Path of The Dragonborn - v2 Chapter 1291 inquire about

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"You give me almost a little bit!" Just when Heliga didn't understand, Ambassador Davill on the side was the first to speak, with a stern tone, "Let's not mention the military actions of our country in the media that were strange to our country in Liberia. What did you say about the smearing there? What happened to the republic's reinforcement of the air base in the Nord Plateau?"

"Your country has invaded Crossbell, and our country will naturally take countermeasures." Ambassador Elsa is not to be outdone, "not to mention that it is only a domestic order, and has nothing to do with my own thoughts. As for the media, I think each other , Last year, the unrest in our country was widely reported, which led to the sharp drop in the number of tourists to our country by Liberty. Isn’t that also the result of the media influenced by your country?”

"I said, you two, is it really okay to publicly express the media influence on a third country like Liber?"

Fei’s reminder made the two suddenly shut up—Ambassador Darville cleared his throat loudly, while Heiliga looked approvingly—a sentence can put out the dispute between the two, which shows that Fei is observing words and communicating with others. Communication has come a long way. The ambassador turned around, "That... such a rude request, I don't think you intend to accept it, right?"

"Well, it depends on what President Locksmith intends to talk about. I don't want to belittle myself, I know that I have a certain influence in the current empire..." Heliga looked at Ambassador Elsa with a scrutiny, "but as the Imperial Army It is not an easy decision to rashly go to your country as an active-duty officer and someone trusted by His Majesty."

"I understand... but I also know that you don't really care about Prime Minister Osborn's thoughts, and His Majesty will definitely understand your actions, as long as you can give a reasonable explanation, right?" Elsa's words made Heliga slightly The surprised expression on her face strengthened her self-confidence - in the face of this kind of person who was described as magical from various intelligence sources, she obviously felt that this result was a reflection of her own advantages, "Yes..."CID" is very clear Knowing the public appearance of Emperor Yukent III, and the weight of the "Imperial Medal". That's why I believe you have won the privilege with him. "

"Then, what is the bargaining chip offered by the President?" Heilijia thought about it and felt that it was the same - not to mention the award ceremony, but the Republic's special forces were actually operating in the Empire. He may have also inquired about various gossip from the people of the imperial capital, "Anyway, I will take some risks here."

"This..." Ambassador Elsa glanced angrily at Ambassador Davill beside him, "I don't know if it is... Your Excellency ordered me to let people know as little as possible..."

"Ambassador Davier is the backbone of our country. I want to discuss matters in the diplomatic occasion here in Liberty, and it doesn't seem good to exclude him." Heliga naturally knows that Davier has a good relationship with Olibart now. Besides, this matter doesn't need to be kept secret. "Let's talk about it together."


The banquet hosted by the royal family of Liberty, the delicious state banquet dishes-unconsciously, this seems to be the fifth time that Heiliga has participated. Since this is not an empire, Libel's waiters resolutely fulfilled the unwritten rules of various countries - prohibiting young people under the age of 20 from drinking. Seeing this, Heliga used his skill to successfully steal a bottle from the cellar, and was pouring it into a glass to play with. The dark red wine, the translucent amber goblet, reflected the color of the light - and under the influence of the illusion, passersby seemed to regard it as ordinary juice.

"I'm sure you didn't expect it just now, did you?" Ling came over mysteriously, holding a large box of chocolates. At this time, she saw the wine glass in Heliga's hand and reached out with interest. Came to get it, but was slapped by the latter with a slap in the face.

"Hmph... I'm going to find a waiter to sue you." Heliga's illusions were not used too much, at least Ling saw through it all at once - looking at Heliga's smug eyes mixed with ridicule, Ling would not eat Such a loss.

"Come on, Mr. Cruz, it's a bit late, but congratulations on your official promotion to A-level guerrilla!" Heliga dragged a passing guerrilla - as a guerrilla, he is busy these days. , Assisting the security work was quite tiring, so I was also entertained. His fellow guerrillas, however, were either uninvited or had other business to do, and as the only guerrilla present, he shuffled around a little uneasily.

"Ah...Thank you. Speaking of which, Heliga, we haven't seen each other since you came back." Cruz took the glass and drank it, only to realize something was wrong after drinking it, "Wait, Heliga, How could you have..."

"I heard that there is a tradition of toasting in the East." Heliga chuckled, "Just now Ambassador Calvard invited me to meet their president. I thought of what I read in the book, so I couldn't help but try it. ."

"Ah... that's true. However, the oriental immigrants on Libere's side, they all quickly integrated into the way of life here... that's just me, because I still know a little about the inheritance of "alchemy"... "

"Che, it's the right time to come." Ling pouted in dissatisfaction - but "Kitten" will not suffer from such a problem. She will definitely find her way back in the future by embarrassing Heliga without losing face.

Cruz begins to chat with Heiliga. Speaking of which, the relationship between the two is actually not familiar, it's just a nodding acquaintance, but Cruz is probably because there are not many people who can talk casually - it seems to be more talkative than usual. However, among the interlocutors, Heliga found that he still had some connections in the Republic and had a good understanding of the Orientals, so he also curiously asked for some gossip about Calvard.

From Cruz's mouth, Heliga learned that the extreme nationalist forces and xenophobia in the Republic have developed rapidly in recent years, even to the point where Calvard is a little tired of dealing with it. The economic slump caused by the falling wind in the dispute with the Empire has also contributed to this trend, and the seaport city of "Messerdam" in the north of Kalwad is considered to be the stronghold of all these ultra-nationalist forces. On the one hand, this was one of the strongholds of Calvard’s traditional die-hards during the revolution. The idea of ​​xenophobia was deeply rooted in the local area, and it was difficult to get rid of it even after a hundred years; Dam's extremist armed organization can flee to the northeastern part of the Republic at any time, the remnants of the once huge empire "Iscar Holy Empire" after the demise - "Free City Alliance", a continent that can be said to be against hunters and private armed forces. There is the most lenient place, which is a headache for the law enforcement of the Republic.

Thanks to the efforts of the government, even in Calvard, who believes in media freedom, most of the domestic media has to selectively report on these matters, in order to make the outside world underestimate the actual threat to the Republic. However, it doesn't seem so optimistic at the moment...

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