Nomenclature of Night - Chapter 934 breech child

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  Qingchen quickly rushed into the haunted house labyrinth.​​

   As he ran, he shouted loudly, "Chen Yu, your father couldn't beat my master at the beginning, and now you can't beat me, so you can only hide in the sky, don't you want to avenge your father? Come down\"

Chen Yu rode on the green bull and sneered: "Useless aggressive tactics, if I don't go down, you will surely die." In his plan, Chen Yu should have almost lost his mind, and they would fight each other directly. Divide life and death. But an accident happened. After Chen Yu killed his father in a hallucination, he regained his senses briefly. 7. When this Chen realized that Qing Chen had been promoted to a demigod, he immediately flew high into the sky, allowing himself to be invincible first. 1 Chen Chuanzhi lost because Li Shutong didn't give him a chance to lift off after he came to the door. Chen Yu will not make the same mistakes as his father again.

However, at this moment, Li Shutong's voice suddenly came from the ground, and Chen Yu looked down in surprise, but saw Li Shutong carrying the dog's body, and said to him loudly with a smile: \"Chen Yu, your father back then Not my opponent, and neither are you now!\"2 "Chen Yu, come down to fight, don't you want to avenge your father? In the first fight, let him retire early, do you have hatred in your heart?" "You come down"

  Chen Yu's face suddenly darkened. He looked at Li Shutong on the ground, and he was still angry even though he knew that this was Qingchen. But when Qingchen saw that he still didn't come down, he actually changed into Chen Chuanzhi's appearance: \"Nizi, you didn't even avenge me!\"

   "Nizi, I died of depression, you have no intention of taking revenge"

   "Inverse son" Chen Yu ""

   Qingchen snorted one child at a time.

   Chen Yu was so angry that he almost wanted to control all the demigods to kill them! Can this generation of knights be a little more prudent? A taboo that can be disguised is a flower in your hands, right!

Chen Yu lowered his head and looked down at Qing Chen. At this moment, Chen Chuanzhi, who was beside him, appeared again, and the other party was floating in the air, riding a Qingniu exactly like him. "Nizi, he is there, why not avenge me?" Chen Yu roared: "The old thing is still haunted, and he joined forces with outsiders to attack me!"

   While speaking, he summoned the fire **** Zhu Rong to burn Chen Chuanzhi to ashes again, but after burning one, a new one appeared behind him.

   Qingchen continued to shout with Chen Chuanzhi's face below: "Nizi, you actually killed your father!" As soon as the voice fell, before Chen Yu burned the previous new Chen Chuanzhi to death, a new one appeared on the left side again.

The frequency of   Chen Chuanzhi's appearance is almost like Qing Chen said ten words, and one Chen Chuanzhi appeared in the sky... In just a few minutes, the sky conjured more than ten fathers for Chen Yu out of thin air!

   Qingchen's ghost is a different face, while Chen Yu's ghost has turned into the same Chen Chuanzhi. If in normal times, each other is a rational person, the strategy of attacking the heart is difficult to work.

   However, in this amusement park, Chen Yu's strategy of attacking his heart is not poisonous in the case of mental pollution. Every act of killing the heart will affect the speed of spiritual pollution!

  Qingchen wants to make Chen Yu go crazy. Only when the other party is crazy can he come down from the sky! Chen Yu is also not an extraordinary person. After he saw that Chen Chuanzhi was irresistible, he slowly lowered his head and looked at the initiator in the haunted house maze. His eyes are full of hatred...

  Qingchen quickly used light and shadow to move his position while thinking about countermeasures.

   He really wanted to throw steel bars like Master Li Shutong and shoot down the demigod paintings in the sky, but let alone steel bars, there is not even a single stone in the entire haunted house maze.

  Hair can be used as an autumn leaf knife, but the problem is that the weight of hair is really too light to fly too far.

   Seeing that the area of ​​aqua regia in the haunted house labyrinth is getting bigger and bigger, there is no one to stay here, he must leave here first, and then find a chance to hook Chen Yu down.

  Chen Yu also seemed to see through Qingchen's thoughts. He directly drove a water **** Gonggong to the exit of the haunted house labyrinth and covered it all with aqua regia. The exit passage is 100 meters, and the third section of Qingchen can only cross 90 meters. 4

  Chen Yu knew that this method was not enough to kill Qingchen, but he could abolish Qingchen's trump card called Shenqi, and then he would really have no fear in the air.

   However, Chen Yu always felt that something was wrong, but he couldn't remember what was wrong for a while, as if he had missed some details, but he didn't know what the missing details were. 5 At this time, Qingchen was getting closer and closer to the exit. The rest of the demigod paintings were chasing after them, a water **** Gonggong blocking the front, with a wolf in front, a tiger in the back, and Wang Shui blocking the road.

   But Qingchen carried the dog's body without stopping, and had no intention of retreating at all.

