Rebirth of the Peerless Waste - Chapter 2690 Enter the battlefield of all races

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Ye Tian did not take action against the aborigines in Wanxing City, because it was meaningless and unnecessary, and landed directly on the teleportation formation in the central square.

At this time, the space channel was almost completely collapsed, and the space turbulent flow was flying, making it difficult to carry out space teleportation.

But how strong Ye Tian was, he saw his hands swipe out of thin air, releasing a mysterious force of the void, and even supported the collapsed space channel, running through an unknown ancient land.

"This son, what is it?"

The aborigines in the ancient city were all stunned.

call out!

With a flash of his figure, he rushed into the space passage and disappeared from the sight of everyone in the ancient city.

Almost at the same time, the city master of Hedao descended from the sky, his body was stained with blood, and he looked a little embarrassed. Obviously, he was abused during the fight with Ye Tian just now.


He slammed out a punch, the void oscillated, and the space channel collapsed inch by inch.

"Get out of here!"

He roared, like an ancient savage dragon going wild.

He couldn't imagine what kind of blood and blood would be stirred up by a Tianjiao with the fighting power of the right way rushing into the battlefield of ten thousand races.

If Xianzong anciently held him accountable, he would not be able to eat and walk around.

However, it was already too late. The speed of Ye Tian's space transmission far exceeded the speed at which he destroyed the space channel.

Hedao City Lord's face was ashes, and he was furious to the extreme, but there was nothing he could do.

The Taikoo Wanzu battlefield came from the hands of Immortal Venerable Transcending Tribulation. How could he be able to break through it with a small harmony?

Once you enter the Taigu Wanzu battlefield, unless you are killed or take the initiative, you will have to wait for a hundred years.

This hundred years is enough for a true immortal to slaughter all the testers back and forth several times.

This space channel is very long, giving Ye Tian a sense of interstellar teleportation.

Through the transparent barriers of the passage, one can see one after another star field being left behind. Apparently this is a sign that it will only have to be teleported very far away.

I don't know how much time has passed, the space suddenly shook, Ye Tian rushed out of the passage and stood on an ancient continent.

The purple air is dense, and the mountains are like dragons. One by one, they rise straight into the sky. The top of the mountain is covered with snow, and there are waterfalls falling down between the mountains. It is suspected that the Milky Way has fallen for nine days.

This is an ancient continent, and it is also a piece of divine soil. Looking around, it is full of lush greenery, the lakes are as clear as sapphire, the spiritual energy is so rich that it cannot be melted, the dragons and tigers leap, and the weather is endless.

The place where Ye Tian landed was a valley with a wide field of vision.

A huge ancient tree with branches stretching to the sky, bigger than a hill. Thick vines are like dragons, crawling everywhere. The flowers and plants are fragrant, refreshing, colorful and very pleasing to the eye.


In the distance, there were earth-shattering roars, like the roars of ancient dragons, arrogant like the sea, boiling like a tide, even the gods would feel palpitations.

Obviously, it is very unsafe here, and there are peerless beasts. Even the human race gods dare not rule here.

Trials coming to the battlefield of ten thousand races is not just as simple as comprehending the Dao.

The area here is vast enough, with a radius of more than ten million miles, which can accommodate hundreds of life stars.

As soon as Ye Tianwu came out of the space channel, he felt a kind of ancient and barbaric atmosphere, and there was also a chaotic charm, which was very close to the law of his cultivation, like a fish in water.

According to legend, this place was transformed from an ancient immortal sect, the holy land of the chaotic immortal sect.

The Chaos Immortal Sect once dominated the heavens and the world, and was the strongest sect in the universe, prospering for a while.

Now that the prosperity has come to an end, there is only a piece of ruins left here, and there are some immortal Dao marks.

In the dark, there is a force that motivates Ye Tian to rush in one direction.

There, the avenues are rumbling, the dao marks are hundreds of millions, and the space is bright. It is the core of the battlefield of the ancient ten thousand races, and it is also the site of the sect of the Chaos Immortal Sect.

Surrounding the battlefield of the ancient tribes, there are a total of nine starry sky giant cities, and the space passages in the giant cities are all opened at the same time, but the testers will be sent to different positions of the trial field, and everyone will be spread out as much as possible to avoid cause conflict.

However, the direction of all the testers will be very clear, and they will rush towards the core of the Taigu Wanzu battlefield, because the closer they are to the core, the more opportunities they will have.

There was no one in the valley, and all the testers left and ran into the distance.

"Little girl, if you want to escape, can you escape? Kneel down to apologize and give you a treat."

"To act as a feline for the tiger, to help the Zhou to abuse, you should have thought that today will come."

Outside the valley, a beautiful figure ran wildly.

A dozen figures were chasing after them, each of them as strong as a dragon, full of killing aura.

Although Shen Xi used the Xuanguang Platform, she was unable to teleport away, because someone on the other side used the space anchor magic weapon, imprisoned the space, and restrained her Xuanguang Platform to the extreme.

With her sharp movement, she only rushed outside the valley, and was surrounded by dozens of figures, with no way to escape.

