Mystic Dominator - v2 Chapter 1349 passing opportunity

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Katarina's figure galloping down hit the target.

The place where the black blade and the giant dust beast meet has also become the only place in this space where sound can be heard under the influence of Ronald's spell.

The situation at the moment is the same as the previous experience.

The Astronomical Corta master's grasp of the timing of the battle is extremely accurate.

When Ronald was preparing spells in the air before, Katarina was not idle, but gradually raised her physical condition to the peak.

Seizing the opportunity at this moment, she showed an unreasonable speed, and smashed her sword down hard, her actions combining strength and accuracy.

And above the sky, Ronald saw this scene clearly.

When the long sword in Katarina's hand hit the body of the dust beast downward. The black substance hidden deep in Sharon's body suddenly appeared a crack in the impact.


The next second, the dust giant suddenly roared.

Since this guy appeared in the sea until now, this is the first time that Sharon has made a sound.

And even if you don't speak the language.

Only from the emotional analysis contained in it, I can realize that this dust beast is suffering at the moment!

Sharon didn't respond when the caster's army attacked frequently before; even when Ronald used a powerful composite spell to destroy its body, it didn't respond; only when Katarina knocked the black object out of the rift , Sharon made such an unbearable noise.

See this situation -

Not to mention the two Ronalds who were attacking this giant dust beast.

Even the ordinary casters who didn't know the actual situation in the distance realized that this terrifying monster was facing a very dangerous situation.


"Ha! Why didn't you see you continue to grow back this time?"

At the same time, the corner of Katarina's mouth, who was falling on the dust monster, was smiling.

Because right in front of the girl's eyes, the black substance that was cracked by her did not recover as quickly as the outer white fibrous body.

Obviously, this is the heart of Sharon's beast of dust.

Therefore, the cracks Katarina cut this time are different from the previous injuries that can be repaired at will - this is the real damage to this monster.

"Joseph Schwartz was wandering the delightful streets of Chicago two minutes before he disappeared forever from the earth he knew, reciting Browning's verses!"

As soon as the blow worked, Katarina immediately recited the spell.

The attack that was launched in a hurry just now can achieve such an effect.

The tower owner of the Astronomy Division will naturally not miss this excellent opportunity to attack.

Only a few seconds passed.

The violent light and heat condensed out of Katarina's hand, and then wrapped around the dark sword that the saint left behind. Aiming at the black substance under her feet, Katarina swung her sword and slammed down on him.


In an instant, a powerful force erupted.

It's just that after making this attack, Katarina did not pursue the victory, but flew up immediately, leaving the position where she had just stood in a blink of an eye.

In the roar, light and heat raged in every space.

However, Katerina, who returned to the air at this time, looked very bad, and even took the initiative to ask Ronald:

"Ronald, can you do the trick you just did again?"

"It's recovering too fast, one time is too short, I don't have time to kill it!"

Why did you speak like that.

It was because Katarina's well-prepared attack this time was not as good as the first timed raid.

Because the effect of [Invisible Hand] continued to decrease, the suppressing effect of Ronald's spell on the dust beast was also sharply reduced at the same time.

just now.

Coincidentally, Katarina stabbed with a sword and was preparing for the second attack.

Although Sharon is still unable to move his position, he already has the space to adjust his body.

So, almost as soon as the Sword of Santa Caterina fell

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Those white fibrous structures are rejuvenated, tangled up in layers. Not only did they re-bury the black core of the giant dust beast under the surface of the body, but they also began to fight against the nuclear energy sword that Katarina slashed.

In the roaring light and heat, Katarina's blade burned the body of the giant dust beast in front of her.

In the end, the black core was indeed wounded again.

But with the white fibers that have been reborn before, the effect is naturally different from the first zero-distance contact during the raid.

As for now...

The layers of white fibrous structures repaired the wounds that Ronald and the two of them tore up just now.

Sharon was still suppressed by the power of the spell, unable to move.

But the strong defense also eliminated the possibility of its second injury.


"Of course you can use it again, but it takes a lot of preparation time."

Seeing this situation, Ronald also understood that the chance to defeat the opponent was over.

He decisively removed the spell whose effect was no longer obvious from his hand, and reactivated the ability of "Das Kapital" to start accumulating the value again.

"Katrina, the black object you attacked just now should be the core of this monster. If you want to kill this guy who is constantly repairing itself, you can only find a way to completely smash the core!"

"I also like to eat nuts." Katerina's face was solemn, and she was also thinking about the problem Ronald was thinking, "But before enjoying the food, the problem is how to peel its shell first."

Opportunities pass and they can only accept reality.

But the success of this compound spell also gave Ronald confidence. As long as you can buy time, continue to accumulate more value to affect even greater magic.

Then next time.

He is confident that he will directly peel off the shell of the salon, and then smash the black core together!

"Then wait for me to continue the power, next time..."

Before Ronald could finish speaking, the dust behemoth below suddenly changed.

With the end of the spell effect of suppressing the body, the huge creature began to stretch its body outward.

However, this time the body was changed, and the salon did not just return to its original size.

After reaching a certain level of volume, it continues to allow the white fibrous body to expand and expand, and the umbrella-shaped body is firmly attached to the ground. Grow and cover more and more area!

There is no doubt that this was Sharon's response to the attack just now.

It kept expanding its volume at a rather exaggerated rate, and continued to convert the land below it into seawater, far more efficient than when it first landed and ravaged.

- This dust giant has advanced intelligence.

So it's very clear.

In the absence of a way to hit and hurt Ronald and Katerina in the high air. Constantly converting the ground where these terrestrial creatures live into sea water is their greatest attack and revenge against them!

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