People In Konoha, Anbe Tortured Ninjas For Ten Years! - v2 Chapter 3 Hokage, replace!

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After going through these phenomena at the scene.

Minato Namikaze has now realized that he is already a Hokage recognized by the people of Konoha Village.

This is actually not easy.

Namikaze Minato recalled all the experiences along the way, and realized how difficult it was for him to come.

To know.

Put down the entire Konoha Village.

Three generations have been managing these connections for a long time. He deliberately maintains a very bright image in front of people, just to make it appear that he can gain more popular support.

Those who win the hearts of the people win the world.

This is not surprising at any time.

Namikaze Minato also doesn't know why he has gained so much recognition all of a sudden.

But with this kind of recognition, he felt very satisfied in his heart, especially when he saw so many people on the scene wherever he could see, everyone's eyes were focused on him, making his I felt more indescribable joy in my heart.

It's a feeling of being recognized.

Namikaze Minato has always hoped that he could feel the current situation.

If not for such a phenomenon.

Just relying on conspiracy and tricks to become Hokage of Konoha Village has no sense of accomplishment for him at all, it is just a tool to become Hokage, just like he knew that after completing the handover of power in Konoha Village before. He is already the Hokage of Konoha Village, but he is still not happy.

One of the most obvious reasons for this was because he didn't feel the approval from the rest of Konoha Village at that time.

without approval.

Any situation will appear so pale and powerless.

So much so that at this time, he saw so many people on the scene constantly telling him his name, and his eyes flashed with enthusiasm, waiting for the arrival of a new era after death.

Under such a situation, Minato Namikaze had a very strong feeling of shock in his heart, which made him feel a strong resonance with the people present at the scene.

Under such a resonance, he felt people's recognition of him, and even more felt people's yearning and expectation for the future of Konoha Village, which also made him feel that he had a stronger responsibility. These responsibilities Carrying it on his shoulders will allow him to go further.

Minato Namikaze is very clear that he is responsible for the people of Konoha Village.

Now he has become the fourth-generation Hokage of Konoha Village, which only means that the current Konoha Village people have very strong trust in him.

It doesn't mean anything other than that.

Right now, he doesn't have any grades.

Everything has nothing to do with him. Whether it was at the beginning, whether Konoha Village was lonely or not, it is nothing more than the current situation. These are the state when he took over. He has not done any achievements now. come out.

The problems that happened before because of the Third Ninja World War have quietly vanished at this time.

after all.

The results of the Third Ninja World War have turned him into Hokage of Konoha Village.

This is equivalent to fulfilling the previous record.


There is no other place.

Namikaze Minato's gaze swept to these people at the scene, and he suddenly realized in his heart that becoming Hokage now is not an end for him, but a brand new beginning.

After completing the replacement of Hokage, he truly became Hokage of Konoha Village. He can let go of his hands and feet to do whatever he wants, and he can lead Konoha Village to a higher peak.


For Namikaze Minato, he also assumes the responsibility of a pillar. He needs to carry Konoha Village, Konoha Village walks forward on his shoulders, and he has to be the leader of Konoha Village. column.

When Konoha Village is in danger, he wants to be the first to be at the front.

The people of Konoha Village must not be the first to have problems.

This made Minato Namikaze feel a sense of satisfaction and a strong burden in his heart.

"Fourth Generation!"

At this moment, the voice of the third generation sounded slowly. His tone was not particularly strong, and his voice was not that loud, but it was clearly introduced to the scene, and everyone's ears made the audience quiet.

In such a quiet environment, under the focus of eyes, Sandai took off the Hokage hat on his head and put it on Minato Namikaze's head.

"In the future, Konoha Village will ask you."

The three generations seem to have entrusted their responsibilities.

This made him feel an indescribable sense of freedom and relief.

have to say.

The third generation has always liked the position of Hokage very much. He prefers to occupy the position of Hokage and not let go. This is a very important thing for him, but because of the recent series of events, the position of Hokage has become a A strong burden for him.

Now throwing these burdens away will make him feel an unprecedented comfort.

This kind of comfort made him feel that the shackles on his body were instantly released.

To a certain extent, the position of Hokage is his dream and the place he yearns for, but it also gives him a strong responsibility. It is like a double-edged sword. At times, I am always hurting myself.

Although the three generations now say that they are behind Daisy in their superiority, they also take away the strong responsibility they possess.

for a while.

The three generations felt an unprecedented sense of relaxation.

This sense of relaxation made him very satisfied.

Especially when he felt that the eyes of the people of Konoha Village were all focused on Minato Namikaze. At this moment, he belonged to Hokage's mission and re-occupied the heights of his heart, making him feel that he finally passed on the will of fire. It went on, but at the same time, it was just the endless hope passed on.

"I will not disappoint your expectations."

Namikaze Minato nodded.

He accepted the Naruto hat with peace of mind.

If it was the previous one, when he became Hokage, he might still have some guilt in his heart, but now he feels that he won the position of Hokage.

So when he accepted this Naruto hat, he didn't have any regrets in his heart.

This is also a place that makes him feel very comfortable.

To some extent.

To Naruto Minato, the position of Naruto is like the final trophy of this event.

In the past, he thought about the scene when he became Hokage countless times, but he never thought that it would be like this. He didn't become Hokage so easily, but grabbed it by some means.

