Northern Abyss Immortal Clan - Chapter 1420 Fulong liver

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Wang Daoyuan carefully observed the phantom, wanting to see its full picture.

Unfortunately, the breath in this phantom is too ethereal.

Only the more familiar rules before can still perceive one or two.

Those unfamiliar laws cannot be accurately identified at all.

"Xuan Yuan, can you see what this black stone plate is?"

Xuan Yuan shook his head: "No, this thing was left by Xianjun.

It's unfathomable, and it's not something I, a small seventh-order demon clan, can detect. "

"Why don't you use this thing to spy on the secrets?"

Xuan Yuan's head smashed out the afterimage: "Master, this is absolutely impossible, do I still want to live?

The worst thing that can be related to this black stone is the nine real immortals, and there must be an immortal.

Don't say it's me, even if my true immortal ancestor survived, he wouldn't dare to spy on it.

Even if it is really spied on, Heavenly Dao can spare me, and that Immortal Monarch can't spare me either. "

Seeing his cowardly appearance, Wang Daoyuan stopped teasing him.

"Since I can't see any clues, then don't toss here, so as not to attract the attention of some existences."

He waved his hand to remove the black stone on the stone platform, and the phantom of the black stone plate disappeared immediately.

Xuan Yuan pondered: "In the rumors of the immortal world, the immortal monarch thought of a further method.

And the strength of Xianjun is closely related to the growth of his own world.

According to our previous speculation, Xianjun's world may not be complete, lacking the forbidden way.

Since this black stone plate can help Xianjun go further, it is likely to be related to the forbidden way. "

"You mean, this black stone can replace the forbidden way?"

Xuan Yuan nodded: "I guessed like this, even if it is not equivalent to the forbidden way, at least it is better than nothing.

The nine immortals have been stuck in this realm for millions of years. As long as they can improve their strength a little, they will have the opportunity to overwhelm other immortals.

It is also possible that because of breaking through the bottleneck, the cultivation base has a huge improvement, and it can even be compared with the demons.

Once successful, it is possible to drive away the demons and lead the fairyland. "

Wang Daoyuan pondered for a moment: "It's reasonable, according to what you said before, when the demons first invaded the fairyland, the demons fought with the nine immortals once, and they did not show up for hundreds of thousands of years.

He suddenly appeared more than 300,000 years ago, summoned a large number of demons, and attacked the Tieshiguan like a madman.

Heavenly Demon is the master of the dignified Demon Realm, and it is impossible to mobilize the crowd just because of a little rumor, and attack the Tieshiguan at all costs.

So, he must have got the exact news.

Moreover, from the information he got, this black stone disk must be a threat to him. "

"If the previous speculations are true, then this black stone plate can definitely replace the forbidden way to a certain extent.

Make Xianjun's world a relatively complete world. "

Xuan Yuan looked at the stone platform, then looked at the altar and statues outside: "Master, let's not talk about Xianjun here, I feel that the turtle shell is a little cold."

Wang Daoyuan also nodded slightly, after all, this place was built by Xianjun at a huge cost.

Although he has left Immortal Realm now, it is still unknown whether the Immortal Monarch can still affect this place.

After all, when I comprehended the law of the divine tree of creation, I was sensed by Xianjun.

Now that we have arrived at the site where others have painstakingly managed, the impact may be even greater.

One person and one tortoise left the hall where the black stone treasures were kept, and came to a hall next to it.

This hall is shorter and also has no formation protection.

Wang Daoyuan pushed open the door and entered. The hall was equally empty, with only a stone couch and no more furnishings.

It can be seen that there should be monks living here.

After all, the hall next door is holding the Black Stone Treasure, and such a treasure cannot be left unguarded.

The cultivator who lived here in the past, even if it wasn't the Immortal Monarch, had to be a True Immortal of the Nine Paths.

At a glance, the entire hall is unobstructed, and there is nothing worth exploring.

Afterwards, Wang Daoyuan inspected the two halls, and there were traces of only monks living there.

Apart from the stone couch, table and chairs, there is nothing furnished.

There are six halls in the treasure land, one is the place where the black stone is stored, and the three are the places where the monks live.

There are still two halls left, whether it will be a waste of time will depend on these two halls.

Wang Daoyuan and Xuan Yuan walked into the fifth hall, and after pushing open the hall door, a scorching breath came out.

Xuan Yuan's reaction was extremely fast, and he hid behind Wang Daoyuan in an instant.

Wang Daoyuan has experienced hundreds of battles, and his reaction will naturally not be slow. A bright yellow light curtain condenses in front of him, and his whole body is covered with dragon scales.

Fortunately, this scorching breath is not offensive, but there is too much accumulated in the main hall.

As soon as the door of the palace opened, everyone poured out.

These hot breaths dissipated, and it would have no effect.

