Peerless Martial Soul - Chapter 5923 Scramble!

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Nan Xiangtian shouted angrily: "You deliberately approached Qin Yuning just to lie to her and spend her money!"

"If it wasn't for that **** helping you, you would have died long ago!"

Chen Feng asked with a smile: "She helped me because I saved her life, but what about you?"

"As far as you are concerned, it's fine to deceive Qin Yuning, but you can't deceive me."

He put away the beads directly, too lazy to listen to Nan Xiangtian's nonsense.

As Nan Xiangtian said, he can't be killed now.

Once Liuying Tianzun is attracted, with his current strength, he is no match at all.

Just as Chen Feng left, Qin Yuying arrived behind.

Seeing his leaving back, Qin Yuying was even more shocked.

"This kid, actually mastered the Heaven Sealing Formation so quickly?"

She frowned, and was relieved until Chen Feng walked away.

"The Sealing Formation Dian has a lot of background, if the old lunatic finds out, he will definitely die."

"Fortunately, this kid has no cultivation base, and the aura of the formation activated by the spirit crystal is still very weak, so he has not been noticed."

Qin Yuying stepped away.

Chen Feng lost his cultivation, so he naturally didn't notice that Qin Yuying was peeking in the dark.

After returning to the residence, I happened to meet Zhou Xun chatting with Bai Shanshui and the others.

"Chen Feng, you're back!"

Jiang Yuechun hurriedly asked, "Is the auction going well?"

Chen Feng nodded: "One of the treasures to restore cultivation has been obtained, but the rest are hard to find."

"Zhou Xun, you often take on missions, have you ever heard the rumors about the Five Elements Supreme Treasure?"

Zhou Xunning thought for a while, then shook his head and said, "The treasure of the Five Elements is too rare, it hasn't been seen for hundreds of years."

"I originally wanted to cooperate with you, how did I hear that you have lost all your cultivation?"

Chen Feng told him the ins and outs of the future, and Zhou Xun looked sad.

"Forget it, since you have no cultivation base, that place is too dangerous to take you there."

"For your sake of helping me, if there is any news about the Five Elements Supreme Treasure, I will notify you as soon as possible."

After sending Zhou Xun away, Chen Feng chatted with a few people and then went back to the room to study the Heaven Sealing Formation Code.

There are tens of thousands of formations recorded in the Formation Code, all of which are immortal formations.

In addition to the nine grades divided from one to nine grades, there are taboo formations and immortal soul formations.

The taboo formations are extremely lethal, and most of them have side effects, Chen Feng just glanced at them.

But when he saw the Immortal Soul Formation, his eyes immediately lit up!

"The formation of immortal souls is driven by the power of immortal souls. It specializes in immortal souls. The stronger the immortal souls, the stronger the formation."

"Every time you use the Immortal Soul Formation, you need to extract a trace of the original power of the Immortal Soul, which is like the pain of pulling out the soul, and it hurts so much!"

"However, the Immortal Soul Formation is far more powerful than the Taboo Formation, and it can only be used once in a lifetime."

When Chen Feng saw the end, an idea sprouted in his heart.

It is used once in a lifetime, only for ordinary cultivators.

Taking the immortal soul with the power of one soul as an example, drawing the original power of the immortal soul once will cause the immortal soul to become sluggish, its cultivation base will plummet, and even the soul will be injured and it will become an idiot.

But the natal immortal soul is different.

The soul of the natal immortal is connected with the soul of the cultivator, forming a seamless one.

To extract the power of the immortal soul is to extract the power of the soul, and the pain is far better than ten times!

But the natal immortal soul can be recovered through treasures, and if you can endure the severe pain, you can even use it unlimited times.

"Now I have no cultivation base, can't refine treasures, and can't restore the power of the immortal soul."

"Just counting the natal immortal soul with the power of six souls, you can use the immortal soul formation six times, and any more will hurt the soul."

"In other words, I have six chances to save my life."

Chen Feng secretly rejoiced.

Even if his cultivation base is sealed, he can still form an array to extract the power of the immortal soul.

Although the number of times is not many, it can be regarded as a means of saving life.

not enough…

Chen Feng took out a ring, and the power of his body exploded, crushing it hard!

More than a dozen kinds of treasures were scattered, and the rich spiritual energy filled the entire room.

Then, he took out the Flowing Flame Stone and placed it in the center of the treasure.

A raging fire gushed out of the stone, instantly enveloping the treasure and burning it blazingly!

