Reincarnated With The Strongest System - Chapter 951: A Prince That Would Plunge The World Into Darkness

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Chapter 951: A Prince That Would Plunge The World Into Darkness

When Haleth and the others arrived, they found Chiffon standing by the door. Just as the blonde Half-Elf was about to ask why the pink-haired girl was standing outside the room, she heard a moan, which made her body stiffen.

As a Half-Elf she was blessed with superior eyesight and hearing. Even though they were still standing in the hallway, she could hear the pleasure-filled sounds that escaped Lilith’s lips from beyond the door.

“William is busy right now,” Chiffon said with a smile. “How about all of you have an afternoon snack downstairs? We’ll go out later, after Will finishes his business.”

“O-Okay,” Haleth stuttered as she walked away leaving the others behind.

Aldric followed behind Haleth. Because with his rank, it was fairly easy for him to know what was happening inside the room. Chloee, on the other hand, frowned because there was something she wanted to ask William.

As someone who likes to bash things, and break down doors, Chloee didn’t see any problem with her barging inside the room in order to ask William her question.

However, before she could even smash the door apart, Elliot and Conan both grabbed his arms and tried to pull her away.

“Ei! What are you doing?!” Chloee asked as she struggled. “Let me go. There’s something I need to ask my Disciple!”

“Now is not a good time, Chloee,” Conan said while sweating buckets. “Will is really busy right now. He has no time to answer your question.”

“Hmp! I am his Master,” Chloee stated. “He will always have time to answer my questions!”

“My goodness, there’s no need to rush,” Elliot who was struggling to hold the little fairy said with difficulty. “The people downstairs were saying that the House Specialty is extremely delicious. Why don’t we try it first before we come back to talk to Will? I heard that it is a limited edition thing, so we need to try it before it goes out of stock.”

Chloee stopped struggling because anything related to food and fighting piqued her interest. Although her favorite food was pancakes, and desserts, eating something that has the word “special” in it would always make her want to try it out.

“Very well!” Chloee declared. “We will try this House Specialty first before I return to ask Will my question.”

Elliot and Conan both sighed in relief because a crisis was averted. They then flanked the little fairy on both sides as they flew downstairs to order the House Specialty, which the two familiar hoped was good enough to help them buy enough time for William to finish his business.


An hour later…

A satisfied looking Lilith calmly drank a cup of tea that William had prepared for her.

The Amazon Princess felt refreshed after the outbreak of her Sin had died out. She never thought that her Divinity could be calmed in such a manner, which made her feel sorry for her younger self, who had been locked up inside the Temple of the Gods, whenever her Divinity flared out of control.

William, on the other hand, had gained a better understanding of his fiance after her fiery outburst. Unlike Princess Sidonie’s craving for his body, the Amazon’s Princess’ Sin encompassed his entire being.

Lilith didn’t want the Half-Elf’s body, she wanted his everything.

The good news was that her sin was more controllable than Princess Sidonie’s. During their love making, Lilith focused on making William feel good, while greedily taking him inside her.

Although William didn’t want to admit it, he found Lilith’s desire to acquire him very hot and sexy, which made it so she did not lose to Succubus Princess’ advances, whose Sin represented Lust.

Haleth couldn’t look at William steadily because each time she would look at his face, she could feel her cheeks burning.

The red-headed teenager wasn’t aware that Haleth had heard their lovemaking through the door because his attention was focused on Lilith. Only when Chiffon had returned did the Half-Elf know that his Sixth Master, Chloee, had almost barged inside the room while they were in the middle of a strenuous exercise.

‘Good job the two of you,’ William thanked his two familiars via telepathy because if it weren’t for them, the little fairy might have barged inside the room, and discovered something she had never seen before.

‘This was just the natural thing to do,’ Elliot replied.

‘Kekeke. I’m not going to lie, Will, that was close,’ Conan commented. ‘Chloee is really strong. It took everything I had just to hold her down.’

Chloee, who didn’t know that the boys were talking about her, hovered in front of William with her arms crossed over her chest.

She was looking at the Half-Elf with a serious expression, but after a minute had passed, she still didn’t say anything. This prompted William to take the initiative to ask her if there was something she needed from him.

