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Mo Lan also entered this area in an information state.

The information in the area and Mo Lan's own information are intertwined, and Mo Lan advances bit by bit, reading the information bit by bit.

When reading the information, Mo Lan calculated slightly in his mind, and suddenly understood.

"It turns out that this is the location where the mechanical explosion occurred.

In this way, the core of this information state area should be the location of the main body of the machine?

In other words, this piece of information state area is caused by the influence of the mechanical main body.

And this machine...."

As Mo Lan moved forward, Mo Lan read more and more information and learned more and more things.

What surprised Mo Lan was that in this area of ​​information state, Mo Lan did not encounter any threats or situations, and read the information here easily, as if there was no danger in it.

But before entering, Mo Lan clearly felt that it was very dangerous inside, and Mo Lan's knowledge also told that there would be a certain degree of danger inside.

I haven't encountered anything now. Thinking about it now, this should be related to the few pieces of information I perceived before.

Humanity, inheritor, identity pass.

Human beings are very simple, originating from Mo Lan's race, and their status as inheritors...

Mo Lan probably has something to do with Mo Lan or the game system.

The combination of the two allowed Mo Lan's identity to pass the review, so that he did not encounter any dangerous situations.

And this shows that although there is a problem with this machine, it is still running, and it has even been running for hundreds of thousands of years!

Mo Lan continued to move forward. After entering this area, Mo Lan felt very at ease, as if she had returned home.

Walking in the information state area and reading the information, Mo Lan has roughly understood it.

The information I read is not other things, but history, the history of a human civilization.

From birth to weak, from weak to strong, from strong to overlord, and then from overlord to destruction.

This is an extremely magnificent process. When Mo Lan walked through all the information state area and came to the core, and looked at a light ball in the core, Mo Lan already understood everything in his heart.

Understand the destruction of this civilization, understand the role of this machine.

Standing at the core of the information state area, Mo Lan couldn't help being silent, this is no longer the information state area, and Mo Lan has also returned to normal state, looking at the light ball in front of her, she can't help but whisper.

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"A hegemony-level human civilization that tried to break through to the conceptual level but was destroyed due to failure."

Mo Lan's tone of voice was inexplicable, and her eyes were complicated.

At this moment, many questions in Mo Lan's mind were answered.

Why is the density of planets in this universe so high?

Why is the world of the sun **** in the other world so far away but there are also human beings, and there are all kinds of creatures in human legends and myths?

Because this cosmic region was originally a whole continent.

The broken matter of this continent re-condensed and bred under the passage of time, and turned into planets.

Because originally the ruler of this continent and the overlord of this universe was a huge human civilization.

The origin of human beings is not the earth, not the world where the alien sun **** lives, but this continent.

Although this continent has been destroyed, the information of human beings and the information of each race still remain in this world. When matter and energy condense into the world again, these races will reappear.

The two questions that had troubled Mo Lan for a long time were answered at this moment.

This is a human civilization with a technological system.

Of course, this does not mean that there are no strong individuals in this human civilization. Through the power of science and technology, human beings can still master extraordinary power and extremely strong individual power.

It's just that the main structure of civilization and the type of technology tree are all out-and-out technological directions.

But whether it is technology or individual extraordinary, they all lead to the same goal when they reach the top.

Recognize information, master information, influence information, and finally define information.

Defining information is also called a concept machine, which defines information with concepts.

And so the concept level can actually be regarded as the last realm above the gods.

In the history read through information, this civilization is an out-and-out scientific research civilization.

After the scientific and technological system of the entire civilization has entered the level of gods, every individual in the entire civilization has become a researcher profession, and the proportion of researchers in the civilization is as high as 100%.

What shocked Mo Lan was that the morality and moral system of this civilization are very good. This is a moral system with the core of seeking knowledge.

Under this moral system, the will of the entire civilization is incomparably unified, and the power of the entire civilization is condensed together, continuously rushing to higher peaks.

In Mo Lan's view, this is almost a miracle, but maybe only miracles are qualified to reach the information level, and only miracles are qualified to sprint to the conceptual level.

After successfully recognizing the information and the entire civilization level has been leapfrogged again, this human civilization no longer has any enemies, and has become an out-and-out advanced civilization in the universe.

Invincible, this is not an exaggerated word.

Even individual extraordinary gods and information level are not the slightest threat to this civilization.

Because individual extraordinary gods are above their own individuality, but the gods of this human civilization are above civilization.

It may be a thousand times, ten thousand times, or billion times more difficult for a civilization to break through to the level of the gods than for an individual to break through, but once it breaks through, it often means that for this level, for an individual's extraordinary gods, Invincible, sweeping.

Because above the gods of this level of scientific and technological civilization, maybe everyone is like a dragon in the legend.

It's just horrible.

What is even more frightening is that, under the constraints of the moral system, the human civilization that has become the overlord still maintains its simplicity.

In Mo Lan's view Perhaps for a civilization, the moral system is the most precious thing, and it is the fundamental reason that determines whether a civilization can last for a long time and continue to grow stronger.

An excellent moral system may perish midway or stagnate in development, but without an excellent moral system, civilization will stagnate or be destroyed at some point.

In terms of the Great Filter Theory, an excellent moral system is the key to pass through the Great Filter.

And in the still simple situation, this human beings are still tirelessly researching and seeking knowledge, and to that extent, the conceptual level is almost their only goal.

An invincible, almost all-knowing civilization above the gods has no internal friction, and the power of the entire civilization is devoted to this matter.

Mo Lan looked at the ball of light in front of her and murmured.

"Unfortunately, they failed."

This civilization is gone, this is a civilization that failed at the conceptual level.

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