Mystery: Start with the Reader - v12 Chapter 93 1 corpse

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The misty sea in a certain "parallel world", Rasha Island. Inside a gorgeous castle made purely of emeralds, "Bernadette" slowly opened his eyes.

The tall and slender queen of mystery looked at the semi-open room with the best view inside the castle where she was, nodded and said to herself:

"It seems that this world is not very different from reality."

This "Queen" is the main world Bernadette who "transmigrated" and she came for the "Dark Card".

In her father's book "Time Travel", Bernadette found clues to the "Dark Card", knowing that it was probably hidden in a parallel low-dimensional world by her father...

And during the bath at the beginning of the year, she once again "triggered" that mysterious space like a theater, and "understood" that "traveler" was the name of a certain sequence, and then developed a new series based on the content. "Mysterious Reappearance".

When she was experimenting with this new spell, she found that it would take her to "travel" through multiple different worlds continuously. I sent a letter to Cattleya, telling her not to worry, but she didn't even spend time cleaning the room.

"This is the ninth world... I don't know if there is a 'traveler who eats sweet potatoes' mentioned by my father in this world...

"I have nearly three weeks to investigate... well, starting with 'Abner,'... of all the worlds I know, he has the most variety, the most 'variety' of personality... whatever No matter how you look at it, he is more suspicious."

Thinking of this, Bernadette summoned the "Dawn" of this world

Akiko, there is only one language

What she didn't notice was that a "wisdom eye" was attached to her protoss body, always accompanying her.

In the "Blood Plain", Abner, who perceived this scene through the "wisdom eye", showed a meaningful smile and thought to himself:

"In your eyes, you must think that I am looking for the 'card of blasphemy' under the guise of using the synergy effect of 'Bernadette and yours to search for the world where you arranged the ceremony, right?

"But it's a pity that this is just a 'pretense...'" When the battle in the southern continent begins, you will definitely feel that I have no intention of paying attention to your plan... That is probably when you are most relaxed, and it is also my opportunity !"

In the Land Abandoned by God, Klein, who "wandered" alone, just walked out of a river valley according to the position given by the goddess, and saw a dead and silent city-state.

Most of the city-state's buildings have collapsed, and the rest has a sharp top, as if symbolizing a tower leading to heaven.

There are dark red vines growing on their surfaces, bearing fruits that I don't know if they can be eaten.

Entering the city-state, Klein found that there was a sarcophagus in front of every house, and there were bones or just rotten corpses lying inside.

What they have in common is that they are very deformed. Some have four legs, some have gaps between their brows, some lack skin and directly reveal flesh and blood, and some have arms wrapped around their necks like tails.

"This is a city-state that believes in phoenix... But judging from some remaining **** statues, this city-state should have converted to the 'ancient sun god,...

"What the goddess wants me to take is in the basement of the central temple."

While his thoughts were spinning, Klein didn't rush into the relatively complete temple, but stretched out his hand and grabbed it, pulled out his projection from a minute ago, and let him go in to explore the way first.

Soon, several sloping stone pillars came into his sight, and the dark red weeds on the top grew out of their gaps, entwining the bird reliefs one by one.

Klein, holding a kerosene lamp, looked around and confirmed that the residents of this city-state were not really extinct, and there were still a small number of survivors. They somehow transformed into monsters in the depths of the darkness, avoiding the dim yellow The light, surrounding the temple out of sight, wanted to attack Klein, a normal-looking human being.

-The reason why Klein was able to determine that those monsters were originally residents of this city-state was because it

Some distortions appeared in their "spiritual body threads", some were grayish white, some were distorted, or some were partially glued together. It was quite different from the monsters in other places, and it was closer to the feeling of the corpses in the sarcophagus.

I don't know what kind of despair and collapse made the remaining humans here choose such a path... Perhaps the deepest despair is that they can't see hope every day, and the surrounding conditions are getting worse and worse... In comparison, the City of Silver has It's already "Heaven"! Klein felt a little emotional.

Unlike the original book, he has never played "games" with Amon, never experienced the kind of encounters where hope appears again and again, and despair is harvested again and again, and he does not want to experience it at all...

But this does not prevent him from feeling sympathetic to the residents here. After carefully searching around in the temple, Klein did not find the entrance to the basement.

"Do you want me to dig a hole with my bare hands?

"Probably not... By the way, Abner once told me that the ancestor of the phoenix, in addition to its own 'reaper, the path, also accommodated the uniqueness of the' door, the path.

"As for the 'Mysterious Mage, the ability of the sequence can hide part of the area and divide it into two parts, the front and the back...

"That is to say, you must pass through a specific 'door' to enter!

"But I'm not good at finding 'doors,...' Thinking of this, Klein squeezed his chin and thought for a while, then stretched out his hand and grabbed it a few times, pulling out the "0"-level sealed item "Star of the Star" from the "Historical Void". stick".

Immediately afterwards, he sketched the picture of "Abner" in his mind.

-When holding the "star stick", UU reads www.uukanshu. If there are some extraordinary abilities or characters in the mind, this cane will reproduce the person with the corresponding ability, and the latter can activate the extraordinary ability once.

Of course, in order to achieve such an effect, a sufficient understanding of abilities and characters is the premise, otherwise there will be unexpected changes.

And Klein reproduced the recorded "Abner" to this point, naturally he was required to use "Insight" once.

Soon, a fairly hidden floor tile fragment came into Klein's mind, which was obviously the secret door leading to the hidden underground space.

Seeing this, even though it was a projection, Klein didn't rush in, but manipulated the dark monsters "Secret Puppets" to get into it.

Twenty or thirty seconds ago, Klein had already completed his control over them and carried out a complete transformation.

Through the vision shared by the monsters, Klein saw something hidden in the "hidden space"...

It turned out to be a human body with skin covered with many feathers.

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