Princess is Glamorous in Modern Day - Chapter 1543 - 1543 Ancient and Modern

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1543 Ancient and Modern

At that moment, the wind and rain outside the window had stopped slightly, sending in the faint fragrance of the autumn chrysanthemums. It circled Jun Shiling’s hazy eyes, giving off a hint of loneliness.

Jun Shiling’s voice was soft just now, so Xia Wanyuan did not hear what he said. “What did you say just now?”

Jun Shiling looked up and restrained the disappointment in his eyes. He smiled at Xia Wanyuan. “It’s nothing. It’s late. Go and rest.”

“I packed a guest room for you. Go and rest too.”

“Okay, thank you.”

After bringing Jun Shiling to the guest room, Xia Wanyuan returned to her room and lay on the bed, listening to the rain outside the window. For some reason, Xia Wanyuan had a baffling thought.

The blanket I had prepared for Jun Shiling seemed a little thin. I wonder if he would be cold under it.

This thought came inexplicably. When Xia Wanyuan realized that she was thinking about Jun Shiling, she laughed and thought to herself that she did not know what was wrong with her today.

It was already very late. Xia Wanyuan blew out the light and gradually fell asleep.

On the other hand, in the guest room, the smell of the blanket that had been exposed to the sunlight lingered at the tip of his nose. There was also a faint fragrance on Xia Wanyuan. Jun Shiling pulled the blanket closer. For the first time in a long time, he had a good sleep.

After a long time, in Beijing Hospital in China, Xuan Sheng’s eyes flashed with pity as he looked at the woman wrapped in gauze in the ward.

Because her injuries were too serious, this unknown woman had been lying in the ICU for three months, but she still showed no signs of waking up.

“Can she be saved?” Xuan Sheng looked at Shen Xiu. No matter what, this woman had suffered such a serious injury because of Xia Wanyuan. Logically speaking, regardless of whether she could be saved or not, Xuan Sheng would be responsible to the end.

“We can only take it one step at a time. Her injuries are too serious.” Shen Xiu shook his head. “Her skin has been stripped off. To be honest, unless we can get Yu Qian to appear, he’s the best doctor in the world now.”

However, everyone knew that it was impossible to invite Yu Qian. Ever since the incident in the temple, not only had Jiang Qing disappeared, but even Yu Qian had disappeared. Even Little Xiaxia could not find Yu Qian, let alone anyone else.

On an island far from the world, on a tall ancient castle, a bleak figure was standing in front of the window, gently sipping the red wine in his glass.

“Continent Master, the little princess is sending a signal here again.”

It was unknown how many times Little Xiaxia had sent signals to the island. Previously, Yu Qian clearly doted on Little Xiaxia very much. The servants did not know what had happened. After returning this time, Yu Qian was even more closed off than before.

He locked himself in this ancient castle. Even Little Xiaxia’s call could not make Yu Qian’s expression change at all.

Yu Qian looked down at the letter in the servant’s hand. “Block her.”

“Yes.” The servant was about to turn around with the letter when Yu Qian stopped her. “Show me the letter.”

“Yes.” The servant handed the letter to Yu Qian before turning to leave.

Yu Qian turned on the monitor and took a look. Little Xiaxia was still using the communication signal combination code he had taught her. There was a beautiful little flower on the interface and a little person crying.

“Uncle Yu, Mom and Dad aren’t back yet. Are you ignoring me too??”

Yu Qian’s hand that was holding the monitor moved slightly.

At this moment, the screen on the monitor suddenly flashed, and Little Xiaxia’s smiling face appeared on the screen.

“Uncle Yu, you didn’t expect this, right?? I can crack your system now. Am I amazing?”

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