Mystery: Start with the Reader - v12 Chapter 94 Slough

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A quasi-human body covered in feathers? Klein wanted to take a closer look, but at this moment, the "monsters" he manipulated rotted so quickly that yellow-green pus flowed out, and flesh and blood fell off one by one.

Snapped! Snapped! Snapped!

The faces of the monsters were nothing but bones, their eyeballs came out of their hollows, and hit the ground in no particular order.

The sound of clicking was endless, and all the monsters fell apart completely, and then turned into dust, leaving only shining objects in place... That is their extraordinary characteristic!

At the same time, inexplicable power has also spread to the "spiritual body thread", and it is about to invade and manipulate the Klein historical projection along the connection.

However, Klein, who was aware of the danger, decisively terminated the contact.

"I was polluted by 'death, power just by looking at it? What is the origin of that body... The mission of the goddess is really not that simple!"

Although he had already guessed that it would not go so smoothly, Klein's historical projection still frowned.

He thought for a moment, then put on a prayer pose and prayed to The Fool.

Then, Klein's body entered above the gray mist, using the "Twilight Giant Card" just returned by "Sun" to pry the power of "Origin Castle", made a "Paper Angel", and then put it into his own Inside the "spot of light".

The "angel" with the light of "twilight" hugged Klein's historical projection and brought him blessings.

After doing all this, Klein hid in the historical pore again, concentrated on manipulating his own projection, and allowed it to enter the hidden space of the temple through the "entrance" of the broken floor tile.

As he had seen through the monster before, although the underground hidden space was not small, it seemed very empty. Only the uncovered sarcophagus in the center was the most eye-catching.

Klein didn't go to look at the corpse in the coffin immediately, but first collected the Extraordinary characteristics that belonged to the monsters scattered around.

Most of those who take the initiative to transform into monsters are 'apprentices' who can enter the dark side of the city-state or the hidden snow area, through the path of extraordinary people, so the collected extraordinary characteristics belong to this path, ranging from "apprentice" to "traveler" , but there is no level above "half-god".

"When the time is right, it can be given to the members of the Abraham family who believe in the Fool..." After muttering a few words, Klein took out a citrine pendant and performed a divination on the danger of going to see the corpse.

After getting the result of "very dangerous, but within the tolerable range", he took a deep breath and walked to the coffin, carefully observing the corpse that he only had time to glance at before.

As soon as his line of sight touched the feathers covering the corpse, the power of "death" spread along the connection again, but it was finally blocked by the faint "twilight" light outside the projection.

"Looking at it this way, the remaining power isn't that strong, it's just that the level is very high, and ordinary demigods may not be spared..." Klein was relieved when he saw that the power of the "Paper Angel" had blocked the attack from "Death". .

He collected himself and carefully observed the corpse in the coffin.

It was a woman, a very beautiful woman with dual characteristics of eastern and western races.

Even though she is silent now, and she has been lying in this secret space for many years, she has not turned into a mummy, but her skin is smooth and plump. If her face is not so pale and bloodless, she would seem to be in a deep sleep.

"Who is this lady? Why was she placed in a city-state that believes in phoenixes? And she doesn't look like she's really dead...

"In addition, there doesn't seem to be anything special about this lady herself. The source of the pollution is the 'feathers' on her body.

"Forget it, what do you think about so much... My task is only

There is no need to explore her origin. "

is to hand her over to the goddess.

As his thoughts whirled, Klein began to arrange the "sacrifice" ceremony, and put the collected Extraordinary characteristics on the altar.

Just as he was about to open the "Sacrifice Gate", he hesitated for a moment, then plucked two feathers from the woman's body and put them on the altar together.

As for the body itself, Klein didn't want to send it to the "grey mist". After all, he couldn't be sure whether it was dead or alive. What if there was an "Amon" or something similar hidden inside?

After seeing many Extraordinary characteristics and feathers disappear in the "gate" that appeared in the void, Klein's projection then took out a "Sacred Emblem of the Night" and held it in his hand, and then touched it with one hand The corpse said loudly in giant language:


Unlike before when he could not make any sound when chanting this name, what he wanted to say seemed to be hidden. This time, holding the holy emblem of the night, he completely uttered the goddess' real name.

The next moment, the power of "darkness" erupted, and Klein's projection and the woman's body were erased at the same time, disappearing without a trace.

At the same time, both the outer layer and the hidden space of the entire temple began to shake violently, and completely collapsed within a few seconds, turning into ruins.

Klein's main body hidden in the historical pores quietly observed this scene. After a long time, he sighed slightly, then walked four steps backwards, and came above the gray mist.

He first threw those characteristics to the side of the debris pile, and then picked up one of the two feathers he plucked, and started to "die"... no, it was to start "dream divination".

The gray world quickly changed. He saw the beautiful lady standing in front of an altar just now, the look in her eyes was constantly changing, with struggle, pain, and madness.

But after a while, all these emotions were suppressed, and only firmness remained in the beautiful eyes of the lady with a mixed-race appearance.

She lay down on the altar, UU reading www. allowed the sudden appearance of pale flames to devour her clothes, her body, and even her soul!

ah! ah! ah!

In the great pain, the lady let out a roar that was not human-like, but the voice became lower and lower until it disappeared.

Just when Klein thought she had been completely "swallowed" by the pale flames, a huge giant bird rushed out of the pale.

Its body is covered with pale flames and feathers woven with mysterious patterns, its eyes seem to be cast in bronze, and there are layers of illusory doors hidden inside.

Gray Carrie, the ancestor of the phoenix!

Klein, who woke up from the "dream", immediately recognized the other party's identity.

"Grey Carrie, the ancestor of the phoenix, was originally also a human being?"

"That body is the slough of the phoenix' Nirvana?

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