Raising Evil Spirits - Chapter 8166 : Repel

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Qian Yue hurriedly directed everyone to disperse, and had a face-to-face with the two Taoist immortals who were on her left and right and me, and their strength was not bad.

However, the effect of long-range attacks is limited. This tentacle is like a probe. Wherever it is touched, it can cause a violent explosion on the bottom of the sea.

"Peak Lord Qianyue, should the three of you retreat to other places first, and my companion and I are good at long-distance attack, and we will be responsible for restraining this strange beast and buying you time?" I suggested.

"Okay! Thank you fairy friends! Let's leave now!" Qian Yue immediately fled with the male and female Taoist immortals.

Li Duanyue and I glanced at each other and immediately understood what each other was going to do next.

Li Duanyue's 3,000 sword silks immediately entangled and tied several of the flying red and green tentacles. Before the opponent could launch a concussion attack, she immediately pulled it hard. The divine power surged, and the sword thread seemed to flash in a flash, and the two tentacles were broken in an instant!

If Feihong Tacui hadn't hurriedly retracted his tentacles, the other tentacles would have broken off accordingly!

However, the strange beast is extremely powerful, and the broken tentacles can be restored quickly, and they quickly counterattacked Li Duanyue!

Li Duanyue had already made preparations, the sword silk had already been woven into a net, and the tentacles were either hung on the net, or cut into several pieces!

And I didn't stand still, after I released the azure blue golden pagoda, it immediately rushed towards this Feihongtacui!

After no one is watching, I can finally output with all my strength.

While flying, the Golden Pagoda makes a deafening roar. This is also improved from Jiuge's Daoji. In addition, it has come to this eternal sea and adapted to the Daoji here. I believe its sonic attack is no less than that of Feihong. Tacui!

Sure enough, as soon as Feihong Tacui heard the sound wave, he felt as if he was facing a formidable enemy. While vibrating at high frequency, the tentacles quickly rolled towards the flying golden pagoda!

The two sound waves collided with each other, and the golden pagoda had a total of six floors and seventy-two doors. The roar was like the roar of a demon god, and the vibrating sound of the tentacles was instantly wiped out!

And the tentacles don't have too high strength, so the sound waves easily bounce them into law fragments!

Feihong Tacui's tentacles let out a painful roar, and his body immediately fled towards the distance!

I hurried to catch up, and Li Duanyue quickly wrapped and pulled her with the sword wire, but instead she was pulled and flew into the deep sea!

However, during the pursuit, there was a sudden loud noise, and Li Duanyue let go of the sword wire, and stopped her figure!

A scene that shocked us all happened, that Feihong Tacui was still running at high speed, but the next moment, it seemed to be hit by some huge object and rushed towards us!


"Go!" Li Duanyue exclaimed and flew towards me!

"What's the matter?" I asked quickly, and sensed that a huge energy was rushing towards us!

Li Duanyue and I are miles away from this Flying Red Tacui. This is the deep sea. Apart from sensing and concentrating the observation of the eyes, the visibility is actually not high. observe.

"It's Mie Ri Zhu Shen!" Li Duanyue said with frowned eyebrows.

I thought to myself that the third-ranked Feihong Tacui is already quite difficult to deal with, and his speed in the sea is faster than us. Isn't this Mie Ri Zhu Shen even more terrifying?

"Two alien beasts collided head-on by mistake?" I thought to myself, this seems unlikely, right?

"I don't think so!" Li Duanyue pulled me up to leave, but a light and shadow in front of me instantly illuminated the seabed!


Just when Li Duanyue and I were shocked, the sound of impact sounded again, and I looked towards the bright place, a snake-shaped fish dragon with two heads of different colors bit Feihong Tacui's body!

Not only were we shocked, but the surrounding fairy families were also terrified.

It's not that Feihong Tacui who was bitten did not fight back, but those tentacles rolled towards the double-headed dragon, and were immediately entangled by the opponent's snake body!

This is by no means Feihongtacui's slow speed. With its speed, it is also one of the best existences among the lawful beasts. It's just that it was bitten after being hit, and it was restricted by the terrifying freezing of the God of Exorcising the Sun!

Feihong Tacui, who couldn't move at the same high speed as before, was easily torn apart and swallowed by the two-headed dragon. After all, the gap between the two sides was like a 30-story building and an ordinary high-rise, and there was no comparison at all!

"This... is the mutual devouring of laws?" I immediately controlled the golden pagoda and rushed towards the dragon!

Li Duanyue also waited for an opportunity to launch an attack, and the three thousand sword threads quickly entangled with Jiaolong!

However, it is hard to imagine how difficult it is to wrap such a huge body with a huge sword thread, and the Mie Ri Zhu Shen was not moved at all. Sure enough, Li Duanyue couldn't cut it apart like tearing off Feihong Tacui's tentacles!

"With the power of your outer immortals, it is impossible to kill this Mie Ri Zhu Shen! Hurry up and send your power to me!" A male immortal in blue clothes and a crown said loudly.

"Yes! Our Immortal Lord is going to use the mountain guard array to attack! Send the power over here!"

"Don't wait until the Mieri Zhushen devours Feihong Tacui before you realize your regret!"

I sneered, completely indifferent, and the control urn directly blasted towards Mie Ri Zhu Shen!

While biting Feihong Tacui, this strange beast sprayed laser light at my golden pagoda. Wherever it passed, the sea water instantly turned into icicles!

However, before the golden pagoda was frozen, the beam of light turned in an instant and bypassed the golden pagoda!

Under the high-frequency vibration, the surrounding energy field has long changed, not because it failed to hit the golden pagoda, but because it was stripped of its power!

The Mie Ri Zhu God still didn't pay attention to the golden pagoda, and devoured Feihong Tacui in front of all the Taoist immortals!

Seeing that a strange beast has been bitten out of shape, and the immortals of the fairyland over there have not attacked, and I no longer count on their help, the commanding golden tower blasted towards Mie Ri Zhu Shen!


The sound wave confronted the beam of light again on the spot, and I thought to myself that this monster is indeed powerful enough, and the Phantom God state cannot attract too much power of the Dao Foundation, which limits my strength.

Of course, I'm not a vegetarian either. When I pointed my sword, countless swords of good fortune were shot out from the door of the golden pagoda. In the next moment, they all flew towards Mie Ri Zhu Shen!

Relying on its rough skin and thick flesh, the monster thought it was just an ordinary flying sword, but it didn't take it seriously, allowing these flying swords to bombard itself directly!

The result is obvious, the sword qi sinking into the body is not something its scales can resist!

"Let's go together! It devours Feihong Tacui as if the law has been rejected!"

The fairy saw that I could compete with this strange beast, and mistakenly thought that Mie Ri Zhushen had become weaker. As a result, as soon as he launched an attack, he was immediately glared at by the other head of the strange beast. out!

I thought to myself that Mie Ri Zhu Shen actually has two kinds of law abilities!

But what shocked me was far more than that. Soon, there were several tentacles like flying red and green on this strange beast!

These tentacles rushed towards the other fairy families quickly, and the next moment, there were more blood flowers on the bottom of the sea!

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