Rebirth of the Urban Immortal - Chapter 3827 Xiao'e's confidence

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In the Palace of Heavenly Kings, Luo Chen and the crown prince gathered in the main hall, and Hong Biao was making tea for Luo Chen in a very sensible way.

Wang Cheng was sitting there, smoking a cigarette, looking like a bum.

"Father, what interesting things are you talking about?" the prince asked curiously.

"There is a problem in this world!" Luo Chen's words stunned the prince and everyone else.

"What's the meaning?"

"I'm just guessing!"

"Because Sylphy's closed loop won't destroy the structure of the entire world!"

"But this closed loop of the barren village will destroy the entire world structure!" Luo Chen said.

"What do you mean?" Hong Biao still didn't understand.

"The formation of the world is formed according to a certain way and law!"

"To put it simply, it is a law of nature, just like water flowing at low places. This is a natural law, but when one day the water naturally flows to high places, it means that there is something wrong with this world itself!" Luo Chen opened the mouth.

"Father, do you mean that the closed loop of the deserted village does not conform to the laws of nature?" the prince continued.

"Yes, the circular time of the barren village not only does not conform, but also destroys the laws of the entire world too much, just like the third era!"

"The third era is eternally on the same day, which is not in line with the world order!" Luo Chen continued. "Father, you mean the closed loop of a deserted village, like water flowing naturally to a higher place, or a stone burning, and wood turning into steel. After a person is born, he is a bad old man, and then grows backwards. , when dead

Is a child like, abnormal, or against the laws of nature? "The crown prince obviously knows how to infer other cases from one instance.

"That's right, that's probably what it means, and this means that there is something wrong with the world itself!" Luo Chen had obviously noticed something.

The closed loop of the deserted village is real, but it is ridiculous, like a bug!

Just like in current physics, the speed of light is constant, whether it is moving against the speed of light or moving in the same direction as the speed of light, the speed of light is constant.

Even if you race against light at the speed of light, it stands to reason that light will remain still relative to you!

Because you are already at the speed of light, then the speed of light should be still, but in fact, you are racing against light at the speed of light, and light is still at the speed of light to you, and will not stand still!

That's a bug in general.

The closed loop of the deserted village is like the loophole where the speed of light does not change, making Luo Chen suspicious of the whole world.

"What's wrong with the world?"

"The world needs order, otherwise the whole world will be damned chaotic. The closed loop of Sylphy hasn't destroyed the order yet, but the closed loop of the deserted village is already disrupting the order of the entire world!"

"This is something that shouldn't happen!" Luo Chen said seriously.

"That's it!" The prince also sighed.

"Maybe we are like cartoons, Wushuang's eyes are staring at us!" the prince said nonsense.

Then looked around.

"Or maybe our world is fake?"

"Like a world simulated by the queen?" The prince had already let go of his guesses.

"Father, when you say that, I always feel that a pair of eyes are looking at me!" the prince said.

But he looked around, and there was nothing around.

Luo Chen frowned suddenly, then looked at the prince.

The prince who looked at him felt hairy for a while.

"You still have some of Xiao'e's?" Luo Chen asked.

"Let it go to your garden." The prince said.

"It's Xiao'e?" The crown prince finally figured it out, and he said, why do you always feel a pair of eyes staring at him?

Luo Chen glared at the prince, then walked quickly to the garden!

In the garden, Xiao'e was sitting on a stone table at the moment. She hadn't fully escaped yet, and she was stepping on a pot of broken flowers at this moment!

This is the complete Xiao'e transformed into a third of Xiao'e's body.

It was divided into three parts, and Luo Chen put his head on the list of gods and suppressed it.

Another part was suppressed by Luo Chen in the Palace of Heavenly Kings.

Now this part is what the prince intends to send to Tuoba.

But obviously, the crown prince has done something wrong. Originally, the situation where Xiao'e ran out should have happened on Tuoba's side.

But the prince just threw the part of the suppression to Luo Chen's garden, and planned to send it away later.

The result is that this part of Xiao'e is now running out.

Xiao'e naturally wouldn't know that if the crown prince hadn't done something wrong, she wouldn't be able to escape.

But now, she has run out.

But even if it is only a third, if she runs out and breaks away from the downturn that has been suppressed all the time, then she is invincible.

At this moment, the sky is high and the birds are flying, and the sea is wide and the fish are leaping!

She doesn't care that she is in the Palace of Heavenly Kings, nor does she care who she is facing!

After all, she is immortal!

So she sat in Luo Chen's garden very arrogantly, and just now she even used her strength to spy on the conversation between Luo Chen and the prince.

And the potted flower under her feet was obviously broken by her kicking it carelessly.

Seeing Luo Chen coming, Xiao'e didn't panic at all.

Because she has completely got rid of the decline now, at least in her eyes, it is impossible for Luo Chen and his group to catch her again.

She even planned to eat the entire Palace of Heavenly Kings!

The prince made some manipulations in the seal to separate the hair disaster from Xiao'e, and now Xiao'e is no longer suppressed by the hair disaster.

She had a child before, and she had to take care of the child, so she couldn't let go.

Later, she became weak because of childbirth, and because of the deserted village, she became weaker.

But now, she had a break and recovered.

Even if it was only a third of her body, she had almost recovered.

Since the small tricks were not successful before, then let's just kill them now!

So, she is here to wait for Luo Chen, or she is here to provoke Luo Chen!

After all, there is no king here, and she is not afraid of anything when she is getting rid of the decline!

"Hehehe, Luo Wuji?"

"You guys really deserve to die!" Xiao'e was sitting on the stone stool at the moment, her expression full of provocation and threat.

Prince He and Hong Biao's expressions suddenly changed!

But the reason their faces changed drastically was not because Xiao'e ran out.

It was the broken potted flower under Xiao'e's feet.

These flowers were cultivated by Luo Chen himself, and every once in a while, they would be sent to Mengnan and placed beside Mengnan.

Now it was obvious that Xiao'e had broken a pot, which made Hong Biao and the crown prince have a premonition of danger!


Luo Chen looked at the potted flower, his face was obviously very ugly!

"It seems that you really haven't been beaten, have you?" Luo Chen looked at the potted flower and said indifferently! "I will make you, Luo Wuji, and everyone here feel like dying!" Xiao'e said with great resentment.

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