Poison Doctor’s Cute Baby (Poison Doctor Mother Baby) - v2 Chapter 7032 .Fengqi Secret Realm (2)

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Chapter 7032

"The Fengqi Secret Realm is a secret realm belonging to the Phoenix Clan near the Feng Clan. You haven't heard of it because the opening time and entrance of the Fengqi Secret Realm are random! Even our Phoenix Clan can't grasp the rules for the opening of the Fengqi Secret Realm! "

"In addition to being extremely dangerous, the Fengqi Secret Realm also has a large number of resources suitable for the cultivation of the Phoenix Clan. Therefore, every time the Fengqi Secret Realm appears, the strong people of the Phoenix Clan will enter. The Fengqi Secret Realm is different from other secret realms, that is, only the Phoenix Clan. , and the strong Phoenix clan can enter!"

"No other race can enter, and there is only a dead end for those who are weak! When the Fengqi Secret Realm was first discovered, many Feng Clan disciples fell into the Fengqi Secret Realm! Later, the Feng Clan disciples were banned from entering the Fengqi Secret Realm! "

"In the later stage, the Fengqi Secret Realm has become a training ground for the elders of the Phoenix Clan. And the Fengqi Secret Realm will only be detected by us every time the entrance appears near the Phoenix Clan. The opening time of each Fengqi Secret Realm cannot be predicted!"

"Not only that, but every time the Fengqi Secret Realm opens is different. From the time I was born to the time I left the Phoenix Clan, I have only entered the Fengqi Secret Realm twice, and I have heard it from my elders several times!"

"Therefore, every time the Fengqi Secret Realm is opened, I know the shortest one year and the longest fifteen years!"

"The shortest opening interval is more than 30,000 years, and the longest seems to be more than 100,000 years. It has never appeared. The first time I entered the Fengqi Secret Realm and stayed for seven years before I came out, and the last time was ten years!"

"The last time I entered the Fengqi Secret Realm was the one selected by the patriarch. I stayed there for ten years! I left the Feng Clan not long after I came out of the Fengqi Secret Realm..." Feng Yanzhu finished speaking, feeling emotional for a long time. Did not calm down.

Feng Xing was the first to know the reason why Feng Jianzhu left Feng Xing!

It is also very hard to believe that it is similar to himself, he will leave only after being killed, but he has forgotten the person who harmed him, but Feng Jianzhu was killed by his friend Feng Mo!

Because Feng Mo obtained an evil ancient book in Fengqi Secret Territory, swallowing the blood of the Feng family can purify the blood of the Feng family, which is completely a sorcery. I will not be harmed by Feng Mo and leave the Feng Clan!

That's right, in order to become the patriarch, Feng Mo should have obtained the secret manual of sorcery not long after entering the Fengqi Secret Realm, and began to practice directly in the Fengqi Secret Realm, and assassinated the elder who entered the Fengqi Secret Realm, purifying himself. blood!

Therefore, the 100 elders of the Phoenix clan who entered the Fengqi Secret Realm at that time lost the most. Ten years later, when the Fengqi Secret Realm was opened, more than 20 Feng clan elders were lost!

No one thought of it!

Feng Yanzhu went to Feng Mo by accident and found the secret book of sorcery that Feng Mo had not put away on his bed. After reading it, Feng Yanzhu was so shocked that he didn't even find Feng Mo when he came back!

Because Feng Yanzhu read the book of the secret realm of sorcery, even if he didn't read it, he saw some things, so after realizing Feng Mo, he easily knew from Feng Mo's aura that Feng Mo had cultivated!

It also represents that the elders of the Feng clan who fell in the Fengqi Secret territory were killed by Feng Mo!

Feng Mo didn't expect Feng Yanzhu to suddenly come to him and discover his secret. Although he didn't say anything at the time, from Feng Yanzhu's eyes, Feng Mo knew that his matter was discovered by Feng Yanzhu!

"I was shocked and didn't know what to do. I even forgot how to get back to my residence!"

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