Raise a House of Obsession - Chapter 173 Sisters are at odds

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"You are a super pervert, she is a very good person, a good person like me!" Sun Chengcheng's voice grew louder, and she habitually wanted to jump up and beat Zhou Yi, but found that she was a little shorter than the other party. head.

Zhou Yi took a picture of her hand and said, "What kind of heartburn are you going to cultivate?"

"It may be the same as my grandma's, confession or something..." Sun Chengcheng was a little uncertain, which didn't match her personality, but it was very compatible with "Mo".

Zhou Yi shook his head: "I advise you, don't cultivate negative fires such as repentance, remorse, and regret, you can't control it."

"These similar obsessions, matched by sex, have rapid psychic improvement, but are easily confused by the'silence'. Your grandma, a hero for a lifetime, is still confused and mentally confused in the end."

Sun Chengcheng was a little unconvinced, Zhou Yi said that she was too grandma, she was very unconvinced.

"But even if she was deceived, she still maintained the kindness that belongs to human beings. As soon as I reminded her, I immediately woke up. I can save her mainly by relying on her own strength."

"But you, don't fix these. I can't help it. Find a positive fire to fix it. It's okay to make progress slower, at least it's not easy to be confused."

There is also an obsession between obsessions, the fire of the heart swallows obsessions with similar obsessions, and the psychic energy grows rapidly.

But if the frontal fire is repaired, the benefits of "silence" will be greatly reduced, of course, no matter how much better than normal people.

Sun Chengcheng was silent, and she was unconvinced again, very unconvinced.

She is inferior to the grandmother who is like a god, and she knows this point.

What she is not convinced is, why did the big brother bow her head like an adult and ask her to speak?

This "big brother" was often beaten by her before...

"Big brother" is still a derogatory term, it was deliberately used to laugh at each other, and now it has become a real big brother!

Damn it, why did Zhou Yi become a psychotherapist, now it is a silver seal, so **** it, even if I fight it, I can't beat it!

Her small body jumped with anger, and her entire face was flushed.

Zhou Yi showed a bright smile, completely disregarding the girl's inner thoughts: "You call her out, and now you figure out the way forward, you can save a lot of medical expenses. If you really want to owe me 100 million and work for me for the rest of your life, then It's not impossible. I have no objection anyway."

"Huh!" Sun Chengcheng glared at him bitterly, and then jumped from the ground.

"There is no need for meat or anything, I only need money!"

"What? I'll call her!"

She closed her eyes and hammered her head down, as if she had fainted.

After a second, he opened his eyes.

"Big~senior brother! Haha!" Sun Chengcheng said happily.

When she saw Zhou Yi, she seemed very happy, and the tone of her speech immediately made people distinguish the gap.

She looked at the surrounding environment. This may be the first time she saw the real world. "It's no different from the world in a dream."

"Are you real or fake?"

"Fake...Big brother, you look so good-looking, but Sun Chengcheng hates you, don't you want to know the reason?"

The Sun Chengcheng still has sadness on her face, but the new one does not seem to have a sad expression, after all, her brand new personality.

Instead, he kept looking at Zhou Yi with a pair of eyes.

"Ahem, it's normal for her to hate me. Because she used to beat me a lot, but now she can't beat me...you can't beat me either, don't think about it, did you see this silver medal?"

"But I will be able to beat you soon!" Sun Chengcheng raised her little arm, "My psychic power has reached the upper limit of the bronze seal!"

"It will only take a few days to condense the negative fire."

"No, neither can you." Zhou Yi bulged his biceps, "I am stronger than you can imagine. Even if you are a silver seal, you still can't beat me."

This is not a lie.

Little girl, are you amazing?

Even if you hang up, you can only watch your brother running wildly in front.

Because all my achievements are based on my own efforts!

"Puff!" Fake Sun Chengcheng laughed: "She hates you, but that's not the reason!"

Fake Sun Chengcheng said something very strange: "Two different personalities must be distinguished enough. She...likes girls, I like boys. She hates you because she likes Lingzi. , She thinks you will grab her Reiko!"

"But I think she's just a fool... What's the point of Lily."

When she said this, Sun Chengcheng's face changed, and she seemed a little bit painful at this moment, as if there was another personality vying for control of the body.

"Ah~ She is eavesdropping on our conversation... She is coming out!"

After all, the fake oranges were just fakes, and they were robbed of control of their bodies in a short while. The little girl's complexion was flushed and she was so embarrassed that she cried out.

Then he turned around, wiped his eyes, and ran away in a hurry.

Zhou Yi was shocked, and then gave a wry smile: "Sisters are at odds, the trouble in the future... is big."


"Brother, are you bullying her again?" After Ye Ling saw Sun Chengcheng hurriedly running, she couldn't catch up at all, so she gave her a blank look.

"What matters to me, she would be fine if she didn't hit me."

"It's because of something wrong with her own mind. You will love her more in the future." Zhou Yi pointed to his temple.


Ye Ling still had that calm tone. In fact, she wanted to ask what happened to Sun Chengcheng. Her eyes kept blinking, and she wanted her brother to help her.

Zhou Yi couldn't help but want to molest her. Of course, the current situation is not suitable for this kind of thing.

"It may be because I made money from their family~www.novelbuddy.com~ which made her family almost bankrupt. She couldn't buy all the bags and mobile phones that could have been bought, so she wept bitterly."

"Earned their family's money?" She asked, "How much?"

Zhou Yi stretched out a hand: "This number!"

"Five hundred thousand?!" Ye Ling had already thought about the high price as much as possible, but even so, it was still an order of magnitude difference.

"Ha... Almost, so she cried bitterly."

"You better comfort her."

Ye Ling always felt that something was wrong, not just her brother, but Sun Chengcheng started to cry after taking more than a week of leave.

I have become more attached to myself recently.

Finally, he was suspicious and quietly comforted.

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