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On Thursday morning, the prayer room of St. Samuel Cathedral in Backlund.

In Klein's historical projection, he tapped "Stars" on his chest "piously" first, and then he stretched out his right hand and squeezed the air again and again.

After four or five strokes, his arms sank, and he dragged out an ordinary-looking lady in a simple linen robe, a bark belt, bare feet, and long black hair.

The leader of the ascetic monks of the Church of Evernight, "Servant of the Secret" Arianna!

At the same moment, in a house where the Abraham family resided on the Serbia Peninsula, a woman about 27 or 28 years old seemed to be pulled by an invisible thread, and she sat up suddenly, her body straightened, and the blood vessels on her forehead were throbbing. .

She felt that her spirituality was like a flood that had burst a bank, rushing towards the void in front of her, and she couldn't stop it no matter what, it was about to dry up.

In the next second, this trend eased a lot, but it was still scary, and it was not something she could fully bear now.

Her name is Martha, and she is a "fool" believer within the Abraham family. Ever since she was sheltered by that great existence and no longer has to worry about the night of the full moon, she has become a "fanatic" of the other party.

Martha's belief has also been affirmed by the gods. Just a few days ago, Mr. "Fool" bestowed the extraordinary characteristics of "Recorder" to help her advance smoothly, and the price was only "recording" a demigod ability , as the medium for the descendant of the Venerable Pavilion.

Taking out a bottle of "Silver Moon Potion" and drinking it, Martha, whose spiritual exhaustion problem was relieved, rubbed her forehead, and said with emotion: "As expected of the 'Blessed One, Your Excellency, even if there is a gift from 'The Fool, Mister' Insects of the spirit, helping to share the consumption, also almost squeezed me dry..."

In the prayer room of St. Samuel's Church, seeing Ms. Arianna's historical pore image gain consciousness, Klein made a long story short and said directly:

"Ma'am, I have completed the mission of the goddess." Arianna nodded slightly, indicating that she understood, but he didn't say much, but grabbed a small box from somewhere and handed it to Klein.

That is exactly what the goddess promised to bestow, the Extraordinary characteristic of "Master of Miracles" that originally belonged to Zaratul.

Seeing that the leader of the ascetic monk was so straightforward, Klein didn't shy away from it. He directly arranged the ceremony and sent the box above the gray fog.

After finishing all this, he seized the time to pull out the "feather" projection obtained from Gregory, and asked:

"Do you have a way to use this feather?" Arianna looked at it a few times, then opened her mouth slightly and said, "I know how to make a spell called 'Phoenix Talisman...'"

Then, she stuffed this knowledge into the "head" of a nature spirit, and handed it over to Klein.

...The way this knowledge is conveyed is really unique... Klein, who took the spirit in his hand, just complained in his heart, and his consciousness suddenly blurred, and then he saw the lady opposite and himself in the eyes of the sleeve blur at the same time, and quickly disappeared. .

In the gray dream world, Abner wandered inside a pitch-black spire, and saw Will Auceptin lying in a black stroller wrapped in silver silk.

They are all one-year-old, and they still think they are a few months old baby? Torzina next door is running all over the place! Abner slandered a few words, pretending not to see the other party sucking his fingers, and asked bluntly:

Loud voice said: "Let that Miss Justice bring me a piece of pure, top-quality ice cream produced in Trier, the capital of Intis."

Abner stopped in his tracks when he heard this, and asked with a smile: "Have you eaten a lot of ice cream recently? Are you afraid of affecting the development of this body?"

Will Auceptin hesitated and replied, "One last time!"

After speaking, the chubby one-year-old turned over and buried his face in the small pillow in the stroller.

Seeing this, Abner smiled and shook his head, thinking: Is every time the last time?

In the early morning of Friday, West Balam, Karaston City. The "puppet" Dax, who has become the supreme ruler here, stands on the top floor of the church that originally belonged to the Church of Evernight, overlooking the sparsely lit city, full of achievements in his heart


He is a pure southerner, and he hates the gods of the northern continent.

In a house not far away, Emlyn White nodded to Jane Grant Miranda beside him, and then took out a bronze box inlaid with many rubies.

Inside the box was an eyeball-shaped glass ball, which was a Level 1 Sealed Artifact of the "Sun" Domain that Emlyn applied from within the blood race, called "Pure White Vision".

It has a very good effect on dealing with the demigods of the "alien" pathway, and in some respects it can even be called restraint.

Of course, it will not feel pity and become kind just because Emlyn and Jane are Extraordinary on its side.

And Jane took out a square black ring and put it on her finger, and took out an iron plate and held it in her palm, then opened the "door" and released the demigod-level dead spirit in her own small "underworld" .

The square dark ring was naturally obtained from "Admiral of Hell" Ludwell's death ring, and the "iron plate" was a "token" that she brought out from her ancestor's mausoleum, which could command many undead. UU reading

With the two superimposed, Jane barely reached the standard of controlling a demigod undead.

Taking a deep breath, Emlyn White opened the bronze box inlaid with rubies, and picked up the "Pure White Vision" with his left hand wearing a black velvet glove.

His expression twisted immediately, and he felt the pain of being completely exposed to the blazing sunlight.

Suppressing this feeling, Emlyn moved the eyeball-shaped transparent glass ball to the position of his right eye.

All the buildings in front of him suddenly "disappeared" in his line of sight, leaving only one after another, either gloomy or depraved figures.

Among them, Youdao's figure is like a huge black vortex, frantically devouring the surrounding light, distorting itself.

This is exactly the goal of Emlyn, that abominable student, the current ruler of Karaston, "Puppet" Dax.

Immediately, a little light lit up, condensed into a scorching, dazzling ray, shot out from the "Pure White Vision", and went straight to the figure in the church.

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