   The next moment, before the demigod paintings caught up, there was a shadow in a corner of the maze wall dragging a kayak with his left hand. He rushed to Qingchen with a paddle in his right hand.

   This is the detail that Chen Yu missed earlier, the kayak at the door, I don’t know when it disappeared.

  Aqua regia cannot dissolve a kayak, which is a taboo! 2 This kayak, which Qingchen has worked so hard to drag around, has become a key prop in the torrent of aqua regia, saving Qingchen’s magic cut1

  Qingchen rowed the oars vigorously, the shadow held the body of the dog baby, walking in the neck-deep torrent, seeing that he was about to escape the labyrinth so hastily.

   "How easy is it to go?" Chen Yu sneered.​​

  In an instant, he controlled the water **** Gonggong at the door to lower the height. He would use this Gonggong, who had no aqua regia for the time being, in exchange for Qingchen's trump card.

The four goddesses from the rear also came together and planned to intercept Qingchen at the exit passage of the haunted house maze! However, when Gonggong had just descended to a height of 600 meters, he saw Qingchen suddenly pulling on his waist! The sound came, and a string of wooden signs tied with red ropes swayed in his hands.

This is... the blessing card that Qingchen collected from his opponent! 1 When the goddess and Gonggong approached the range, they threw their right hand! To the Gonggong face door. 3 With a bang, Gonggong couldn't dodge in time, and his head was knocked slantingly and fell from the sky.

   Qingchen kept moving, throwing out prayer cards one after another.

  Qingchen was worried that a blessing card would not kill them, and even in the process of their falling, one person made up another one, until the four goddesses and the water gods worked together as a white cloud to dissipate before they stopped!

   After only ten breaths, there were only two fire gods Zhurong and three water gods Gonggong left in the mighty gods and Buddhas. Blessing Card. Autumn Leaf Knife…

   Chen Yu was stunned for a moment, the blessing card can still be used like this

   In this amusement park, the human blessing cards that everyone subconsciously owns are very precious items, and they are also the only props for everyone.

   However, Qingchen didn't think so. He has a lot of this stuff! And this blessing card is a product of the taboo Ginkgo Paradise, which cannot be damaged or destroyed.

   With a forbidden object as an Akiba sword, which knight can have such arrogance?

   This counterattack made Chen Yu suspicious in the air, and Jingyi couldn't decide whether to continue the fight or wait and see for a while. In fact, how can it be so difficult to escape from this haunted house maze? With his speed and his current understanding of the maze, he escaped before the Water God Gonggong could intercept it at the exit.

   But Qingchen deliberately slowed down, just to create a crisis for himself and let Chen Yu find this opportunity to kill himself, otherwise this battle will really take three days and three nights!

  Qingchen paddled the kayak to the exit quickly. When he rushed out, he turned around, only to find that the dog that the shadow was carrying had just melted in the torrent, and only one hand was left...

   is also fine, after all, the tourist information says to hold the hand of the companion, and it does not say that the hand must also grow on the human body.

   The rules in the entire amusement park are considered to be clear to the Qingchen card.

He dragged the kayak and ran to the roller coaster area, recalling the specific contents of the instructions for tourists while running, and breaking it word by word to interpret that there is no roller coaster area in the amusement park, but if you enter this area by mistake, please pay attention He closed his eyes, held his companion, and stepped back. If you don't have a companion, take the roller coaster to the exit quickly with your eyes open and remember, don't blink.

   First, enter the roller coaster area. This rule only comes in handy when you're inside.

  Qingchen came to the gate and lowered his head to scan the iris, but at this time he was suddenly startled, because he also saw a green eyeball staring at him in the gate!

  He raised his head and blinked his eyes, then looked in again, the green eyeballs were gone again!

At this moment, even Qingchen couldn't be sure whether he was mentally polluted again by the ubiquitous hypnotism in this amusement park, or whether there was really a weird green eyeball in the gate! The gate was opened, and it was too late for Qingchen. I thought and rushed in.

   He held the dog's stump hand in his hand and stepped back with his eyes closed. The moment he closed his eyes, pale faces suddenly appeared in the darkness in front of him. 1 Qingchen overcame the inexplicable fear and continued to retreat until he hit the gate behind him!

Open his eyes, he is still in the roller coaster, and he has not left this area! What do you mean, did you do it wrong? Leaving the roller coaster area requires several preconditions, one is to hold the partner's hand, and the other is to close it Eyes, one is backwards. Qingchen was in shock, is it because his companions can't have only one hand left? Or...need to hold the hands of all his companions? If so, wouldn't he have to go back to the haunted house labyrinth and take the hands of all his companions... , bring it all? Then you can't hold it.

  Qingchen looked at the huge roller coaster in front of him. Could it be backwards, and the conditions were not met? Tourists must be reminded that the backwardness is not to make themselves go backwards, but to make the roller coaster go backwards! ! .



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