Mystery: Start with the Reader - v12 Chapter 95 Olnia's question

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"In this way, the phoenix, like giants, vampires, and elves, evolved from the surviving humans of the old age... No wonder there are human city-states that believe in phoenix...

"Hmm... After Lilith's face-to-face battle with the Demon Wolf King and the Alien King, although the elves and giants in the humanoid camp were divided, the undead who belonged to the "non-human" camp The bird and the dragon also no longer trust each other.

"During that battle, Gregory, the ancestor of the phoenix who was in charge of the "gate" and "passage", did not arrive "in time", which is somewhat unreasonable...

"Perhaps Gregory Carrie is really, not a human being, maybe even the second or fifth boy in the camp.

"After all, she was originally a human being, and she is likely to have a good relationship with, the **** of luck, the old Liu Shi..." The poem of the goddess, well

"This can also explain why the goddess insisted on me instead of asking Abner to take away the other party's remains." "Speaking of it, the so-called "slaughter" is actually "phoenix, the old body that is discarded after each rebirth. Generally speaking, if the characteristics are deliberately left behind, it can be used as its own "container, or clone."

"The scene I saw just now should be the scene when Gregory performed "Nirvana" for the first time, completely abandoning her human identity and turning into a complete mythical creature.

"The ancient gods don't know the potion sequence, nor the corresponding promotion ceremony. It's unrealistic to maintain a human posture after swallowing the characteristics alive. Only by completely becoming a mythical creature can we resist the kind that comes from divinity. pollute.

"Gregary was able to barely maintain her human form before, most likely because of the special nature of the undead. Maybe after each 'death', some of the accumulated madness can be washed away...but this kind of operation has reached the level of being close to the gods. Layers are gone.

"From those pictures, it can be seen that she was in a very bad state at the time, and she may have reached the limit, so she had to completely become a "monster"!

"But even so, Gregory retained her human body, which may have been used" as a container. "

As a high-sequence Extraordinary of the "Seer", Klein easily deciphered a lot of content from the screen he saw in "Dream Divination". The potion formulas from Sequence 4 to Sequence 2 of the "Reaper" pathway.

This is still useful to him. After all, Ms. Daly is also his "believer" now, and he must have something to reward the other party.

As for the use of the goddess taking away the remains of the "ancestor of the phoenix"? What does that matter to him? Even if the Goddess just wants to completely eliminate her "competitors", it's Lao Liu who should have the headache...

Of course, the goddess is definitely not that superficial, and she must have other plans for taking away Gregory's remains. While his thoughts were turning, Klein picked up the two feathers that had been plucked from the "remaining slough" again, and thought to himself: These are materials from mythical creatures. If they can be made into charms, they will definitely help me a lot... Mmm , I have to go to St. Samuel's Cathedral to receive my task rewards, maybe I can ask about this knowledge by the way.

The southern continent, the southeastern edge of the Calaston region, the town of Alder.

After this small town backed by iron mines survived the crisis with the help of the "God of War and Destruction" envoy, it completely believed in this **** who protected them during the war.

Compared with half a year ago, the appearance of this place has changed a lot. Not only has the population increased dozens of times, absorbing many residents who came here to seek refuge, but the overall scale has also expanded by more than ten times, which is no less than that of Gulain. The metropolis of the Southern Continent.

Most of the houses in the city are newly built. Although they are sturdy and durable, they are generally low and simple in shape... Only the "God of War and Destruction" cathedral in the center stands out from the crowd and is the most gorgeous.

This church was built by Olnia, the "Envoy of God" in charge of missionary affairs in the southern continent, using her "blood servant" to build it, so it naturally conforms to the aesthetic standards of the blood race.

Of course, the current "Olnia" is no longer an "angel", but has been promoted to the "high priest" of the church in the southern continent. At this time, "High Priest" Olnia, or the clone he made with the method of "creation", was sitting in the conference hall behind the church

, while drinking afternoon tea, while listening to the reports of Emlyn and Jane.

"...To sum up, all parties will launch an attack on the capital of "Karaston" together in the early hours of Friday morning. The goal is to kill as many high-sequence Beyonders as possible from the "Rose School of Thought" and completely occupy the city of Calaston. "Jane informed the "High Priest" of the results of the previous meeting and discussion on the "Trident", and then he will talk about the specific details of the operation.

As a result, she was interrupted by Olnia before she could speak: "You don't need to tell me the details, just tell me when and where to go."

"Is this... really good?" Jane and Emlyn looked at each other, feeling that the "High Priest" might be a bit lazy...

Olnia could see their thoughts, she put down her teacup, shook her head and said with a smile, "Do you know why all parties let you little fellows who are not even demigods make battle plans?"

It seems to be the case... I didn't even think about this question before... Jane frowned, lowered her head and thought for a while, but became more and more confused.

And Emlyn recalled some of the knowledge and anecdotes he had heard in the Tarot Society, and said thoughtfully: "Is it because our strength is relatively weak? Because of our weakness, UUReading Book So our plan Nature can't really endanger some existence, and then let them perceive it?"

Olnia glanced at Emlyn in surprise, but she didn't expect this blood descendant to think of this, so she praised with emotion: "That's still have some knowledge."

Having said that, she picked up the teacup again, took a sip of the "Duke Black Tea", and felt that it was better than the "Queen Black Tea" she planted at the beginning, so she continued, "'Rose School, some high-level people can borrow, desire The power of the mother tree, and that one also has some means of "demons", such as "danger perception".

"As Emlyn said, no matter how you little guys plan, it's impossible to really threaten her... Plus, with the protection of secrecy, you won't reveal the plan in advance.

"But if I knew the details, it would be different..."

After all, the power that the "Mother Tree of Desire" can put inside the barrier is limited, and the angelic level is already enough of a threat. Olnia explained a few words with a smile, then changed the topic and asked another matter: "You know, the Fool doesn't belong to this era, right?" As an angel under the "Fool", I have to That person understands something, doesn't he?

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