Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don’t Mess Around! - Chapter 2517

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2517 Gun In The Chest

As soon as he finished speaking, everyone agreed with him. They raised their weapons and laughed. “Let’s kill them and let them regret it. Hahaha, let’s send our foreign friends to meet their maker!”

“I think God will welcome them. Hahaha, damn these foreign friends!”

The bearded man turned around and raised his eyebrows. He revealed his white teeth and laughed at K7. “Regret? Do you think you and your friends can make me regret it?”

He pointed at his men behind him and laughed even louder. “Do you see them? They’re all my men. We still have this…” He waved the new rifle in his hand proudly. “This is very powerful. When I shoot the bullets out, you’ll surely pee your pants!”


After he finished speaking, his voice suddenly turned cold. He shouted impatiently, “Get lost. If you continue talking nonsense, I’ll kill all of you!”

A few black men holding rifles opened the car doors and pointed their black muzzles at everyone in the cars. “Get down! Get down immediately!”

The doors of the two jeeps opened. One of the men wanted to pull open the trunk door of the first jeep. G3, who was being held down by a gun, said in English, “You shouldn’t rummage through our things without our permission.”

Masoli was made up of Masoli and Arabic people. English wasn’t popular here, so the other party couldn’t understand what G3 said.

However, his calm tone made the black man angry. He walked in front of G3 and pressed the gun against G3’s chest. With his curly hair, he bared his white teeth and threatened, “Shut up! You’re about to see God!”

There was a strong smell of blood on the man. G3’s gaze slid down slightly and landed on the pants he was wearing. He saw a huge pool of blood on them.

Just like what Ye Jian said, there was a bloodbath not long ago.

He didn’t say anything else and looked away.

The black man, whose pants were stained with blood, felt that he had won. He laughed and pulled back the gun that was pressed against G3’s chest.

He didn’t know that G3 was thinking that after he killed him, he would cut this M-type automatic rifle into pieces and turn it into a pile of useless parts.

Soon, G3, K7, Z7, V8, Ye Jian, and Xia Jinyuan, who were wearing headscarves, were escorted to the front of the bearded man. They stood in a cone formation with K7 at the forefront.

Standing among a group of men, Ye Jian’s petite figure was revealed. This group of black men who relied on robbery for a living could tell at a glance that she was a woman.

“Hey! Oh my God, there’s a woman among them. Look at her body shape. It’s not bad!” A black man, who was also holding an M-type automatic rifle and wearing a pair of old pants, said to the bearded man, “Avra, it’s a woman. She looks good.”

The bearded man in the lead also saw Ye Jian. He wasn’t interested in the women outside and didn’t like small and skinny women. The women here in Masoli were usually tall and strong. And their breasts were as big as cows. Women like them were more attractive.

However, he would occasionally look at women from other countries.

“Hehehe!” The bearded man, Avra, walked over and pointed at Ye Jian with his hand. “Take off your headscarf and let me see!”

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