She only rose to the realm of the late stage of the **** infant, and there are several of the opponents who are only gods.

A series of gloomy gazes shot, making Shen Xi’s back feel cold.

These people hated Ye Tian and wanted to take their anger out on her.

Long Ao is more than ten feet tall, with a tiger-backed waist, a head full of golden hair, a layer of fine scales covering his arms and face, and a dragon shadow clinging to his body, like a real dragon descending into the world.

"Don't go too far. Even though I'm with Senior Ye, I haven't made a move or provoke you in the slightest. Why are you so aggressive?" Shen Xi said loudly.

She was really innocent, and she was considered an accomplice just by walking with Ye Tian.


Long Ao directly slapped him with a big slap, and Shen Xi's face instantly appeared with a striking palm print, he was beaten so much that he vomited blood again and again, and fell to the ground.

"You are also very timid. You know that you will be besieged, but you dare to come to the battlefield of ten thousand races. So many monks have died in my Chilong Star Territory, and you still have the face to say that we are strong? Hatred is still inseparable from him, and it is you who killed yourself, no one can blame others." Long Ao strode forward and stomped Shen Xi under his feet.

"And my brother, the big devil king of Jiumodongtian, also died in the hands of the little evil seed. Since the little evil seed is dead, it is up to you to make amends. Let's discuss, how to deal with this little bitch, is it swallowed alive? Or stripped alive?"

"Don't tell me, wouldn't it be a pity to swallow such a beautiful woman alive? Before killing it, at least let everyone have a good time, right?

A cultivator of the Tengu clan with a dog's head and a human body grinned, looking at Shen Xi's delicate body, his voice was slamming.

"Take it! Kill someone after the incident." Long Ao kicked and Shen Xi fell into the arms of the Tengu Clan cultivator.

The Tengu Clan cultivator was impatient, and tore Shen Xi's clothes on the spot.

Shen Xi wanted to die, but she found that she was imprisoned by Long Ao when she exerted all her strength, and she would never stop herself if she wanted to.


Suddenly, a divine light flashed out from the sky, and a chaotic great sword cut through the sky, directly splitting the head of the Tengu cultivator in half, blood splashed everywhere, and even the primordial spirit was wiped out.

"The injustice has the head, the debt has the owner, what kind of skill do you have to bully an innocent girl? Come at me if you have any."

Accompanied by the sound, a Yingwei figure in the sky quickly landed and stepped down, with a strong wind blowing sand and rocks on the ground, destroying the grass and trees.

"Who doesn't want to live anymore? Dare to wait for me?" A group of people roared again and again.

They were the strongest beings in this group of testers, and they were attacked unexpectedly, and they all burst into flames.

Clang clang!

An ancient soldier stabbed at the sky, trying to pierce the person who fell from the sky and water the earth with blood.

Bang bang bang!

In a flash of light and shadow, the figure landed, and its right leg swept across, like a millstone, smashing all the ancient soldiers into the city's iron slag, and then kicking several heads.

That figure fell down and stood beside Shen Xi, dressed in Tsing Yi from dust, without a trace of blood.

Although there was no earth-shattering qi burst out from his body, it made everyone horrified.

"It's you? Weren't you intercepted by the city lord? How can you still come in?" Long Ao exclaimed, his eyes almost popping out.

He escaped from a city master of Hedao and entered the space passage. He understands what this means better than anyone else?

"Something's wrong, they haven't been teleported away, are they really dead?"

In the back, the pupils of several god-turning powerhouses shrank suddenly, and discovered a terrifying reality. Those who were killed by Ye Tian were not teleported away. They were truly dead and their bodies were lying on the ground.

"Didn't you say that the law of life and death is distorted here? How could this be?"

They couldn't help being horrified, and they all retreated hundreds of feet.

"Escape!" Long Ao shouted, the first to rush out.


Dao marks appeared, and the void was distorted, like a celestial drum beating, roaring, and a big hand instantly grabbed behind Long Ao.

"Damn, I fought with you!"

Long Ao roared, and the dragon shadow that enveloped him instantly turned into a thousand feet long, UU reading www. pressed down on Ye Tian like a mountain.

At the same time, a black warhammer was swung in his hand, and the space rumbled and shattered.

This is a warhammer forged by the star core. Even if it is only a small piece, its weight is astonishing to the extreme, not inferior to a ten thousand zhang mountain.

And when it was swung, the warhammer glowed, burning like the sun, spreading out devastating waves.

This is not only a magic weapon, but also a peerless forbidden weapon. The black warhammer is sealed with terrifying energy.

At the same time, several other transformation gods also shot, some threw the star seal, some pulled out the purple gold whip that was several miles long, there was a giant sword that split the world, and a sword that pierced the sky,…

Among them, the god-turning commander who had targeted Ye Tian when Ye Tian first entered the city was also there, holding a bronze battle dagger in his hand, bursting out thousands of divine lights, stabbed at Ye Tian's head fiercely.

In an instant, Ye Tian became the target of public criticism!


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