Reincarnation – Lord is Extremely Hardcore - Chapter 229 Heiguo's new article is coming! !!

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The title of the book is very stubborn for a while.

She is the Empress of the Empire.

Personal name-tyrant.

Once poisoned by close people, he lost his healthy body. In order to continue his life, Ge Canglan had to take a loyal subordinate to travel through another world, but unexpectedly, the air flow caused the spacecraft to land and entered an unexpected world .

But, Your Majesty, can you keep a low profile on other people's fields? In a world full of unfamiliar cattle, ghosts, and snakes, should we change the habit of not talking? Change the character that is proud to step on the ground? Let ’s not be so cool and cool! This world is a bit dangerous--

Female tyrant sneered, is this possible?

Small snippet:

Male lead: "Cang Canglan, in addition to ironic, cruel, cold cold smile, you can have other smiles?"

Female host: "Apart from rape, insidiousness, neurosis, abnormal things, can you do something else?"

This article 1v1, continues the usual style of Heiguo, Shuangwen + Favorite.

Heiguo has always been incompetent with the introduction of the book title. The girls all know that these are irrelevant. Girls who don't want to miss Heiguo's new masterpiece pay attention to the text! muah!

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