“Sixth Master, Elliot and Conan said that you wanted to ask me a question,” William said. “Is there anything that I can help you with?”

Chloee hummed before landing on William’s right shoulder.

“You know, I wanted to ask you about that world that I appeared in,” Chloee said. “That world is called Earth, right?”

William nodded his head. “Yes.”

“How did I appear there?” Chloee asked. “The last thing I remember is that I was following your footsteps when suddenly, I was falling in the sky and saw you fighting against those Giant Black Golems.”

The little fairy lightly poked William’s cheek as she pressed him for an answer.

“I may not be as smart as my sister, Claire, but according to Celeste, I have an Eidetic Memory,” Chloee explained. “It is impossible for me to forget things. However, no matter how hard I think, I can’t recall how I ended up on Earth. This is something that greatly bothers me. So, Will, how did you appear in that world?”

(A/N: Eidetic Memory is also called Photographic Memory).

William shook his head because he also didn’t know how he appeared on Earth. The only thing he could remember was a vague image of three shadowy figures.

“Sorry, Sixth Master, I really don’t know,” William replied. “I also can’t remember how I ended up in that place.”

“Is that so?”


The little fairy stopped poking William because she could tell that he was telling the truth. Since he didn’t know the answer to her question, she decided to just let it go for the time being, and decided to tell him the news that Celeste wanted to pass onto him.

“Will, when we get back to the academy, you need to look for Celeste right away,” Chloee said. “According to her, certain things are happening in the Demonic Continent, which greatly concerns the safety of the Central Continent. I am also here to pass you an order from the Headmaster to investigate what the Demons are doing.”

William frowned. “Can’t the Headmaster assign someone else to do this job? I have some important matters to take care of after I return to the academy.”

Since he had already lifted the curse from Est, Ashe, and Isaac, he planned to visit the Southern Continent to see Wendy, and Est because he missed them terribly.

“No,” Chloee answered as she shook her head. “Because this matter also concerns Celeste’s twin sister.”

William’s body stiffened and his expression became serious after hearing Chloee’s words. Celeste had only one twin, and it was none other than his First Master, Celine.

“What do you mean?” William inquired. “What does the situation in the Demonic Continent have to do with my First Master?”

Chloee sighed as she lowered her head. She wasn’t supposed to tell this information to William right now, but she had a feeling that the Half-Elf would keep on pestering her until she spilled the beans.

“You know about the Prophecy of the Elves, right?” Chloee asked.

“The Prince of Darkness?” William asked back.

The little fairy nodded her head. A letter had arrived at the academy on the day that she was about to leave to look for William. The letter came from the Silverwind Continent, and its sender was the Patriarch of the Rayleigh Family.

It was the same family that produced the Oracles of the Elven Race, and the ones responsible for making the prophecy of the Dark Prince known.

“According to the letter, the prophecy is about to be fulfilled, and it will begin in the Demonic Continent,” Chloee stated. Celeste had told her that there was a possibility that William was the Prince in the prophecy.

If it was indeed the case, Chloee would be forced to fight against him if the prophesied bride became her Master. This was something that the little fairy didn’t want to have happen. Deep inside, she wished that it would be someone else that would take on that role because she wasn’t confident that she could raise her first to harm her Disciple, whom she had become fond of.

“Once the Prince has been born, this entire world will be covered in darkness,” Chloee continued her explanation. “Your Master, Celine, is currently in the Demonic Continent. If the so-called Prince will appear in that place then the first people that he would look for will be one of the brides in the prophecy.

“Although there is only a fifty-fifty chance of her becoming the prince’s bride, the possibility still exists. If possible, Celeste wants Celine brought to Hestia Academy where she can be protected from the fiend, who would force this world to submit to his rule.”

William clenched his fist as he nodded his head. He had already heard this prophecy from his Second Master, Oliver, but the verse that the Parrot Monkey had told him wasn’t complete.

In the past, he didn’t care much about this prophecy because it felt very alien to him. However, things had changed.

Celine was someone important to him, and he would not allow anyone to harm her in any way possible. Not even the prophesied prince that would plunge the world into darkness.

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