Raising Evil Spirits - Chapter 8167 : blue light

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The sudden law evolution of Mie Ri Zhu Shen caught Dao Xian present off guard. This monster was already powerful enough, but now it is even more ferocious. The tentacles touched the barrier of the mountain protection formation, and the sound wave directly broke open!

Jiaolong's red head sprayed red aurora towards the opening, and several palaces below were turned into ruins on the spot!

The blue dragon head still mainly uses freezing attacks, and the beams of light sprayed everywhere make the Taoist immortal who can't avoid it become an ice sculpture!

Coupled with the sonic attack of the tentacles, the surrounding immortals are in danger and dare not get too close!

It means that this Mie Ri Zhu Shen has evolved into a beast that is good at both long-distance and melee combat!


After a successful blow, Mie Ri Zhu Shen tasted the sweetness, and once again stretched the tail of Feihong Tacui behind him towards the shield. The originally huge energy made the evolved Feihong Tacui Law grow a lot, and the tail almost extended More than three or four times.

Several tails touched the shield, without destroying the four array eyes, several tails seemed to forcibly open a huge hole, allowing Mie Ri Zhushen to slip into the shield!

The immortals were all dumbfounded from the outside. Originally, the mountain protection formation was to prevent alien beasts from attacking. Now that the alien beasts have entered the fairyland, the mountain protection formation is no different from non-existence!

"Come into the Immortal Realm to intercept it!" The Immortal Monarch of the Wulan Immortal Territory yelled while covering his chest. He was knocked into the air by the sound wave just now, and he was able to save his life. His strength is far beyond that of ordinary immortals.

The remaining 30 or so Taoist immortals followed immediately, including me and Li Duanyue, who took the opportunity to enter the fairyland.

"What should we do now?" Li Duanyue asked anxiously.

"It can only be killed by force." I thought to myself that this strange beast is actually very difficult to kill in the sea. The seabed is its home field, but when it enters the fairyland, it is my home field.

There are many things that Mie Ri Zhu God covets in the Immortal Realm, such as eternal flowers and the like, they are all high-quality rare treasures, and after being devoured, they can increase the power of the Law and Dao Foundation.

So this strange beast immediately spent forever on the biggest one!

Wulan Xianjun was so frightened that his face was ashen, and he led everyone to shout, while separately restraining the beasts!

Although this strange beast is quite big, compared with the biggest eternal flower, it is about the same size, no wonder it persevered and came back!

The Daoist immortals couldn't care less, and chased after the strange beast one after another!

However, this Mie Ri Zhu Shen was extremely ferocious, as soon as Zheng Daoxian approached, two or three of them were killed by his tail, and the rest only dared to attack from a distance, but most of them were avoided, and the attack hit the palace group instead!

Seeing that everyone can't avoid it, Immortal Wulan is also impatient: "Follow me to kill the God of Mieri! I will give Wulan a treasure from Immortal Domain as a gift! You can choose from the treasure house!"

"Xianjun, it's stingy to choose just one treasure. We don't know if we can save our lives or not!"

"That's right! A few immortal friends died before they even used their magical weapons!"

"If you continue to cherish your broom, your fairyland may be destroyed overnight! Xianjun should be more generous!"

However, in the face of this terrifying monster, the immortals still feel that they cannot compare with Xiaoming.

"If you drive it away, one piece per person! If you kill it, the treasure house will give you a choice!" Immortal Wu Lan quickly changed his words.

Only then did a group of immortals feel motivated, but their attacks were still weak compared to Mie Ri Zhu Shen!

Mie Ri Zhu Shen surrounded the huge ancient eternal flower tree, wrapped his tail around the tree body, extracted the power from it, and could attack non-stop!



After Mie Rizhu God stopped to devour the eternal flower, the immortals didn't care about the ancient tree, all kinds of attacks poured down, and the sound of explosions kept coming and going!

Mie Ri Zhu Shen's counterattack was timely, and the immortals also used all means to find loopholes to attack!

So the one who suffers in the end is the giant eternal flower!

"Don't destroy the ancient tree!" Immortal Wulan was anxious, but no one was willing to listen to him.

In front of Xiaoming, all rare treasures are just embellishments!

"Xianjun, if I kill him alone, what reward will I have?" I took the opportunity to ask.

Seeing that I was still discussing with him at this time, Immortal Wulan felt that I did it on purpose, and immediately gave me a blank look, and said: "How about I give you the most treasured Wulan Lantern in the Immortal Domain!?"

"Hehe, is this foggy blue light very powerful?" I looked at Li Duanyue.

She nodded and said: "It can be regarded as a treasure worthy of the name of the Eternal Sea. It is a treasure embellished with luck and has the power to confuse all living beings."

"Not only the fog blue lamp, but also this Mie Ri Zhu Shen, is it okay for me to take it?" I asked again.

"By you?" Immortal Wu Lan frowned suspiciously, but when she looked at Li Duanyue, her expression suddenly changed: "You are... Jinghong! God Lord Jinghong?"

"Hmph, did you only recognize me now? Immortal Wulan's eyes are a little too high after all these years." Li Duanyue said expressionlessly.

"No... Alas, God Lord Jinghong, it would be great if you came! I beg you, please help me in Wulan Immortal Territory!" Wulan Xianjun said anxiously.

"I can't help you with anything. This Mie Ri Zhu Shen has the power of destroying the Immortal Realm. I can't deal with it alone. Why don't you ask the one in front of you? In the midst of life and death, are you still planning to go far away? "Li Duanyue asked back.

"It's not... him?" Immortal Wulan looked at me in disbelief, and a man and a woman behind him were also very surprised.

"Xianjun, if God Master Jinghong is willing to help us, we will be more confident in driving away this Mie Ri Zhu God!"

"Yes, if you donate the fog blue lamp, wouldn't it be... And counting on a Daoist, I'm afraid I'll miss a big deal!"

I looked at the hesitation on Wulan Xianjun's face, and immediately said in a cold voice: "If you hesitate a little longer, I can't guarantee that this sacred tree will survive. By then, it will not be about Wulan Lantern and strange beasts."

A group of immortals saw that we were still discussing at this time, and they were somewhat anxious, and some directly cursed.

Immortal Wulan didn't dare to procrastinate any longer, so he could only say: "If you can protect my sacred tree and kill the God of Mieri, how about Wulan Lantern sending you off? But if you die, don't even think about it." !"

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