Perhaps there was such a process when the third generation became Hokage.


At the moment when Namikaze Minato felt the Hokage hat, he understood that another responsibility of Hokage was to find a new Hokage for Konoha Village.

It's just a very strange feeling.

It's just like people sometimes fantasize about what kind of scene they will be when they die, so some people will write a suicide note in advance.

Of course, this description is not quite right.

It's more like many people are thinking about the scene of separation when they graduate.

People are always accustomed to thinking backwards about things that haven't happened yet, but things that are bound to happen.

Namikaze Minato also felt the same way.

As soon as Namikaze Minato became Hokage, he was already thinking about the future when he stepped down as Hokage, so he felt that at that time, he had the responsibility and obligation to pass on Hokage to a better person, and let that person lead this. Konoha Village continues to move forward, instead of continuing to occupy the position of Hokage alone, competing with the latecomers.

Namikaze Minato felt that this was not a particularly good thing.

This is also a very irresponsible thing for Konoha Village.

It is precisely because of this that he feels that no matter what happened when he competed with the three generations for the position of Hokage, he no longer used any means in the process of competing for the position of Hokage with the three generations. At least this kind of thing can be ended with him.

Namikaze Minato has already decided in his heart that when something similar happens in the future, it must not happen so easily.

He would not allow such a thing to continue like this.

This kind of Hokage dispute, full of intrigue and intrigue, can officially end with him.

Such a situation will definitely not occur in the future five generations of Hokage.

Namikaze Minato silently made up his mind in his heart that he would change all the bad habits that he felt in Konoha Village through the time he became Hokage.

And then from another angle.

Little by little, the entire Konoha Village is developing in a more powerful direction.


This Hokage anxious ceremony immediately attracted the scene. Everyone around the lake, almost everyone is shouting loudly that everyone is celebrating the birth of the latest generation of Hokage, and everyone's face is full of excitement.

Anytime something new is a new hope.

Although it is said that people do not know the things of the heart, will it really bring new hope, but the more this is, the more it will make people have a kind of anticipation.

This is absolutely no problem.

In particular, Namikaze Minato showed extraordinary talent from a very young age. Such talent, other successful ones also gave people confidence, and the third ninja war was the force generated by Namikaze Minato, It also gave them a stronger understanding of this new and powerful Hokage.

Cheers sounded for a long time, everyone had smiles on their faces, and everyone was celebrating this event.

When everyone cheered.

The three generations of Hokage, who have completed the handover, left the stage sadly.

In the process of leaving for three generations, he did not attract too many people's attention, and many people didn't even know that he had left, and not even a desolate **** was left behind.

The third generation's psychology is very clear about this, and even he has accepted this reality.

So he didn't have too many regrets in his heart.

In the things he had experienced before, he already knew where he was, and he already understood what happened during this time.

The third generation faintly felt that there was a pair of big hands behind him controlling all this, but he didn't know who the owner of these big hands was. He felt that the teacher seemed to have given up on him, so he understood that everything here needed to be carried by himself.

If in this process.

If he discloses the fact that the second generation Hokage spent money on Qianshou, it will inevitably cause even more bad influences and effects.

Those of the three generations still understand this very well.

Even if the teacher is not alive, he will not shirk these problems on the teacher, because this is extremely disrespectful to the teacher, and now that the teacher is still alive, it is even more impossible to expose such a thing.

Because of this, these things became the loneliness in his heart. After such loneliness, he couldn't explain many things.

Since he can't explain it, he can only let everything go with the wind and carry everything by himself. Anyway, he already has a lot of black stuff on his back, and it's not worse than the last few.

Things have come to this point.

Sandai knew that everything he had was powerless to turn around, so it would be better to bless Minato Namifeng.

From the beginning to the end, the three generations never thought that his enemy was actually Minato Namikaze until when he blessed Minato Namikaze, he also felt that Minato Namikaze was not actually involved in this competition.

Sandai always felt that he was competing with himself.

Because he has always been fighting for an opportunity, an opportunity to stand side by side with Minato Namikaze to compete for a group photo command, but this opportunity was not easily obtained, and everything did not develop in the direction he imagined.

Now, looking at the three generations of Namikaze Minato bursting out with a smile in front of everyone's attention, UU reading thinks that this may be the best result for Konoha Village.

As for the rest, it doesn't matter anymore.

Many things do not have so many results.

Why did Danzo and Orochimaru tell these things, why did Xiaonan come to Konoha Village, and why did he cause such a big reaction after he included Xiaonan in Konoha Village...

This series of questions has not actually been answered.

But it is no longer important to the third generation. No matter what the answer is, it will not affect the current result in the end. The Hokage of Konoha Village has completed the official replacement, and he has withdrawn from Hokage of Konoha Village. The stage of history, now what awaits him is a comfortable retirement life, which is enough.

As for other things.

The third generation is not in the mood to deal with it.

So far.

The Hokage replacement of Konoha Village was officially completed at this time.

After Sandai walked into the Hokage Building, he began to go downstairs slowly, and took off his Hokage robe during the process of going downstairs, because he would no longer need to wear this clothes in the future.

on the high platform.

One after another, his eyes focused on Minato Namikaze.

At this time, everyone is waiting for the official speech after Namikaze Minato became the fourth Hokage of Konoha Village. This is also the first time Namikaze Minato has spoken in front of so many people.

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