Wang Daoyuan walked into the hall, and in the center was a fire pit with a diameter of more than three feet.

There are also three depressions on the side of the pit, which appear to have been pressed out by some kind of heavy object.

There is also a forging table for tempering instruments in the hall. What was originally placed on the fire pit should be an instrument refining cauldron.

In the refining room of Qianyuanjie, there are usually fire holes connected to the underground lava.

With the firepower of lava, you can save a lot of fuel consumption.

But this fire pit does not have a passage to connect the ground fire, it is just a pit more than ten feet deep, and there are some red-hot ashes at the bottom of the pit.

Seeing Wang Daoyuan staring at the fire pit, Xuan Yuan also came over.

Wang Daoyuan asked, "Doesn't the immortal world use ground fire?"

Xuan Yuan nodded: "Almost, the rock layer in the Immortal Realm is extremely thick, and it takes a lot of effort to dig up the fire.

Moreover, the fire in the fairyland is very violent, and it is difficult to suppress it for a long time with the formation method.

Therefore, cultivators usually use their own spiritual fire or burn various spiritual things.

Only in some places with lava lakes or lava rivers, there will be a lot of use of ground fire. "

"Instead, it uses spiritual things as fuel, and the flame is relatively stable, which is very suitable for alchemy and alchemy.

In Immortal Realm, some spiritual woods suitable for fuel are very popular.

Among the spiritual plants that I have collected in the Spirit Orb space, there are several kinds of spiritual plants that can be used as fuel. "

Wang Daoyuan nodded slightly, then looked at the ashes in front of him: "What kind of spiritual thing burns the ashes in this pit, it has been hundreds of thousands of years, and it can continue to emit heat."

Xuan Yuan took out a long black stick and scratched it in the ashes for a long time.

"There are quite a few fragments of Earth Fire Primordial Crystal, which are cultivated in the underground lava.

It has absorbed thousands of years of ground fire energy, and the fire spirit power contained is extremely abundant.

The most important thing is that this thing can absorb fire attribute spiritual power and maintain its own firepower.

It can be said that the ground fire crystal is an excellent fuel.

If it wasn't for the Earth Fire Primordial Crystal, this pile of ashes would have cooled down long ago.

In the ashes, in addition to the ground fire crystal fragments, there are many ashes of the ninth-order spiritual wood.

It's just burned beyond recognition, I can't tell what kind of wood it is. "

Wang Daoyuan smiled and said, "No matter what kind of wood he is, I have never seen a ninth-order spirit.

Moreover, these ground fire crystal fragments are also rare treasures.

Putting it in the lava lake in the south of the Lingzhu space can promote the growth of the fire spirit veins. "

After that, he dug out all the ashes in the pit and threw them into the lava lake in the Lingzhu space.

Although this Fire Primordial Crystal has extremely strong fire spiritual power, the spiritual power is not violent, and it does not have any effect on the Lingzhu space.

After all the ashes in the fire pit were dug up, there was still a palm-sized black-yellow stone in the pit.

This stone gives the impression that it is like a piece of loess that has been burned in the stove for a long time, and it has been burnt to black.

Wang Daoyuan took it out, and as soon as he started it, he felt that it was outside the city.

A stone the size of a palm, weighs no less than a hill.

In this stone, there are still bursts of hot breath, as if there is a stove hidden inside.

The bursts of spiritual power fluctuations emanating from it have obviously surpassed the eighth-order, at least the ninth-order low-grade.

"This stone is not simple, it seems to contain a huge amount of energy.

Xuan Yuan, could it be that this is another treasure in the fairy world? "

Xuan Yuan stared at the stone for a long time, but for a while he didn't remember what it was.

"I seem to have heard my father say this kind of thing, but I can't remember it for a while, let me read the classics.

After all, he took out a stack of golden books and quickly flipped through them. "

Wang Daoyuan's spiritual sense probed the past, but found that the text on it was the same as what he had seen in Xuan Yuan's hometown before, and he didn't know it at all.

He could only give up the plan of peeping, and honestly wait for Xuan Yuan to find out.

After a long time, Xuan Yuan suddenly shouted: "I found it, this thing is Fulong liver."

"Fulong liver? I've seen dragon liver before, it's not like this.

Could it be that the dragons of the Immortal Realm are very different from the Dragons of the Qianyuan Realm? "

Xuan Yuan shook his head again and again: "Fulong's liver is not the liver of the dragon clan, it's just called this name.

This thing is a kind of refining material, and only in places where the flames have been endless for tens of thousands of years can it be born.

Moreover, in order to give birth to the dragon's liver, the flame should not be too intense, and it is best to use a small fire to warm it up.

Before the fall of the fairyland, this may be the place where the black stone treasures were refined.

Refining a treasure of that level, it is not a problem to keep it for tens of thousands of years.

