Peerless Genius System - Chapter 857 Baihua Xiaoluo

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The video signals sent back by the high-level countries in the world also saw the whitened Xiaoluo. The gloomy smell was even across the screen, and they still felt a horror and a cold back.

In the secret city of Jiangcheng secret survivors, the high-level Chinese people looked at the big screen in front of them. The ancient warring states of the NSA, the Oriental Haoyu, Ji Siying, the poisonous women and so on were also big eyes. I can’t believe that this screen seems to come from The evil sorrow of **** will be Xiao Luo.

"How could he become like this? Is this another form of his battle?" A Chinese woman's high-rise face was surprised.

No one answered him because no one knew what it was, and he didn't expect anyone to answer, just shivering and looking at the big screen in front of him.




The whitening Xiaoluo sharp screams, the left hand and the five fingers fiercely grab a force, the 量子 量子 量子 量子 量子 量子 瞬间 瞬间 量子 量子 量子 量子 量子 量子 量子 量子 量子 量子 量子 量子 量子 量子 量子 量子 量子 量子 量子 量子 量子 量子 量子 量子 量子 量子 量子 量子 量子 量子 量子 量子 量子 量子 量子 量子I took the past.

He returned from the horror and shouted: "Ten-level energy shield!"


The golden energy shield instantly wrapped him inside, blocking the whitening Xiaoluo's grasp.

"When ~"

The claws and the golden protective cover slammed together, and the sound of the vibrating metal cymbal screamed. The golden protective cover trembled a few times, and the surrounding space was shocked by this fierce and vigorous force. The pieces are dark and empty.

Hey, sneer: "There is no chance for you to meet me in this garbage!"


Responding to him, it was a sharp, as if the devil from the nine quiet **** sneered.

The next second, the whitening Xiao Luo screamed again.


The twentieth-level energy shield began to crack in the cracks under the palm of the whitening Xiaoluo. The cracks spread like spider webs to other places, and a clear sound was heard.

The smile on his face instantly solidified, and his eyes widened unbelievably.


Finally, with the sound of a glass falling on the ground, the entire energy shield collapsed, and the whitening Xiaoluo's claws were no longer blocked, and they were solidly printed on the chest.

The fierce force spreads around the center of the contact point, and instantly swept the whole body. The cockroaches felt the violent tremors of the internal organs, and the thick blood blew out. The body was like a broken kite flying backwards uncontrollably. Go out.

How can this be?

How can his body be quantified, how can he hurt himself?

The shocking color of the face that flew out was incomprehensible and unbelievable. The pain in the chest and the **** smell in the mouth reminded him that he was really injured by Xiaoluo. If there is no armor protection, Just that one is afraid that he will shoot him on the spot.


A broken voice sounded in the ear.

The eyes burst into fierce violent spurts, because Atheros Xiaoluo came to his sky like a teleport, and the stunned body suddenly collapsed, hitting him in the most brutal and arrogant way.

"Fifty-level energy shield!"

Shouting in a panic, starting the highest level of energy shield.


The golden energy shield becomes substantial, just like the full moon is scattered with a glare-free but bright light. However, when it is hit by the whitening Xiaoluo, it “cracks~” and it bursts instantly.

How could this be? ! How could this be? !

The pupils are shrinking, and my heart is screaming loudly, and it is hard to believe what is happening now.


The dull impact sounded and the whitening Xiao Luo slammed him into the ground.

It is like a meteorite scratching the sky and falling down. The "bang" sounds out a large pit and is dusty.

At this moment, whether it is the four kings or Su Li of the Guangzu Holy Land, they are shocked and wide-eyed, and their eyes are full of incredible colors. The high-level leaders of the world have seen this scene, and they are shocked.

Lei Wang directly sweared: "I grass, he actually used the brute force to smash the shield of the strongest level of the aliens, and also the aliens to the heavy, this **** is not my illusion?"


The king of war screamed on his face and asked: "Is it painful?"

Lei Wang was fanned out and nodded subconsciously: "Pain..."

"It turned out that it was not a dream." The war king opened his mouth and said, only to feel dry mouth, a horrible breeding in the bottom of my heart.

Lei Wang glimpsed, immediately returned to the gods, violently thunderously said: "Your mother, sure if you dream, you fan yourself, fan king do?"

"Fan yourself?"

The singer of the warlord’s righteous words said, “Are you stupid? Isn’t it painful?”

You know the pain, fan, I don’t know if it hurts?

I! @#¥%......

Lei Wang only felt that there were tens of thousands of grass mud horses in his mind, and he was so angry that he looked at his incisors and said: "This king killed you a bastard!"

Where can bear, directly rushed to the king of the war, the slap in the face, do not share the sky.

The two soon became a group, because they were seriously injured, the real power is unusable, just like the two wrestlers in the ring, they are slamming the other side to the ground ~ For their fights, the Knife King and the Sword King did not feel it, but they stared straight at the place where they were.

When the sand and dust dissipated, the armor was broken, and it was full of mess. The mouth of the mouth overflowed with a **** sputum and slowly vacated. He looked at the white xiaoxiao in the sky like the great demon of the Weiling world with jealous color. Luo.

Panting: "You...who are you?"

"Who am I? There are too many questions. Who else can I be, of course, Xiaoluo, hehe..." Baihua Xiaoluo sneered, the chilly scent in laughter, it smells The creeps of the hairs are all over the uncontrolled roots.

"You are not him!"

The embarrassment of the emotional out of control, "it is impossible to have such a strength in the garbage of the Shaw’s mad warrior, and it is impossible to create a quantum coat."

When he was degraded on the ground, he understood that the white armor that covered the surface of the Xiaoluo was made by quantization, and only the same weapon could damage him.

As soon as the voice fell, his heart trembled and his pupils shrank, because he guessed the true identity of the other person: " are a system that is parasitic in his body. You can evolve and evolve uniquely. Ideology?!"

Baihua Xiaolu smiled and looked at him: "You know too much, I am integrated with him, I am him, he is me, he will disappear when he dies, so his enemy, my enemy The enemy must die!"

"You are the ultimate in our technology. For you, I am your Creator. How dare you betray me, ah?" The more he said, the louder he became, and in the end he became a roaring question.


Baihua Xiaoluo heard the laughter of the world's best laughter. "Sorry, here, this is survival!"

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