Mystery: Start with the Reader - v12 Chapter 91 Inventory combat power

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Shatas quickly came to her senses. After all, Miss Gwen was not a real "giant", and everything was just her illusion.

Emlyn White didn't think much of it. After saluting, he followed the two ladies into the captain's room not far away. Here, two gentlemen and three ladies had already been drinking coffee. side waited.

The three ladies were "Vice Admiral Sickness" Tracy, "Admiral Pale" Maria, and "Gatekeeper" Jane Grant.

Emlyn had met and cooperated with Maria and Jane before, and Tracy's appearance was well known in the sea, so he recognized them all.

Of the two men, Emlyn naturally recognized Leonard the "Star" who only wore a mask as a disguise and even had red gloves on his hands... But the other man seemed to be thin, but the chair leg He didn't have much impression of the man who was squeaking under the weight.

After the three of them walked into their respective seats, the "Trident" began to dive, and soon passed through an illusory gate, entering an undersea town located in the "Secret".

Until then, Leonard seemed to have sensed something, so he put down the coffee cup in his hand, clapped his hands and said:

"Some of you here have received orders, some are helping friends, and some have enmity with the 'Rose School of Thought...

"But everyone sitting here today, there is only one goal, and that is to wipe out Caston's 'Rose School of Thought' forces, and kill as many members of the 'Rose School of Thought' as possible.

"So, let's discuss a specific battle plan."

As soon as his words fell, Emlyn, who had discussed with him in advance, answered:

"Although the Extraordinary of the 'Rose School of Thought' and the indulgence department are easily controlled by their own emotions and instincts, this does not mean that their brains have disappeared with the cadaverization. Even if they do disappear, there are also Extraordinary within them who have other paths of.

"Since their demigods have directly participated in the war and exposed their position, they will not ignore the attacks of enemies and enemies such as vampires, temperance systems, churches, etc. I think that once they are attacked, they will be able to receive a lot of support in an instant .

"According to the preliminary estimate of the existing information, I am afraid there will be no fewer than five!"

Hearing this, "Vice Admiral Disease" Tracy sneered and said, "Five? This estimate is too conservative! We have to estimate according to ten demigods... This is the Southern Continent, the 'Rose School of Thought,' lair!"

As a witch who had worked with the "Rose School" briefly, she has a certain understanding of the style of this organization.

"In addition, you can't rely solely on Abner to stop enemies at the angel level... In that case, he may also be in danger." When Tracy said "Abner", both her tone and attitude eased a lot, and she was no longer so sharp.

Seeing this, Jane and Miss Gwen frowned at the same time, and the former thought it over and said, "I can ask the 'God of War and Destruction, the High Priest of the Church, to act. He is a strong man at the angel level."

For some reason, the high priest who had only met a few times took good care of Jane, and Jane also felt that the other party was close. The two of them were already quite close after not being together for a long time, so she dared to boast.

The high priest of the "God of War and Destruction" is an angel? I do not know how? Emlyn, who had been working for the opponent for half a year, was stunned for a while, with a strange look on his face.

"Pale Admiral" Maria also said at this time: "'Spiritual Cult, you can send a saint...but she will carry a '0' sealed item, barely able to join the angel's battlefield."

Emlyn remembered what "The World" said when discussing the action plan in the Tarot meeting, and immediately relayed: "Gehrman Sparrow said that he can restrain an angel in a short time.

"In addition, there is an angel from the Temperance faction who will also join the battle.

"In this way, there are Viscount Beldan, the high priest of the 'God of War and Destruction', the Temperance Angel, plus a saint who holds the 'O' level sealed item, and Geer who is confident that he can temporarily restrain the Angel Man, even if the 'Rose School of thought' comes with four or five angels, they can deal with it... What's more, they may not have so many angels."

After a brief summary, Shatas looked around again, asking everyone to talk about the demigod-level power that can participate in the battle, and first said:

"I can invite a 'disaster officiant,'" she was naturally referring to Emily, the great elder Emily of "Whistling Town" where the sea elves live. After drinking the "Fountain of Immortality", her condition has improved a lot. , at least ten years of life will not come to an end.

This time, Emlyn took the lead in saying: "In addition to Gehrman, the 'Queen of the Stars,' will also come this time... There is also a puppet from the Temperance Faction, and the God of War and Death, a puppet from the Church" Ferryman."

Maria held the long sword of "Pale Justice" by her side, and said lightly, "With it, I am at the level of a demigod."

Seeing this, Miss Gwen also pulled out the "Xiyin Sword" and said with a smile, "Me too!"

Not to be outdone, Jane opened the door to her own "underworld", revealing a faint aura of demigod.

She glanced at "Vice Admiral Disease" Tracy, raised her chin and said, "Me too!"

Obviously, relying on the gift from her ancestors, she successfully "raised" a demigod-level undead in her own underworld.

Tracy ignored Jane's "childish" behavior in her eyes, UU reading www. only chuckled and said: "My mother will come to join the battle, she is a Sequence 3 'Eternal Witch,'."

"We, Morningstar City, can provide a demigod-level 'mechanical puppet,'" said the emaciated man who had been silent all this time after Tracy.

He himself is a mechanical clone, from Annick, one of the members of the "Morning Star City" judging panel.

At this time, Leonard coughed, slapped his hands again, and said, "Although the demigods of the church have already evacuated, this time the Loen military will send a saint to help the remaining garrison fight a counterattack... Calculated like this, We also have ten demigod combat power here, which is not much different from the upper limit of the possible combat power of the 'Rose School of Thought...but there is no decisive advantage."

"This is actually enough... As long as the 'Rose School of Thought' is restrained, all the demigods and angels, the opponent's low-to-middle rank Extraordinary and ordinary people's army is far from being able to compare with the sum of our several parties!" Emlyn was full of confidence said.

Firstly, what he said was the truth; secondly, he actually didn’t think that the combat power at the demigod level would be a balance of power. After all, if the battle situation was unfavorable, the Tarot Society "Miss Justice", "Judgment" and "The Hanged Man" Sir, the demigods can come to support at any time.

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