classmates, searched for the father of the gold master in the community.

  The big sponsor of their National Association is really mysterious, donating a lot of money, and never showing his face in front of the National Association. Maybe some companies will take pictures of their own leaders to advertise for publicity, but it has absolutely nothing to do with Guoneng Group. Guoneng is so powerful that there is no need to send publicity fees at all. It is really difficult for a layman to find out the secrets of Guoneng.

   (end of this chapter)

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