Mystic Dominator - v2 Chapter 1348 compound spell

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"The greatest increase in the productivity of labor, and the greater proficiency, skill, and judgment in the use of labor, seem to be the result of the division of labor..."

"From the relationship of the whole earth to the sky will begin to constitute our cognition."

First use the [Invisible Hand] to strengthen his spells, and then the [This Round] and [Equal Rounds] in "The Great Compendium of Astronomy" work together, supplemented by the "Archangel Chief Angel" in "The Divine Comedy" that does not require spells.

in a very short time.

Ronald activated three spells at the same time, and at the same time pulled away the magic power of the original to strengthen it, and then pulled it back with the magic power of the world itself.


The whole world was unusually quiet, and the air seemed to freeze in the sky.

The ability Ronald used at the moment did not have obvious flame bursts or other conspicuous sights as before, but all interfered with force.

The effect of the spell is invisible, shadowless, and qualityless.

But if someone stood in the position where the dust giant was at this time, they could actually feel the horror of Ronald's attack.

The power of tearing without a trace spread throughout the entire space.

Every space in reality was filled with this force without any dead ends, and then tore all the matter in it. Looking around, the senses of the face and the touch of the body are conveying a strange experience - the whole world, as if it is falling down.

"This... what is this?"

Farther away, in a safe position, the caster of Treeline City and Harmono, who witnessed this scene, is even more difficult to describe his feelings at this moment.

Around the dust monster.

The earth and trees were crushed into powdery dust in an instant, and then scattered with power but no sense of direction around, like flour blasted from the air from generation to generation.

And the magic power fluctuations in the entire space like a world riot.

It is even more difficult for these practitioners to understand.

As the elites of the two city-states, although it is difficult to see them on weekdays, they have the experience of witnessing the scenes of the original holders fighting.

But everything at the moment seems to be completely beyond this concept.

Powerful magic beyond human reach, spells with a range that can cover even a city, power so powerful that it crushes all matter...

All three manifested in one person—

If it wasn't for Ronald, who was controlling the spell in the sky, it was too obvious, and no one among the casters present would even believe that this would be a scene that happened in reality.

Only Katarina, who was standing beside Ronald in the air, was not crazy about it.

The Astrokota master sees power the same way as before.

So she just showed a rather interested smile, and then said:

"Hey, you guy really hides a lot of hard work."

"But Ronald, how do I feel that your spell doesn't have a good effect on the guy below?"

What Katerina stated was the truth.

Within the range of Ronald's spell attack, although everything was torn to powder, the white figure of the dust beast stood still.

Sharon's white fibrous body, after shrinking in size, the structure has also undergone earth-shaking changes. The texture that could be penetrated by any spell just now is far harder than steel at this moment.

For the dust behemoth.

The only problem at the moment is that it can't move.

The body density is greatly increased, causing its body to lose the ability to change its activities, just like a motionless turtle shell on the ground.

Looking at the giant dust beast below, Ronald did not feel pessimistic, but smiled at the girl beside him:

"Katrina, don't worry, I'm not over here yet!"

The voice fell, and the intensity of the already violent magic around Ronald increased again.

And this time the strength of magic.

Even Katarina subconsciously stepped back half a meter.

In fact, the power shown by the spell just now is just the beginning.

This is the first time that Ronald has combined multiple spells and extracted the magic power of the original to strengthen them.

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And then add to it the technique of attracting the magic of the world.

Unprecedented attempts bring unprecedented power.

It also means extremely high control difficulty.

The previous scene was just Ronald adapting and getting used to the rhythm of this spell, but it did not fully reveal its true aggression.

And now, after Katerina finished speaking to him.

Ronald felt he was in control.

At this time, the air became quieter than before.

And looking down, a strange and counter-intuitive scene is unfolding.

The substance that was originally torn into powder by the spell, at this moment, did not continue to scatter outward with the continued enhancement of the spell, but suddenly began to condense along a certain trajectory, forming arc-shaped lines.

This arc-shaped line is spread all over the space covered by every inch of magic.

If you look closely, there is still clear fluidity on the surface!

Everyone who can see this scene can't understand why such a scene occurs.

But one thing is clear.

Because of the huge dust beast that has been standing still, it finally "moved" at this time.

Use a more precise word to describe it.

The dust giant's hard white fibrous body still has its own strength, and it has not been crushed and collapsed at this moment.

But the air around the giant dust beast showed the same traces as the surrounding arcs, and Sharon's body was sagging inward following the trajectory of these lines, showing a very contradictory state.

Its body structure was not damaged.

But looking directly at the past, the performance of the space horizon appears abnormally distorted.

Of course, if the perspective is out of bounds.

Look down at Ronald and Katarina, for example.

You will find that the overall size of the dust giant is shrinking inward at a solid and stable speed, and it is at least one-fifth smaller than the beginning!

Right below Ronald was also the focus of his attack.

The white fibrous body of the dust giant can be seen, and under the distortion of various arcs, a small black object is vaguely revealed.


Suddenly Ronald let out a sigh of relief, and the magic power fluctuations on his body suddenly decreased.

It wasn't because his magic couldn't support the attack to continue.

It was because of the special ability [Invisible Hand] in the compound spell he prepared. At this moment, due to its own nature, the initial strengthening effect began to fade.

So Ronald is still maintaining the spell.

However, the overall strength of the attack still inevitably began to subside significantly, and the change in the force affected by the spell, the body that had been distorted by the dust beast, also began to recover from this special state.

Even so, Ronald was not discouraged.

Because the moment it all happened.

Katarina has activated her spell and charged down like a falling star!

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