Within a short breath, the treasure was burned into liquid and mixed into a ball.

Chen Feng endured the burning pain, put away the flaming stone and liquid, and gasped for breath.

"The materials for refining the avatar have been collected, and there is only one last step left!"

He has no cultivation base and cannot perform the condensed incarnation of the nine heavens and ten earth souls.

Even if he recovers his cultivation, at most he can condense an avatar with the same realm as his body.

However, if one can find someone whose realm is higher than his own, and practice the Heavenly Art of Nine Heavens and Ten Earth Souls to help him condense his incarnation, he can surpass his own realm.

Shenlei Yaozun is the perfect candidate!

Early the next morning, Chen Feng bid farewell to his relatives and friends, and left the city alone.

After half a month of wind and sand, he finally came to the Yaozu position.

"Who trespassed on the demon clan?"

The guard at the gate stopped Chen Feng.

Chen Feng took off his bamboo hat and showed him the Yaoshen Orb given to him by Shenlei Yaozun.

"I have something to see God Thunder Demon Lord."

The guard knew Chen Feng and was very surprised: "So it's you!"

"I'll take you to see the Demon Lord right now."

The two of them came all the way to Yaozun's residence.

Hearing that Chen Feng was coming, Shenlei Yaozun walked over with a smile: "Why are you back, kid?"

"Could it be that the three chances have been used up?"

Chen Feng shook his head: "This time I came to Yaozun to make a deal."

He took out the bottle containing the liquid: "Take a drop of the original blood essence from the demon master, and help me condense the incarnation outside the body. The reward is a forbidden technique, which can condense the incarnation outside the body."

Shenlei Yaozun was stunned: "The forbidden technique of condensing the incarnation outside the body?"

The forbidden technique is an extremely rare existence, and ordinary people will never see it in a lifetime.

He squinted his eyes, kept looking at Chen Feng, and suddenly found the power surging in his body.

"Nirvana Immortal Power?"

Shenlei Yaozun suddenly said: "You have been sealed by the Nirvana Immortal Power, and that's why you came to ask me for help?"

Chen Feng admitted frankly: "Now that I have no cultivation base, I can't condense an avatar outside my body."

"If Yaozun believes in me, I will integrate the method of condensation into the soul and inject it into the avatar."

"The incarnation is 10%, and it will be passed on to you as promised."

Shenlei Yaozun is skeptical.

After all, how rare is the forbidden technique?

This kid not only has the secret method of transforming the dragon, but also the forbidden technique?

What is his background?

"Master Yaozun, I have a distinguished guest to see you!"

The voice of the general of the Yaozu came from outside the door.

Shenlei Yaozun said indifferently: "Let go of yours first."

He ordered people to come in.

I saw an old man wearing a black robe with his arms around his body coming.

"I have seen Lord Yaozun."

The old man bowed his hands and saluted, seemingly respectful, but there was a sly look in his eyes.

"Xu Lei, why are you looking for this deity again?"

Shenlei Yaozun's face darkened slightly.

Xu Lei smiled lightly: "It was a misunderstanding before, and I'm here to make amends."

"Of course, there are still some things I want to ask Yaozun for help."

He took out a yellowed ancient book and handed it to God Lei Yaozun.

"This is the third-level secret method of the immortal rank, quenching blood."

"The treasure quenching the blood can improve the purity of the blood and help the demon master to reach the level of Tianlong as soon as possible."

Shenlei Yaozun frowned slightly, quite interested.

After receiving it, he glanced at it and nodded slowly: "Since that's the case, I don't care about the previous things."

"What's the matter this time?"

Xu Lei smiled and said: "I need a drop of the original essence blood from Yao Zun to condense the Immortal Formation Stone, and the reward is a Nine Heavens Returning Soul Pill."

Chen Feng suddenly raised his eyebrows.

Immortal formation stones are required for arranging formations above the fifth level of the immortal rank.

The way of practice is different, and the condensation method of the fairy formation stone is also different.

However, the blood of the Yaozun is the blood of a real dragon, which can greatly enhance the power of the fairy formation stone, making it easier to arrange high-level formations.

And the Nine Heavens Guihun Pill is a treasure for tempering the soul and enhancing the power of the immortal soul.

The Yaozu are born with weak souls, so the demand for this pill is naturally great.

"Human merchants, they really know how to do business!"

Having said that, Shenlei Yaozun's eyes were quite moving.


Chen Feng hurriedly said: "If the previous conditions are not enough, I will add another secret method!" He was a little anxious.

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