After that, there has been a ground fire crystal in the fire pit that releases fire spiritual power, which is indeed in line with the birth conditions of Fulonggan. "

"What's the use of this thing?"

"Tempering the Immortal Body is useful, this is a rare earth refining treasure.

Among the five elements, fire generates earth, and the burning of flames will generate a part of earth-attribute spiritual power and matter.

The fuel used to forge the Black Stone Treasure is also extremely extraordinary.

These fuels have burned for thousands of years, and the earth-attribute spiritual power and matter produced are naturally extraordinary.

The treasures formed by these earth-attribute spiritual powers and substances piled up after more than 300,000 years of warm cultivation are self-evident.

Such a ninth-order Fulong liver, used to temper the immortal body, is indeed a bit overkill.

However, you shouldn't be able to use up this Fulong liver, and it is also an excellent material for refining earth attribute instruments in the future. "

Wang Daoyuan carefully put the Fulong liver into a jade box, and then put the jade box into the Lingzhu space.

"In this way, I have now collected four materials for refining the fairy body.

The attributes of the five elements are only inferior to the metallic body quenching material, and the thunder attribute body forging material does not need to be found, the ancient ancestor's purple thunder **** flame can be used.

There is no need to look for forging materials with space attributes, just find a space turbulence and slowly toss.

In this way, I am only short of three body refining materials. "

Xuan Yuan shook his head: "Master, you think it's too bad.

You have the forging materials with the attributes of the lunar sun and the sun, and you will never be able to use them up. "

Wang Daoyuan was stunned for a moment, and then asked: "You mean the source of the sun and the moon?"

"It is that thing, the value of the Sun and Moon Origin, which is stronger than the ordinary Golden Crow Demon Immortal Origin.

Moreover, the source of the sun and the moon left by the imperial robbery may not have been obtained from the Qianyuan world.

If it is the source of the sun and the moon in the fairy world, then the value is even higher.

If you scrape a little scrap from it, it will be enough for you to refine your immortal body. "

"So I'm only short of one kind of material to temper the fairy body. I have to think about it, where to go to fight the autumn wind in the future."

Xuan Yuan smiled and said: "There is no need to fight the autumn wind at all, Zi Lei Earth Immortal has lived for more than 200,000 years, and it is estimated that he has collected a lot of such treasures.

There is only one Earth Immortal in Zilei Mountain, so I don't believe that he can use up all the materials for refining the Immortal Body.

As a junior, if you don't go to the ancestors to fight the autumn wind, who else can you go to?

You have the five elements of spirit fire, and when you reach the pinnacle of the earth immortal, the five elements of spirit fire can be used as a spiritual object to temper the immortal body.

At that time, Zilei Mountain will not be short of body refining materials.

This is a good thing with great profits, how can Zi Lei Earth Immortal still be reluctant to give up that little thing? "

Wang Daoyuan's eyes lit up: "In this way, the spirits of Jiulian Immortal Body are collected."

Xuan Yuan smiled and said: "With the back of the big tree of the Zilei Earth Immortal, the spirits that temper the immortal body are nothing."

Afterwards, he checked in the hall.

In addition to the fire pit and the forging table, this great hall has several shelves.

It seems that it should be used to store the refining materials.

Unfortunately, these shelves have been emptied.

Xuan Yuan kicked the shelf with his hind paws, and even opened his mouth and took a bite at this shelf.

"Bah! The people who built this shelf are really stingy.

I thought that the shelves that could be placed here must be forged from the ninth-order immortal wood.

I didn't expect this thing to be forged from iron stone crystal, and the texture of wood was specially forged on the outside. Isn't this a pit turtle? Nearly knocked my teeth out. "

Wang Daoyuan was a little curious: "Don't turtles have no teeth?"

Xuan Yuan covered his mouth and said: "Xuanwu can grow teeth, why can't I peep at the Xuangui family?"

Wang Daoyuan nodded and glanced at the entire hall, except for the bottom of the fire pit, there was nothing left.

"Well, we don't need to stay here any longer.

There is the last hall left, if there is nothing good, we can only go outside to dig the spiritual field. "

One person and one turtle left the refining and came to the door of the last hall.

This hall is the smallest in scale, and also has no formation protection.

Wang Daoyuan pushed open the door, and was immediately pleasantly surprised that the place had not been evacuated.

The floor of the hall was also covered with a layer of carpet.

Near the gate, there are tables, chairs, benches, and even a tea set.

Behind the table, chairs and benches, there is also a screen.

Xuan Yuan stretched his neck and looked into the hall: "Master, this place is not evacuated, it is very likely that there are some good things left."

Wang Daoyuan nodded: "It should be so, or you can go in and explore."

Upon hearing this, Xuan Yuan immediately shrank his head back: "Master, there may be treasures left by that senior to you.

The little turtle's fortune is shallow, and he can't afford this kind of gift. It's better for you to see it yourself. "

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